Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita giving all updates to Mihika on phone. Mihir comes and greets everyone. Mrs. Bhalla says they are doing his wedding arrangements. Ishita says your Mihir also came, you take leave and come here, we will go for shopping, its sale everywhere. The boss gives a file to Mihika of her new event. Mihika says she has work and ends the call. The Madrasi pandit says the mahurat in Shravan’s month, 1st day. Mrs. Bhalla says Balle Balle. Amma asks Mihir who will come from his family. Ishita asks about his family. Raman signs Mihir. Mihir says my everything is Raman. Amma says your parents. Mihir says I have my mum, and we are not in touch, I don’t have dad. He says I m alone, I don’t have anyone, but I have my family, its here in this room. He says Raman, Ishita, Bhalla family.

Mihika’s mum says but……….. Ishita stops her. Amma says don’t worry, I m your Amma. Mrs. Bhalla says I m already his mum, what will he do of two mums, you are his mum in law. Ishita says yes, and supports Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla jokes about conditions and Mihika’s mum gets worried. Mrs. Bhalla says she is joking and hugs her. Amma says we have work and leaves. Vandu says its strange, Amma is agreeing to Mrs Bhalla. Ishita says yes, she is agreeing to everything, Amma has grown up. Vandu and Ishita laughs.

Ishita sees Raman and Mihir talking. Amma talks to her sister and says her plan, that she did all this to make Mrs. Bhalla do the wedding by Madrasi style, so she took the Punjabi pandit. Vandu hears this. Amma shares the secret and they laugh. Vandu says you are impossible. Raman gets ready and Ishita gives his phone. He says its so good, everyone is excited for Mihir and Mihika’s marriage. Raman asks her to arrange Mihir’s house, get it colored of Mihika’s choice, as Mihir used to stay alone and its all messed up. She says very thoughtful. Raman says whenever I m away from you, I get good thoughts. She asks him to send the keys. He says sure andleaves.

Bala hears them and looks tensed. Sarika talks to Romi aand shares her heart talk. She says many things happened in my life. I m very alert now. He asks were you not scared to be with them in the room. She says yes I was scared, but I knew you were standing out and I got strength. He holds her hand and says he is always with her. She smiles. He says sorry I get emotional soon, my mum also says this. She says I did not identify Ishita that day, she was brilliant. She talks and he looks on smiling. Music plays……………They look made for each other.

Vandu comes to Bala and gives coffee. She asks whats the tension. He says nothing, I m thinking about Mihir and Mihika’s marriage. Vandu says Ishita will set up her house, no worries. He says Raman asked Ishita to renovate Mihir’s house, but we also have to give them something, how will we get equal to Raman, its so expensive. She says Raman is CEO of a company, we can’t be equal to him, but we will help. He says I m elder son in law and people will compare, if we don’t give anything, I will get some more tuitions. Vandu says did Amma Appa tell you anything, gifts are not important and you can do other work.

He says I m not talking about Amma Appa, but rest of the world, sometimes we have to do things to show the world. He leaves. Ishita comes to Mihir’s house and sees OMG, this is such a clean house, is this Mihir’s house, so neat and clean, what will happen when Mihika comes here, she can’t keep this much clean and Mihir with fight. She says lets check wahts not here. She says wow, great Mihir. Colors are boring and needs to be changed, curtains Mihika can’t bear this, I should do this with Mihika. She calls Ishita and asks her suggestions about curtains and colors.

She asks her to take a holiday. Mihika is busy. Ishita says Mihir kept his home so clean. Mihika says he is so obsessive and can’t beat if a thing falls out its place. Mihika asks him to check the drawers with labels and laughs. Ishita says I m on Mihir’s side, take holiday please. Ishita sees the drawers with labels and says really? What is this Mihir. She laughs. Everything has labels, medicines, stationery, etc…………… She gets Poornima’s call. Poornima invites her for cooking event for North Indian sweets. Ishita says thanks, I will come. Poornima asks her to bring Ruhi as kids loves desserts. Ishita says sure. Poornima sees a pic and looks upset.

Ishita sees the confidential drawer and gets a rakhi. She says does he have any sister too. She thinks of Mihir’s words, and says why did he not tell me, maybe Raman knows. I will ask him. Its night, Raman asks Ishita what did he tell her in morning, go to Mihir’s house and renovate it, not spy on him. She says I was not spying, he did not tell about his family, he had a rakhi and it means he has a sister. He says Mihika is not marrying his family. She says we are in India, and both families merge with a marriage, this happened with our case too. Raman says leave Mihir alone, if you spy on my brother, I will not leave you, don’t use your mind. Ishita says I know you Raman, you are hiding something from me, what can it be.

Its morning, Ishita says she will come on time. She tells Raman that she is going for cooking classes. She says she has to discuss something. He says say it. She says if Ruhi ties Rakhi to Adi. Raman says no, this won’t be possible. She says why not, Adi was in boarding, so they did not meet, they were small, they should have feelings for festivals. Raman says you think I did not wish this. She says I m sure, it did not work out, lets talk to Shagun, if Adi comes, family will be happy, I m going to learn sweet making, so you try this for Ruhi. He says fine, I will try and smiles. She thanks him.

He says but we will order sweets form outside, else kids’ stomach will be upset. She says she will make good. She asks him to buy gift. He asks why. She says for Simmi, buy a good dress for her, and call Shagun and talk. She leaves. He says she cares for every member of my family.

Simmi cries and asks Parmeet whats this. Parmeet says its notice, either they have to make you stay with me, else you are smart enough to decide. He leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. oh wo oh

  2. Whats up with this Poornima???

  3. I think she is the mother of Shagun&Mihir, thats y she is always hiding from Bhalla family and loved Ruhi so much 🙂

  4. Guys poornima is shagun mihir mum she wants ruhi her grand daughter

  5. U r right raw nd goola

  6. This poornima is related to mihir……that’s wat I feel…

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