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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pammi talking to Raman. Ishita comes after him and says I need to talk to you. He says go and change, people are laughing, they think I m with my mum. She says I m trying to say sorry and he is not listening, I won’t say sorry now. Everyone praise Raman and ask him to be away from their wives. His friend see ishita and look there. Raman asks what happened that you are looking there. He turns and is shocked seeing Ishita in a beautiful saree. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………….plays……………… Everyone looks at Ishita as she enters.

She looks gorgeous in a beautiful hairdo. She meets Raman’s friends. Abhishek says I don’t feel to call you bhabhi today, seriously you are looking gorgeous, you both are looking stunning and giving competition to each other today. Raman stares at Ishita. They leave them alone and leave. Ishita looks at Raman and smiles. Raman looks at her top to toe. Ruhi comes and says they are ,looking good, give me a kiss. They bend to kiss her and she moves back. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…………….plays…………. Raman says Ruhi is looking most pretty in the party. Ishita takes Ruhi and leaves.

Raman says she is looking great, miracles can happen. Ruhi and Ishita come to see Trisha. Trisha is getting mahendi applied to her. Ishita asks them to apply mahendi to Ruhi’s palms. They laugh hearing Ruhi’s talk. They have a laugh. Some women gossip that she did not see anyone from Mihir’s family, he lives alone and Raman takes care of him. Ishita hears them. They meet Simmi and asks about Parmeet. Simmi says he is busy. They ask Simmi to call Parmeet. Simmi says its fine, you have drinks. They gossip about Parmeet saying I think there is something fishy in teri family, Raman has kicked him out of the house. Simmi gets angry.

Ishita hears them and sees Simmi scolding the women. She says Parmeet did not do anything, he does not wish to live in in laws house, so he left. Ishita stops Simmi and says its our house matter, don’t bring it in public. Simmi leaves in anger. Ishita says I m sorry but understand, it happened with me but it affected Simmi, if we does not help her, then who will help her. They say we understood and will not say anything again. Tandon brings Mihir. They meet Raman. Raman welcomes them. Raman says Mihir, I did not know you will look so good. Tandon says Raman, you are not looking less than a groom. They have a laugh. Tandon goes to meet Bhallas.

Raman asks Mihir to smile else everyone will feel he is not happy. Pathak comes and says Mihir congrats for the engagement. Mihir says it did not happen yet. Raman sees Ashok and Shagun and looks on. Ashok says Raman is seeing you. She says he always laid his eyes on me, nothing changed, lets go. Mihir asks who called you here. Raman asks Mihir not to talk and welcomes Ashok. Tandon welcomes them. Shagun smiles. Mihir says but…….. Raman says ignore them, they are Tandon’s guests.

Simmi sees Ashok and Shagun. Shagun comes to talk to Simmi and Simmi leaves. Shagun says her husband is working for us, and she is showing attitude to me, bloody ungrateful. Ashok gets a call and leaves. Tandon takes Shagun and asks will you have wine. He says when I came to India on Lodhi, I met Raman and Ishita, I did not think they will be get related to me. She aasks did you meet her in January. He says yes. She thinks how did Raman made him meet Ishita as his wife. She says you should know everything about them. Tandon says what.

She says Raman and Ishita’s marriage……….. Mihika comes with Vibhu. Mihir looks at them. Raman greets them and takes Vibhu. Mihir looks at Mihika. She asks why are you tensed. He says no. She says Ishita invited us, so we came, it worked out quiet well, you and Trisha, me and Vibhu, we can finally move on. Ishita comes and hugs Mihika. Raman shows Ishita to Vibhu. Ishita praises them and says come inside. Ishita asks Mihir about his family. Mihir says everyone came, see Raman, you. Tandon says what, Raman lied to me.

Shagun says yes, he made a perfect happy family picture. Ruhi is my daughter, I was Raman’s wife, he does not love Ishita, he loves only me. Tandon says actually there is a loophole in your story, Raman does not love you now. Raman told me everything before, then I realized Raman and Ishita are together because of me. Raman is a good man, he started his life again, he got a wife like Ishita and you are with Ashok, its not good to dig past in good times, I can understand you got divorce, its painful, but we have to move on. He says anyways, excuse me. He leaves. Shagun feels slapped.

The Iyers also come. The sangeet function starts. The announcement is made by a special dance by Vibhu and Mihika. They dance on the song ishq me tere………………….Vibhu lifts Mihika. Mihir gets jealous and breaks a glass. His hand gets hurt. Bala smiles and says I think Ishita’s plan is working. Trisha worries for Mihir. He leaves. Shagun looks on and comes to talk to Mihir. Mihir ties a hanky to his hand. She says whats going on, tell me. He says please I don’t want to talk to you. Ishita comes there. She says my relation with Raman broke, why are you not talking to me.

He says what does your boyfriend call me, Raman’s puppet. He says yes, I m, but the day your relation ended with Raman, our relation also ended. She taunts him. He says I know my place. I m at a better place than before. She cares for him. He says please, leave me alone. She says fine, be at his feet. She sees Ishita and leaves. Ishita asks Mihir was he close to Shagun. She treats his wound. He says yes, till she was with Shagun. She asks why did you stop them when they were separating. He says I supported the right person, Raman was right.

Ishita asks him not to blindly trust, his loyalty and love towards Raman is good, but he has a life apart from it. She says sometimes you have to ask, you trust Raman, life is yours, be careful, decide well. She leaves. Mihir looks on.

Romi dances in the sangeet. Mrs. Bhalla joins him. Everyone smile seeing them. Amma feels odd seeing her and turns.

Update Credit to: Amena

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