Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with reporters asking Ashok about Raman. Ashok backbites about Raman. Ishita gets Romi’s call and comes to know he got the CD. She says I m coming now. Ashok holds Shagun and they look happy together. Raman comes and calls Mihir. Mihir says it means Ishita will also come. The reporters see Raman. Ashok tells Parmeet how did he like it. Parmeet says it will be fun now as Raman came. Ashok says lets see him when media irritates Raman with wrong questions. The media questions Raman about his resignation, his rivalry with Ashok…… The media is asked not to asks such questions. The association manager takes Raman inside. Mihir signs him. He calls Ishita and asks her to come fast, as function has started.

Ashok and his fiancée Shagun are called on stage. Mihir says I m keeping eye on Raman, but come soon, else Raman will lose his presidentship. Ishita says we are coming. Raman wants to go but the manager stops. Ashok is asked to do the formalities and accept his presidentship. Ashok smiles and Shagun stands behind him smiling. Ashok is about to sign, but Ishita walks in and says stop. Ashok does not sign and looks at her. Raman is shocked seeing Ishita here. Ishita comes with Romi. Shagun says what is she doing here. Ishita says I want to surprise you all and Ashok.

She says I m sorry to stop in between, I m not from business world, I m simple dentist and homemaker, I want to show a pic after that you all will say who is deserving and who is not. Ashok says she thought her husband is deserving, but see he resigned and recommended my name. Ishita answers his back and says she has come to show him a deal today. She asks them to play this CD. The video has Suraj betting and telling about Ashok, who will get some clients. Ashok and Shagun are shocked. Suraj bows down.

Ishita says I don’t think I have to tell anything. She says Ashok will be doing this work behind his presidentship, he will support his brother in matchfixing. Suraj tries to leave. Romi brings the olice and they arrest him on matchfixing charges. Suraj calls Ashok…… but Ashok is quiet. Ishita says I did my duty as a responsible citizen. The head says Ashok, we are sorry, Raman will be our president. Mihir says Raman will understand we are Ishita’s special force team. Raman is given back his post and everyone clap. Raman says thanks, someone told right, it’s a woman’s hand behind a man’s success, I want to give the credit to my wife Ishita. He says thanks Ishita for bringing the truth out and giving me my post back.

They ask Raman what was the pressure on him. Raman says even when there was pressure, it has to go some day. Raman faces Ashok. Ashok says you double crossed me, you gave your position to me and now your wife. Raman asks him to go and free Suraj first. Ashok leaves. Raman stops Shagun and taunts her on her words. Shagun leaves. Raman comes to Ishita and asks how did she do this. She laughs and says it was our plan, Mihir, Romi and Sarika. He asks are you stupid, you know what type of man is Suraj, and my brother is born duffer, he would have stopped you, and Mihir lied to me. Raman says you could have told me Ishita.

She says you also have hidden that you gave up your post to take my license. They argue. She says she did this for Ruhi, as she said Papa is sad. He says he is sad since her Ishi Maa came in his life. They say they did this to have peace at home. The photographer comes and asks for their pic. Dil kahin rukta nahi……..… plays………………. They stand far and he asks them to come closer. They make rude faces. Raman holds her and e asks them to smile. They smile. They come home.

Raman wears the bathrobe. Ishita taunts him for gifting her and wearing it. The arguments and self praising starts again. He says all this for bathrobe, take it. She turns and says no. He says take it, I opened it. He gives her eye mask and asks her to use it to control her eyes. He asks how is the bathrobe looking. She says good. He says I will remove it, take it. She runs out of the room. He says mad Madrasan. Mihika’s mum comes and meets Mrs. Bhalla. Amma says we came to fix the marriage date. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, we need reason to celebrate. She asks the maid to bring first class breakfast for them.

Raman greets them. The pandit comes. Amma says I called the Punjabi pandit from yellow pages. Mrs. Bhalla says you got smart. Mr. Bhalla praises Amma and Mrs. Bhalla thinks this is Amma’s plan to make everyone praise her. Mrs. Bhalla says I think this marriage should be in Madrasi style as Raman and Ishita’s marriage. We will call Madrasi pandit, Everyone say no as they have to wake up at 4am. Mrs. Bhalla asks them not to argue and shut up. Amma says it was problem in Ishita’s problem. Mrs. Bhalla asks the pandit to leave, as its final. Amma says I planned everything. Ishita says relax Amma, if mum wants this, we will call Madrasi pandit.

Ashok is trying to bail out Suraj. He says Raman and Ishita made fun of Suraj today. He hears his staff taunting on Ashok, saying Raman has taught him well today. Ashok scolds them. Mihika comes and hears this. Parmeet asks them to do their work and takes Ashok inside.

Parmeet and Ashok have a talk over tea. Ashok says he knows Tyagi’s weakness Shagun, he likes her and talks to her. I keep Shagun with me when I have meeting with Tyagi. Parmeet says you are using Shagun for business. Mihika hears this and thinks he is talking cheap about his fiancée Shagin, she left Raman for him. Parmeet says its not good to use Shagun for business. Ashok asks why is he worried for women. Parmeet says I would have not used Simmi, I love her. He says Raman is not letting her come to me. Ashok asks him to get her, bring her home, he will support her. Parmeet says I will try. Ashok offers help and Parmeet thinks.

Ishita asks about Mihir’s family. Raman signs Mihir. Mihir says Raman is everything for me. I m not on contact with my parents since years.

Update Credit to: Amena

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