Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th December 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ashok talking to Shagun about the award function. A lady tells him that he will win again, as he has been winning since eight years. Shagun smiles seeing him. The lady says the jury is in my hands, you prepare for your success party. Shagun says I have prepared for this event. She tells him that your closest competitor is Raman Kumar Bhalla. Shagun is shocked. Ashok says I have taken away a lot from him and looks at Shagun. The lady says yes, your girlfriend was Raman’s wife.

Amma asks Ishita did you talk to Mohika. Ishita says no. Mihika comes and greets everyone good morning. Mihika talks normal and Amma and Ishita look at her. Mihika says I m not that much weak, I m fine. She tells Amma that she is going for jogging and will be

back soon. Appa says give some time to Mihika, she will take care. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi thinks Raman has to go alone in the award function. Mrs. Bhalla says lets send Ruhi with him. Ruhi comes and asks where do I have to go with Papa. Ms. Bhalla says in a big party, Ruhi is excited. Simmi sends Ruhi in and says why will she go with him.

Mrs. Bhalla says I know everything. Simmi says Raman won’t take Ruhi with him. Rumi tells Simmi don’t you miss your family, go. Simmi says shut up. Ruhi plans what to wear in the party. Rumi sees Mihika going for walk and asks Ruhi to come with him and go for a walk. He takes Ruhi with him and asks do you want to meet Ishita. Ruhi says yes. Rumi says we won’t tell anything to anyone, go and meet Ishita, I will be back.

Ruhi comes to Ishita’s house and says Rumi asked me to go and meet you as he went for walk. Ishita hugs her. Ruhi says Dadi told I m going in a big party and wear the princess dress. She asks what happens in big parties, will you say. Ishita says I need fees, a kiss. Ruhi kisses her. Raman talks to Mrs. Bhalla and says I won’t take Ruhi with me, I can’t take care of her. He says Ashok and Shagun will be coming there, what will Ruhi do, how will she react seeing Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla says Dimple will go with you in the party. Raman says what.

Ishita teaches Ruhi how to eat in big parties and what to say when the food comes. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…………… plays……………………. Rumi is seeing Mihika and acts as if he is sweating by walking. Mihika asks how many rounds. He says four and four more. He says you are sweating. She says do you want water. He says thanks for sharing water. He talks to her about Mihir. She says I don’t have to keep any relation with him now. Rumi advises her to make Mihir know about her. They jog together.

Ishita tells Amma that I m going to clinic now. Amma stops her and says Prateek’s mum is coming tomorrow for your engagement. Ishita says tomorrow, how can this happen. Amma says next month marriage, don’t worry, we will see everything. I told Vandu and Bala about the engagement. Ishita says think about Mihika, what will she feel. Mihika comes and says what do you mean, where is Ruhi. Ishita calls Ruhi. Mihika says Rumi is waiting for you, you go. Ruhi says bye and leaves.

Mihika laughs and hugs Ishita. She says this thing will cheer me up, congratulations. She says I m so happy for you. She tells Amma we will do tomorrow’s planning. Amma says did you see Ishita, Mihika is happy. Ishita smiles. She gets Prateek’s call. Prateek says did you come to know. Ishita says yes. Prateek says my parents are excited, tell me, don’t be shy. Prateek says come to meet me. Ishita says it won’t be good to meet. He says meet me, I want to do some shopping by your choice. Ishita says I think it should be by our choice, so we will meet.

Ishita tells Amma that Prateek was asking me to come for shopping. Amma happily agrees. Raman meets Mihir and they talk about shifting to a new flat. Raman is also in the same furniture store where Ishita and Prateek are present. Raman sees the furniture for his new flat. Prateek gets a call and he leaves. Ishita bumps into Raman and they are shocked to see each other. They think about their fight.

The shopkeeper thinks they are a couple and this irritates Raman. Raman says shut up, what nonsense, idiot. Prateek comes and scolds the guy and says why are you forcing my fiancee. The guy says sorry. Prateek also apologizes to Raman and Raman says fine and leaves. Ishita says lets go somewhere else, I did not like anything here. Amma is talking to Vandu’s mum in law and tells about Prateek. She says they went to buy furniture for their new flat. Vansu’s mum in law says congrats. Amma says you have to come tomorrow.

Appa says what was the need to tell this to her. Amma says they have given Ishita so much pain by breaking Subbu’s proposal. Amma tells this to Mrs. Bhalla also and taunts her saying your son did not get anyone. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry. Amma gives them sweets being happy and says I will pray for your son, but I don’t think he will get any girl seeing his nature. Mrs. Bhalla argues with her not taking the sweets. Mr. Bhalla says congrats and takes his wife inside. Amma laughs on her. Appa and Mr. Bhalla meet and Mr. Bhalla says congratulations ans shakes hand with Appa.

Appa is happy. Its night, Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi when is Dimple coming here. She asks her to ask Dimple to wear costly clothes as she is going with Raman. Ishita is getting ready for the award function. Amma sees her and says you are looking very beautiful. Amma praises her saying you have a beautiful heart too. Amma says Prateek will be seeing only you. She says Prateek will introduce you saying meet me beautiful fiancee Dr. Ishita Iyer. Prateek comes and greets Amma and saying you are right, I will introduce her saying this.

Amma asks what is this function about. Prateek says about people of big companies. Ishita and Prateek leaves. Amma says its big day for Ishita’s tomorrow, save her today.

Raman enters the award function with Dimple and Ruhi. Shagun and Ishita look at him..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  1. Amma n mrs.bhalla’s fight is quite funny,like the scene btween ruhi n ishita

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