Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Shagun ends Ishita’s trouble

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with family discussing about Shanno’s police verification. Ishita hears them and worriedly calls Shagun. Simmi comes to her. Ishita gets tensed and drops the phone. Simmi says I don’t have time to waste, come fast. She asks Ishita about the documents. Ishita falls down. Raman holds her. Mrs. Bhalla asks Shanno how can she let a stranger hold her. Raman says she has fallen down, what are you saying, give her medicine. Mrs. Bhalla looks on. Shagun is at NGO. She sees Ishita’s missed calls and says I hope she isn’t in some problem. She calls Ishita. She says I can’t ask Aaliya about Shanno directly. She calls Aaliya. She indirectly asks about Shanno. Aaliya says Shanno works well, she is a good woman, Simmi has taken her for police verification. Shagun asks what, oh no. Aaliya asks any problem. Shagun says nothing.

Simmi and Raman get Ishita to police station. Ishita lies to the inspector. He asks her to show her face. She refuses. Simmi asks him to do verification without seeing face. Ishita says I won’t show the face. Inspector says how can I check her. Ishita says Simmi has seen my face. Simmi says her face is burnt, I have seen her. Inspector says its all a drama, how can we believe her. Ishita says I m not any thief. Ishita starts crying. Shagun is on the way. Simmi says we won’t do verification, sorry, we will leave. Inspector stops them and says your work will be done. Lady inspector says you can show face to me. She asks Simmi not to come. Simmi says just answer her, all the best Shanno. Ishita goes with lady inspector.

She says I won’t show my face. Lady inspector asks why, I m a woman, I have to verify and confirm your identity, shall I lift your veil. Ishita says silly woman, let me go. Lady inspector says I have many ways to make you lift the veil, come on show your face. She sees Ishita and says I have seen you before, what’s your name. Ishita says Shanno. Lady inspector says I know who you are, Ishita, I met you, Pihu was kidnapped, I have seen you that time, how can I forget you, you are cheating Bhallas by hiding identity, you are staying with them as maid. Ishita says there must be a big reason behind this, I m a business woman and dentist, I m educated, think why am I doing this, Raman’s life is in problem, I m not allowed in that house, so I have taken this disguise. Lady inspector says wow, another story, I can’t support this.

Ishita requests her not to do this. Shagun comes and says you won’t say this to anyone. She asks inspector to listen to everything and then decide, she works for NGO, she has come for this special case, Ishita is doing this for her family. She makes inspector talk to doctor. Inspector asks why don’t you get your sister in law arrested. Ishita says I have no evidence, I m finding proof against Simmi. Inspector says fine, I will let you do this drama. Ishita thanks Shagun and goes with inspector. Parmeet comes and asks Raman to come for meeting. Inspector says her verification is done, her name is Shanno, her husband has burnt her face, keep her papers safe. Ishita thanks her. Inspector tells Shagun that those people have gone. Shagun thanks her.

Simmi and Ishita come home. Simmi asks for tea. Ishita says I will make it. Pihu says I got A grade for project, thanks. Ishita says thank your Bua ji, she asked me to help you. Pihu thanks Simmi. Ishita says give her a tight hug. Pihu hugs Simmi and thanks her.

Simmi recalls her old bond with Pihu and cries. She says well done, I m so proud of you Pihu. Ishita smiles. Simmi recalls Ananya’s death and asks Pihu to go to her room. She thinks I can never forgive her, Ishita has killed my daughter. Raman asks Parmeet where is the client. Parmeet shows Ashok. He says Mihika said Ashok and Ishita went for business trip, how is Ashok here. Raman goes to Ashok and asks about Ishita. Ashok says I don’t know about her. Raman says just answer me, I will go. Ashok says I m in a meeting, I can’t answer you. Parmeet says our client has come, Raman….. Raman goes to his table. He says I just don’t understand who is lying. Parmeet says if you agree on conditions, we can sign the contract. Raman says I have to go somewhere, Parmeet is here, he will see this work. Ashok thinks I have to inform Ishita that Raman is restless to know about her. Raman tells Shagun that he isn’t spying on Ishita, but how can she go without saying, her phone is switched off. Shagun says I don’t know what’s happening, I don’t want to advice, look at you, you are behaving like a child. Ishita asks what’s the matter. Shagun asks him to take a different perspective, talk to Shanno. Raman asks will she understand. Ishita says I think some woman has troubled him.

Shagun says I m leaving, I have to go, talk to her. She leaves. Raman asks Shagun to stop. Ishita asks Raman what’s the matter. Raman says Ishita is not answering my calls, I want to talk to her. Ishita asks is she your wife. He says no, just business partner. She says you love her. He says no, I care for her. She asks why are you restless, she would have gone for business trip. He says she has gone with Ashok. She says you are missing her. He says she should have come to meet Pihu. She says maybe she has someone else in her life. He says shut up, there is no one in her life, Ashok is just her business partner. She thinks how cute, you are missing me so much.

Ishita says we won’t invite Raman Bhalla, we will plan grand Lohri party. Raman says I m sure she is talking to Ashok. He misses to see her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Can’t wait to watch jealous Raman!

  2. superb episode..all thanks to jealous rkb…kp is such a brilliant actor his body language,dialog delivery,his killing eyes..everything just perfect..truly he is the best in tellywood…and dt also one of the best tellywood actress in recent time and she is giving her best…they made a such a hit pair ishra..divan u r the best and thanks to ekta mam for giving us ishra, u divan…

    1. very true Riya .. it doesnt make logic at all discussing personel things to the maid .
      KPs restless shown amazing . Dt too ! Yhms
      success is Divan ! what happened to Aliaa gambling ? That track over and now to shanoo!
      Cant believe how these cvs spoiling this serial !

  3. Priyu

    Nice episode. Hope everything will get fine soon ?

  4. Good that shagun came on right time, and stopped the inspector from revealing ishita identity to simmi.

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