Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Karan wants revenge on Sahil

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Karan crying and saying mom, Rohan is no more. Sudha gets shocked and says this can’t be true, how can this happen, what are you saying Karan. She cries and says Rohan can’t leave me. Everyone cries. Sahil says my sister’s murderers can’t get peace. Everyone mourns for Rohan. Sahil comes there. Sudha and Karan look on. Bala and Raman ask how dare you come here, you killed Rohan. Sahil says someone from your family did this, I will kill you all until I find the culprit, think who is my target. Raman says we didn’t kill her, do what you want. Sahil goes and puts flowers on Rohan’s pic. Raman says we didn’t kill your sister, you have many enemies, you scare people, someone killed your sister, you are her murderer, go home and see mirror. Shamshad says you can’t

talk this way. Raman slaps him.

Sahil points gun at Raman and shouts. Raman says come on shoot me. Ishita asks what are you doing, you want this man to realize his mistake, they are murderers, they don’t care for anyone’s life, don’t fight, we can’t lose you. She asks Sahil to stop troubling her family. She cries and says we are not murderers, we didn’t kill Muskaan, trust me, please Sahil. Sahil says I will kill you after I kill my sister’s murderer, I know one of you killed her, she took one name before dying, Bhalla, you aren’t accepting your crime, I will kill everyone. He leaves with his goons. Raman says why does he blame us for Muskaan’s death. Ishita says he wants revenge. He asks will he kill people, enough now, I will kill his game. She says we have to do Rohan’s last rites. He says yes, then we will see Sahil.

Karan asks Sudha to come and have food, its time for her medicines. Malhotra comes. Sudha says get two tickets booked for London, I don’t want to stay here without Rohan. She says Karan you are coming with me to London, you will stay safe there, its final. He says fine mom, I will come, but I have some imp work. She says you are worried for hospital, I will appoint new CEO for hospital. He says no, its something imp. She says fine, we will discuss it in London, you are coming with me. She says Sahil wanted to take revenge from you, he lost his sister, but Rohan died for no fault. Karan says Rohan and I decided to help them, Raman asked us not to take risk, Sahil killed Rohan, its not their fault. She says fine, I won’t blame them, but I want to know why you want to stay here. He says I want to take revenge of Rohan’s death, I will not leave Sahil, I will get him punished. She says he is dangerous, he is a don. Ishita says your mom is saying right, go with him, I won’t leave Sahil, I will take revenge on him, go with your mom. Karan says no, this is my fight also, I can’t get peace there, I want revenge. Sudha says fine, then I will stay with you.

Ishita says you are not well, your treatment is imp. Karan says you want to help me, please go to London and complete your treatment. Sudha asks how will I leave you alone. Raman says Karan is our son and Rohan was also our son, we will take revenge for his death, its a promise. Sudha says fine, I will leave Karan by trusting you, nothing should happen to him, take care of him. Raman assures her. Aaliya says where is Yug… Yug asks Vishal to come with him to doctor, he looks so tensed. Ranbir says we lost Rohan, we don’t want anything to happen to you. Yug says I know you are in shock about Rohan’s death, we have to believe this truth. Vishal says don’t worry for me. Yug says I will call Raman and Ishita. Vishal says I beg you, don’t call them, else either I or they will die. Raman asks what’s happening here. Vishal says I want to go home.

Yug says we will drop you. Raman says Yug, go upstairs with Ranbir, I will drop Vishal. Vishal says no, I will manage. Raman asks what’s the matter, why did you say this, why are you scared, tell me. Vishal says nothing, I just said that, I m in shock of Rohan’s death. Raman says fine, come. Vishal goes. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to go and take rest. Ishita says I have to prepare food, I have to send food for Sudha and Karan also. Everyone sits talking about Sahil, who should get punished. Raman comes home. Ishita says we should get Karan home. Raman says yes, Vishal….. He gets a call from pandit. He says thanks I will come. He says Pandit called us to collect ashes, Shagun and Mani come with me. They leave. Shamshad asks Sahil to have medicines. Sahil says its a big game, Muskaan’s murderer has to come out and confess crime, keep an eye on Bhalla house, I want to punish her murderer soon so that she gets soul peace.

A guy is tied up and says my family tortures me. Vishal says don’t free me, he wants money to buy drugs. Raman and Ishita get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Who is Vishal

  2. Vishal is yug friend

  3. Rohan’s death is also waste unnecessarily dragging serial. Now Vishal . Just he is Yug friend. Why the creators added and dragging .

    1. Athira Ramesh

      I think Rohan is not dead..

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