Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita coming to meet Niddhi in jail. Niddhi gets shocked seeing Ishita. Ishita says you don’t forget me and my family, you love just a lot and try to be close to us, why do you make so many plans, you made new plan via your brother Suhail, why do you think you will succeed even this time and make us lose, sorry Niddhi your plan flopped, think this is your last trial. Niddhi asks will when will you change, if you got small info, it does not mean my plan flopped, you think I will lose, I m spending days in jail, I can’t breath here, there is nothing to do, person can just think, same way I thought and made a plan, you thought you will flop my plan, I will make you pay for all the time I spent in jail, you got info that Suhail is my brother, what can you prove, nothing, I can tell you my complete plan right away.

She says Ruhi will go mad in Suhail’s love as per my plan, and see she is madly in love with him, we both were in same boat, your boat reached the bay and I m here, we both loved same guy, Raman, life becomes beautiful when you get a nice man, else life gets like this, now I will make sure like you have sent me here to jail, your daughter will come to this jail, she should know what’s jail stay, this is my challenge. Ishita says this is my warning, don’t touch her. Niddhi asks can you do anything, you have no proof against us, give love to your daughter as much as you can, I will make sure she comes here. Ishita worries.

Parmeet scolds the manager and says my ex wife has seen me with that girl in your hotel, what are you doing, who was that girl, do you defame a good man here, you framed me, call that girl and ask her. The manager says I called her. The man says she has gone, her things are not here. Parmeet says she has defamed me, call her, else I will not leave your hotel. The manager says her mobile is switched off, you don’t involve police. Parmeet says I m giving you time till tomorrow, find out who was she and what was she doing here. Parmeet says who can try to frame me.

Adi says we will not disturb you. Mani comes and gives keys to Aaliya and Adi. He asks Shagun to go to room. Shagun says I will come on walk on you. She sees Vikram and says you carry on Mani, I will go to room and rest. She follows Vikram and recalls the tattoo she has seen in CCTV footage. She goes after him and tells waiter that she wants to meet the man who was here at pool side. Waiter says there is no one here. Shagun says he was here, he was on wheelchair, his hand had tattoo. Vikram is taken away.

Raman makes Ishita sit and gives her BP tablet. Pihu looks on. Raman says we have to be strong to fight with enemies. Pihu says who is their enemy, why is Papa saying this. Raman pacifies Ishita. Its morning, Bala’s mum stops Simmi and says I was coming to meet you, I have seen Vandu’s Amma’s diamond necklace, she said you know diamond supplier, Gaurav is your friend right. Simmi says yes. Bala’s mum says I want his number, I have to make diamond necklace. Simmi says I m getting late, I will send number. Bala’s mum says I know he is your special friend, you can get discount for me. Simmi says he is just friend. Bala’s mum says its good you are moving on. Simmi says we are just friends. Bala’s mum says what’s bad to think, Gaurav is nice guy, think about him. She smiles.

Adi and Aaliya think to go for sight seeing to bring Mani and Shagun together. Mani shows them the excursion package. Aaliya asks will you come, you are not well. Mani says I m sure I have to go. Mani thinks atleast I won’t spend time with Shagun this time. Aaliya says our plan failed. Adi says I don’t understand, come. Aaliya calls out Shagun and asks her to change saree, to come on day trip. Shagun says no, I have head ache, I will rest in room. Aaliya says I will stay back, or Appa will stay. Shagun says no, you all go, carry on. Mani leaves with Adi and Aaliya.

Shagun says I have to find that man who had tattoo on hand. Mihika asks Pihu to have food. Pihu says Ishi Maa and Papa looked in tension, did anything happen. Mihika says no. Pihu says there are some days left for valentines’ day, they are not planning anything, is there any problem. Romi says you know your dad, he always takes stress, you should not take tension, I will ask him not to take tension, Raman is a hero. Mihika says Romi is right, there is no problem between Ishita and Raman. Ishita looks on and thinks Pihu is very tensed, I should do something for her.

Bala’s mum checks jewelry and tells Parmeet’s history to Gaurav. She says I feel bad for Ananya, she does not know her dad’s truth and loves him, the day she knows truth, she will hate him. Ishita asks Mihika about Pihu. Mihika says she is in room, Raman is with her. Ishita goes to them. She talks romantically with Raman. She asks him not to go office today and take her on shopping. He says no way, I have work. Ishita asks what’s the problem. He asks what happened. She says I have to talk something imp in private. Pihu smiles. Ishita takes Raman with him.

He asks are you drunk, are you mad to romance in front of Pihu. Ishita says there will be some reason behind romance. Pihu comes to their room and looks on. Ishita says our anniversary is coming, I want to do something special, when did you enjoy last time, when did we dance last time. Raman says don’t know, what is wrong with you. She says I will create feel. Pihu smiles.

Raman and Ishita dance on yeh moh moh ke dhaage……. Pihu smiles seeing them. Raman says Shagun is mad woman, she is sending me some man’s pic. Ishita gets shocked seeing Vikram’s pic.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Cvs fooled me again…i was so happy that finally ishra is back…that romance is back…but i should have understood that ishras happiness are often accompanied by violent fights, blames and separation…
    Valentine’s day and ishras anniversary are coming…i hope cvs wont disappoint me with any stupid tracks like leap or separation……

  2. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    i can’t understand what is going on shagun’s mind. is she good women or not .she want to spend time time with mani and she blackmails her own children but today she is running to find tatoo person leaving mani

  3. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    yes raman and ishita aniversely is coming but in the upcoming episodes there is no happy situations amid raman and ishu.raman always blames ishu for everything

  4. Hi Shivani …very true … last week when I was seeing the spoilers of Ishra Romance , I knew for sure another blame story is coming up .Yesterdays Ishra scenes felt vey natural … Raman really wanted Ishitha to be divrted . both of them complemented well to the scene . But todays Pihus sake … we can call it trp s sake . Whatever said Divan is fabulous .. no words to explain … they r happy we are happy … Now Ruhi will be black mailed by Sohail and may be she will confess … she is the murderer . What all things our little adorable intelligent Ruhi had to go thru .. cvs really spoiled the story line .. and before investigating how 7 to 10 years jail for Ruhi … Totally wrong .. if Pihu is the witness .. how she is going to prove … no idea .. Abhishek our Adi really hates his Shaghun mamma … how much pain it is stuck in him in his childhood . Shivani … I cant tolerate Shaghun … she is not for Mani … let cvs find an house for her .. her ex husband Raman should provide … Nidhi was well planned , good state of mind … she stands more chance to get best negative role award …. Bhaghya … shaghun is genuinely behind that tatoo man … Mani easily avoided her too

  5. director please don’t separate ISHRA
    and spare their life please! !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This time ishra romance next time ishra big fight I’m so fed up with this track.

  7. Khushiarvind

    Hi dear frnds,
    Hope all are doing well…
    Vp, shivani,sindhu,rithu,majic,monique, mino, bhagya hw ru all doing?
    Hws life?
    Wish you all good health and positivity in life…
    Anyone can go mad seeing this show…
    So i quit watching…nw juz reading updates nd ur comments..

  8. Khushiarvind

    Cvs had gone mad… Somebody shld give a tight slap on ektas face for testing the patience of loyal viewers.. Wasting the talents of such fabulous actors with stupid story of imbecile writers.. Yhm also stooped to the same place as third class other cheap daily soaps.. Nothing unique to watch
    I thnk bhalla family shld prebook a cell in jail for them as every mw nd then family member will be going to jail..
    Ishitha.. Aftr that raman nd romi.. Nw ruhi..
    Hw can they show the law nd order syst as such lame nd incompetent…
    The show is no more a family show..
    Family is meaningful only when family members have some bonding with each other rather than concealing things.. Here in this show each md evry member keeps secrets that also unnevessarily.. Evn husband nd wife dnt trust each other.. Raman says together we can clear out evrythng nd if anything went wrong he will blame ishitha.. Lyk she is the sole reason for all his problems.. Cant deny it too bcose she often shows over confidence nd jumps in to such precarious situvations.. In my opinion the sole reason for all their problems is they doesnt open up to each other.. Juz jeeps eveything secretive.. Evm husband nd wife nd evn btw parenta nd kids their is no trust..

  9. Khushiarvind

    Everytime raman nd ishithas romance got disturbed by either phone call or some issues or the interference of any family member.. What they are trying to show that lyf is too
    Mich complicatd.. No time to romance.. Always tangled in pblms.. Murder case.. Revenge.. Jail… No happiness .. Seems like gid created bhalla family to bear all unluck nd unhappiness in this world.. Always sorrounded by enemies nd their plottings..
    Nidhi who is a criminal is free to hatch plans nd disguss it with her brother nd her brother is free to roam inside jail in disguise.. Nd ishitha too can roam insidr jail feely.. Disgusting.. Abhishek shld resin his job nd handover his power to ishitha.. He is s puppet officer doing
    Nothing bt delivering juz same dialogue evry time…
    Mr bhalla shld spend some time inducing some sense to his son’s brain..
    Always blaming wife for sll pblms in his life while he himself is a disaster.. Father of a grown up
    Boy bt still impudent nd immature..
    He doesnt deserve ishitha in his life..
    Ishitha shld better be with mani nd raman witj shagun…
    Sorry if my words hurt anyone…
    More worst things in store for us.. Dnt thnk we will ever see our old yhm again..

    1. Yes Khushi well commented …whatever you said is very true ..Now it seems Nidhi wants Ishitha and Raman to be seperated … to get Ruhiback .. what nonsense and rubbish these cvs are upto .. … no interest in watching at all … yhm is also like other daily soaps ..cvs destroyed the bedt jodi as well as the story line

    2. IshRa will never be happy together. Cvs made sure of that. Too many enemies wants to separate them. So pair Ishita with Abishek and bring Ankita in and then pair her with Raman. Problem solved. Then they can split the series into 2 separate serials. No make that 3 separate serials. One for Shagun too. Each can take their share of the villians. There is enough to go around.

  10. YHM: Nidhi’s separation condition for Raman Ishita saving ruhi

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita part ways for saving Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia)

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show major drama forth.

    Nidhi has returned Raman, Ishita and Ruhi’s life to ruin them and destroy them, Nidhi and Sohail smartly traps Ruhi.

    Ruhi gets arrested in murder case, Raman and Ishita tries to save Ruhi taking Pihu for giving statement.

    While court refuses to accept Pihu’s statement as she is a small child and can be easily manipulated.

    Ruhi and Raman-Ishita’s tough times

    Ruhi gets 10 years jail sentence, Nidhi and Sohail rejoice their victory and fulfilling their revenge motive.

    Raman and Ishita are shattered as they can’t see their daughter inside lockup ruining her life for thing which she haven’t done.

    Nidhi puts a deal or condition before Raman and Ishita to get separated for saving Ruhi.

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