Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita checking the puja items. She follows the guidelines and tells Romi that he can’t do shaving till 9 days. Simmi comes and they get glad seeing her. Simmi says Parmeet is still there, his dad is fine, so I came back. Ishita asks her to help her. Simmi says yes, as mum is not here, you can see how iss it at our place. Romi helps Ishita. Romi says everything is perfecnt, mum will be happy. He asks Simmi to click pic and send mum. Mr. Bhalla gives the diya for Akhan jyot. He asks her to put the Ketri. Romi jokes and says we clean sins in this 9 days. Ishita asks about the food. Romi says yes, I like the special food. Raman comes and sees Ishita doing arrangements.

She says mum should not be disappointed. She sees Raman and goes after him in their room. They have a talk. He says sorry, I shouted on you, I get angry seeing Ashok, I know you said right for Adi and Ruhi, not your fault. She says you don’t say sorry, I knew why you are angry, don’t apologize, I have tension about Shagun. He says sorry again. She smiles and thinks sorry from Ravan Kumar, twist in the tale. She thinks about Abhimanyu’s words that not everyone gets second chance. She thinks does life give second chance, will Raman and I get the second chance. She thinks about her and Raman’s moments. Do haseen tan man ka ye haseen bandhan hai…………………plays………………..

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Raman asks about puja arrangements. She says I m scared as its her first navratri. He says about his mum keeping fast. She says she will also keep fast. He says he also keeps. She says yes, its easy. He gets an idea and says did mum say how to keep the fast, mum used to keep 9 days Maunvrath, she does not speak whatever happens. She says I read on net, nothing like that. Romi comes and Raman asks her to ask Romi. He holds Romi and asks him to say. Romi says yes, mum keeps 9 days maunvrath. Ishita says fine, its easy at home, but will be tough at clinic. Raman says leave it, you can’t. Ishita says she will do. She leaves. Raman and Romi laugh.

Raman says it will be peace for 9 days. Romi laughs and leaves. Raman says he will keep 9 days fast if this goes well. Ashok and Suraj have a talk. Suraj asks why did you get the girl. Ashok says he did not know Shagun will raid. Suraj says you would have got into problem, she would have asked for your half property, I promise I will kick her out of your life.

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Ishita and Raman do the puja. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………plays…………….. Raman lights the Akhand jyot. Ishita does not talk and gives things. Ruhi asks her first Prasad or flowers. Raman asks her to say Ruhi with love. I said she does not have manners. Raman pulls her leg. They do the aarti. Jai Ambe Gauri……………..plays……….. Other do the aarti after them. Neelu asks Ishita about Sabudana. Ishita signs her. Simmi asks what happened to your tongue. Ruhi asks is your tooth aching. She says dumb charades, wow. Ishita explains Ruhi.

Mr. Bhalla asks whats happening. Romi says Raman has fooled her. They laugh. Mr. Bhalla tells Ishita that they have fooled her, no need to keep Maunvrath, your mum in law can’t be quiet for even 9 mins. Ishita says you are so bad, its hard to do arrangements keeping quiet. Ruhi says dad did this, take me to Amma’s house. Ishita says first have food then go. Ishita comes in her room and sees Raman in the mirror. She thinks he said sorry and heard me, whats happening, he smiles these days and jokes too, does he feel something for me, but he loves Shagun, can this happen that Raman love someone else again, and can I love someone again, can life give second chance to us?

Mihir calls Raman and says Abhimanyu has big business, we should meet him. Raman refuses. Mihir asks him to think again, what ego in business. Raman says he will see. Raman sees Ishita looking at him in mirror and asks what. She says she is thinking about Mani. He says that loser. She says she went to coffee shop with Mani and wanted him to meet him, but did not as you were fighting with Shagun. She says do you think love can happen again. He asks what. She says if someone fails before, can love happen again. He says love is foolish thing, man becomes a loser, no one should lose twice.

She says he is right, its tough for Raman to fall in love again. Raman thinks someone has failed Mani in love so he is giving lecture on love to everyone. She says she is going clinic and then go to Amma’s house in evening. She asks him to go and take prasadam. She leaves. Raman says he is going to Amma’s house and asks Romi to manage at home. He gets a parcel for Ishita. The man asks him to check as its torn at outside. Raman jokes as the man says check your Maal. He asks is it smuggling, to say Maal.

He opens it and checks. He gets a card and book. Romi and Raman see it. Its card from Mani, written Happy Golu. Romi says romantic book for Bhabhi? Raman gets angry and calls Ishita. Raman says your parcel came from your best friend Mani. She asks what? He says Shilpa Bhaskar’s book. She says he always know how to make me happy, she is my fav author. Raman murmurs she did not tell me. He says he has seen him. She asks did you spy on me. He taunts on Mani. He argues and ends the call. She says nothing matters to Ravan Kumar. Abhimanyu comes and asks who is this Ravan Kumar. She smiles and says Mani.

Ishita talks to him. He asks about Ravan Kumar. She says I call my husband Ravan Kumar by love. He says wonderful, what does he call you, Jhansi Ki Rani. She says how do you know. He says as you always fight. He says it means love can happen again. She blushes and says time is needed to understand this, and I don’t have time. He says and this time is making you blush. She asks why did he come. He says he missed her so came. She says you became such a flirt, but its late. He tells about the book and tells about Amma. She asks him to come home and meet Amma, its festival time, He says message me address, I will come, now I have meeting, and tell Amma I will have much food. He leaves. She says Mani is so sweet. Raman is jealous of this harmless man. She smiles.

Shravan talks to Raman being angry. Abhimanyu comes with flowers and jokes on Raman for getting scolded by a kid. Ishita comes saying Mani, you are here, thanks so much. She hugs Mani and Raman is shocked seeing them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow what a great precap. Raman pls control ur anger☺☺☺

  2. wow raman trm ur band baja ka c the hug of mani and ishu u got jealous and shocked.a sif a tailor hai boss abhi picture balance hai.waiting to c u more more jealous.and that maunvarth and book wala matter tho superb.and plz tum bar bar dont say think that raman loves shagun.that shagun tho raman ka past hai.aap raman tho only for u only u.waise bein u guys raman and ishu really rocks the show yaar.waiting for abhimaniu.

  3. Oh. U should ve told Ishu u loved her but u didn’t why? What’s point of hiding your feelings for her. Scared of confessing? She is already your wife. U should tell her earliest before it gets too late. If u don’t, u ‘ll cry blood tears all your life.

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