Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita exposes Sudha

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman asking Sudha if she has the proof that his daughters have hurt her. She says of course, I have the medical reports. Inspector asks why didn’t you come to police station then, show me the reports. Ishita says she is the owner of this hospital, she makes a lot of fake reports. Sudha asks why will I do this, you can see my wound. Ishita says yes, it hurts a lot, how can someone do this. Sudha asks what is she trying to do, leave my hand. Ishita pulls off the fake burn makeup. They all get shocked.

Ishita says you faked an injury, are you all seeing this. Inspector asks how did you come to know this. Ishita says Raman and I have seen this makeup when she held Pihu’s hand, we knew her drama. Inspector says thanks for helping us. The lady apologizes to Ishita.

Inspector says we have to arrest Sudha. Rohan and Karan come there and ask Sudha to come along. Ishita says please arrest her. Inspector says I have to arrest you. Rohan says you can’t arrest mom, I will call my lawyer. Ishita says you did fraud with me, you have been harassing us, are you not ashamed, arrest them inspector. Raman scolds Karan and Rohan. Ishita says Sudha has to go jail, else girls can’t be safe, she cheated us. Rohan asks Aaliya to ask Ishita to take the complaint back. Karan says Ruhi, trust me, I will fix everything. Aaliya and Ruhi don’t listen to them. Ruhi asks inspector to arrest them. Sudha, Rohan and Karan get arrested.

Back at home, everyone talks about the good start at Diwali. Amma says there will be just positivity now. Mrs. Bhalla says Sudha will be in jail now. Simmi says no, she is very clever, she will not leave us, she wants revenge for her brother’s death. Mihika agrees. Aaliya says we are ready for this. Ruhi says we will fight her back. Ishita says yes, we won’t be scared of her, but if it was about money, it could be easily forgotten, but this is about our daughters, she broke their hearts, I will not spare that woman. Ruhi says we both are fine, don’t worry for us.

Aaliya says you are with us, you are our strength, nothing can happen to us. Ishita hugs them. Raman and Mani come home with a good news. Mihika asks did something happen. Raman says Sudha will not get time to arrange bail papers, court will get closed now. Everyone gets glad. Mihika says we will see what her sons do now. Rohan asks manager to give bail papers. The man says we didn’t get the bail papers. Karan slaps manager and asks him to arrange some other lawyer. Rohan says I can’t let my mom suffer here, arrange papers now. Kaushalya stops them from creating the mess. The manager finds them very mean. He says from where shall I get bail papers. Kaushalya says we have to arrange bail fast.

Ruhi and Aaliya worry for each other. Ruhi says you will feel that I will get dejected again, I m not thinking about myself now. They talk about Rohan and Karan. Ruhi says there is no proof of our relation. Aaliya says this was their plan, they are fraud like their mom. Ruhi says its an imp lesson of our life. Ishita and Raman look on and praise their daughters for dealing with everything so well. Raman says tears give you strength as well, you can cry and shed off the burden from heart, in fact I should cry, I failed in knowing those guys, we will have courage and teach them a lesson. Ruhi says you are the best in the world, whatever happens is for the best, we are safe now. Aaliya says we are blessed to get you. Ishita says and we are blessed to get such understanding daughters, life has a purpose, you both have to become a strong example for other girls, so shall we celebrate Diwali, its festive of good’s win over the evil, come, lets celebrate victory. They agree.

Ishita comes to room and cries. Raman asks what happened. She says I was acting to be strong, but I m feeling so bad, why them, I get hurt thinking why did this happen with them, Aaliya and Ruhi went through a lot of pain before, they are just so innocent. Raman recalls everything what happened. Ye kya hua…plays… He consoles Ishita. He says think of these as last tears of life, its their turn to cry now, you got Simmi back in family, Ruhi and Aaliya are much stronger than you, that’s the truth, your smile is their strength, but the ones who made them cry, its my vow, I will make them cry.

Shweta says bank officials have come to seal the office. Kaushalya says they have to meet Sudha right now, else your company will get shut forever, choice is yours.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What was Ishra today ? Beautiful is not the word .
    Yhm would have continued for years and years if they had not made Ishra as grand parents …. if there was no exit of Adi …. if Roshnis track was not there … even this sudhajis track was not there… how well cvs cud have gone with the story of Ishra/Divan …… which Jodi’s are praiseworthy in any serials in any channels ?…such brilliant actors are KP and Dt … when we go back to the yhm before surrogacy … it is like old is gold …. The cvs butchered Ishra very badly but their dedication and commitment was awesome !cvs wud have got trp also much much higher ….This is Ektas loss ….And now what they are showing …. not watchable. Acceptable …

  2. Whats real name of inspector plsss tell me….

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