Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Arushi reveals truth

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita calling Raman. She says whom shall I call, Aaliya or someone. She writes a note and sticks on the fridge. Her phone falls. She picks it and leaves. Raman reaches home and rings the bell. He tries to call. He finds Ishita’s broken phone back. He looks for her. Ruhi comes. He asks about Ishita. Ruhi says she would be with Amma, don’t worry. She gets Ishita’s note. Raman reads… Raman met with an accident, so I m leaving in hurry. He reads the address.

Ishita reaches somewhere. She asks is anyone there, Raman…… Someone calls her out. Ishita asks who is there and looks around. She gets shocked seeing someone. Ruhi says drive slow, we have to reach there to save Ishita. Raman says Ishita’s life is in danger, we have to save her. The girl says I won’t leave you now. Ishita stares at her. The girl goes close to her. Ishita catches her and hits towards the pillar. Ruhi asks is there anything that I don’t know. Raman says we just have to reach Ishita.

Ishita ties the girl and says stop this drama, you aren’t a ghost, you made my life hell, you met me in Delhi and then London, I was scared and then I explained myself that ghosts don’t exist, you wanted to play with my fear, so I did all this as my husband and family were with me, you added something in my food and water, I started hallucinating, I was scared, my family was scared, how can you hurt someone, we did puja in London, they felt you won’t come back, I knew you will come back, there was some motive, anyways, then you have sent Bhavna to trouble me, she was acting mad, she was telling my family about the ghosts, I understood you are acting, I don’t know why, I want to end this, tell me why are you troubling me. The girl says leave me, else it won’t be good. Ishita jokes. Ishita asks why are you troubling me, you tried to show that the cab driver is dead, Bhavna and you all are involved, what’s the matter, what do you want, tell me, I will call police.

The girl says fine, don’t call police, I will tell the truth, I m not Sonakshi, I m Arushi, Sonakshi’s twin sister, the news you read was right, Sonakshi committed suicide in London, she was illegal immigrant there, I was taking revenge for her death. Ishita asks from whom. The girl says its a big scandal, rich people take advantage of poor people, they exploit the poor people, who get helpless to give up their lives. Ishita asks what do you mean. Ruhi asks are you sure someone called Ishita here. Raman says someone would have done this intentionally. Ruhi shows Ishita’s car. Raman stops the car and goes to check. Arushi says my sister died because of that company owner. Ishita asks who was he. Arushi says Raman bhalla, so I was after you to snatch you from Raman. Ishita says shut up, do you know what you are saying. Arushi says I m not mad, this is the truth. Raman finds the door locked. He calls out Ishita and knocks.

Arushi says please don’t tell anything to your family, don’t go to police, I lost my sister, there are many victims like her. Ishita says I trust my husband, he can never do this, go from here, I will find out and let you know. Ishita comes out and hugs Raman and Ruhi. She says sorry, I m fine, I will tell everything at home. Raman asks who called you here. She says I think someone joked with me. He says Bhavna just warned me about Sonakshi’s spirit. She says some spirit will trouble us only if we did any mistake, did any mistake happen by us. Raman says yes, I did one mistake. She gets tensed. He says that I love you a lot, I can’t live without you, mad. She says I know you can’t do wrong. He says you are there to rectify us, you know what will happen of us if anything happens to you. He hugs her.

Ishita asks Raman about their businesses. He says we have few new businesses, even recruitment business. Ishita meets Arushi and says Raman can’t do anything wrong. Arushi says I knew you won’t doubt on him, so I got this. Ishita says this is Raman’s sign.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Abhijay Chandratre

    What the f**k!!They are bringing new characters to trouble Ishita-Raman and their kids.This serial is now all about Raman and Ishita get some problem,they solve it then again new problem starts.I m pretty sure after Simmi paaram drama,another villian will be shown

  2. I think this is related to param.

  3. Something good

    Ok, i know viewers have been pretty vexed up for the last couple of years with yhm, and being once a yhm lover, i became a yhm hater.

    BUT this is the kind of twist and story writing i like, continue like this ekta, dont do something dumb… There, i said it!

    I hope ishita will approach raman directly on this issue so that truth is revealed soon: we all know raman will never do anything like this. Instead if she goes beating around the bush and keeping secrets for another 100 episodes, again it will be bullshit.

    We all knew its not a ghost, and now if its about raman’s company, its definitely param, becos he was managing the bhalla industries for the last few years.

    So, param needs to get exposed, time for simmi to know his truth, repent and go to jail and bring ananya back to life, becos if ishita can survive a fall down the cliff and a crocodile, i am sure Ananya can survive a fall down the stairs, god bless her!

    Also, adi needs to grow up, i loved the way aliya stood up for herself, instead of running to ishita saying amma amma…lol!!!!

  4. What rubbish – when a show becomes more about the villain than the main characters, you know it’s time to end it…YHM should go off air now because it has completely lost its charm. Sad.

  5. I can just see it coming. This is Param’s doing. Simmi probably forged Raman’s signature(she has done it before). So in order to save his sister Raman will go to jail this time. Hence another leap?

  6. What rubbish the cvs are showing now ! I am so addicted to Ishra and so habituated watching yhm to see Dt especially , feel like stop watching the same ! Cvs cud easily do justice to the show with Ishra track where they ruined both Kp and Dt by giving any rubbish script and they are also not bothered about their show . From surrogacy they are twisting the storyline favouring AH . Without a proper closure of Alias gambling , Ramans ml and rushed with ishithas eye transplat to go to London only to move with the bhoothni . Getting irritated with the character Ishitha ! What nonsense is stored in Ektas and writers head is yet to watch . Cant justify at all . Both cvs and actors takes fans for a ride !

  7. adi grow up n remmbr wen u n aliya wnt fr ur honeymoon to mumbai n gt jealous to c aliya spndng tym wid nikhil(as dey wer only frnds den).. now its ur turn.. undstnd ur wife’s feelngs n do care fr her as c needs u only. u toh falling fr roshni.. open ur eyes n c roshni cem to take revenge fr ur past behavior..

  8. ☹️??yhm becoming bad to worse..only waiting param n simmi to be exposed in front of raman..

  9. Finally we get know that the spirit is not sonakshi, but her twin sister arushi.

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