Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone clapping for Ishita. Ishita hugs Appa. Parmeet says you are the hope of our family. Ishita meets Amma and Vandu. Ruhi says Ishi Maa this is for you. Ruhi and Shravan dance on the song Radha teri chunri………… Everyone enjoy their performance and dance along. The kids look really cute. Everyone smile and clap for them. Raman slowly goes on the stage and says hello everyone. Everyone look at him surprised. Raman says Ishita, this one is for you. Simmi says what happened to him. Ruhi asks what is Papa going to say. Ishita says I don’t know. He talks in Tamil which surprises everyone. Iyers smile understanding.

He says I want to tell something to Ishita in Tamil, if there is any mistake, correct me. He says I want to thank her from heart. Simmi asks what is he saying, I don’t understand. Vandu says she will translate Raman’s words and since Ishita came to our house, she has taken care of my family well. Vandu says she has taken care of Ruhi’s education, food, projects and everything. She is not only a successful dentist, but also a good mum and wife. He says for us Sunday is a holiday, but for her its not a holiday. Vandu translates and says she gives time to every family member. He says she helped in business decisions also, she saved me from a big mistake in business. He continues in Tamil. Vandu says till now I have never thanked her, but today I want to thank her. Ishita gets tear in her eyes. Everyone smile. Raman says Pooja, our neighbor, without any thinking about her safety, she took her to hospital and then came back home and did her delivery, she does
a lot for the society.

He says Ishita is special, she is my Jhansi ki Rani and my superwoman. He says thankyou. Hasne laga chehra………………… plays…………………. Everyone clap. Ishita smiles happily and claps. Pal pal bade yeh hai mohabbatein………….. plays………………… Parmeet thinks how did this happen, how did Raman speak so sweetly, how will I stop this fire. Raman says thanks and comes down. Ruhi says superb papa, wow it was a great speech. Shravan takes Ruhi. Mihika teases Ishita and says I know you are very happy, he impressed you a lot, hats off.

Bala says great Raman, I think I should take Tamil classes from you. Mihir says you learnt Tamil, when. Pammi says so romantic Raman. Mihika says Raman is coming here to talk, I will go. Ishita asks her to stay. Raman comes to Ishita and says did you hear it. She says nice speech. He says thanks. She asks how, did you hire a dialogue writer. Appa says congrats Raman, superb speech, Appa did not say thanks to me. She asks who have taught you Tamil. Raman says they both are same. He shows him Subramanium, his employee, to which she went to know about his salary.

Ishita smiles and leaves. Ruhi plays with Shravan and says I told you my Papa is the best, he gave a cute speech for Ishi Maa. Shravan argues and says he does not know anything, my dad is the best. Ruhi says no, my Papa is the best. They start fighting telling what their fathers do for their mothers. Shravan says my Appa is so tall, your Papa is Chotu. Raman stops Ruhi and Shravan and asks why are you fighting. Ruhi asks Raman to say he is best dad. Raman says I m best dad. Shravan argues. Raman asks him to respect girls and asks Ruhi to say sorry to Shravan. She says sorry and runs. Shravan laughs. Raman says if you fight again, I will break your teeth. Shravan says I m not afraid, I fight with big boys, my Appa is best. Raman says he went on Ishita.

Amma asks Vandu to stay with them. Vandu says we have to go. Bala tells Ishita I told you Raman will change, I did no expect him to give a speech in Tamil. Ishita says even I did not expect. Vandu says if you have finished flirting with my husband, can I take him home. Vandu gets a call from Shravan’s school and tells Ishita that Ruhi can get admission in his school and you and Raman be there at 4 tomorrow. Ishita says great news. Amma says its a good news, kids become doctor engineer studying there. Ishita thanks them. Bala says call me if there is any work. Vandu and Bala leave.

Ishita is with Ruhi and tells her that the teachers will be impressed by her. She asks her to give certificates. Ishita does all the arrangements for tomorrow. Ruhi is busy playing with her doll. Ishita says its important, why are you not listening, keep it away. She says its interview in Shravan’s school, we have to prepare. She asks her some questions and Ruhi answers partly. Ishita teaches her and Mrs. Bhalla joins them. Mrs. Bhalla says we used to fail but our parents did not pressurize us, don’t trouble her. Ishita says we have interview. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi to play, as she knows everything. She asks Ruhi India’s capital. Ruhi says Mumbai. Ishita says I m getting angry, you are not concentrating. Ruhi gives her introduction.

Mihika brings Muttu Swami with her. She brings a thread for Ruhi for good luck. Ishita ties it. Ruhi thanks her. Mihika says Amma told me about Ruhi taking admission in shravan’s school. She says why is Ruhi wearing an old dress, go to mall in morning and bring a new dress. Ruhi jumps. Ishita asks her planet’s names. Ruhi says all. Ishita asks India’s capital. Ruhi says we will buy new dress tomorrow. Parmeet sees them and laughs. He says I will take you to shopping, shop as much as you want.


Ishita asks Raman to drop them at the mall. Parmeet says I will drop you. Simmi says I will also come. Parmeet reminds her about the baby and she asks him to go.

Update Credit to: Amena _Hasan

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    1. No ishita will not be pregnent….
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