Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts wuth everyone coming in the couple contest, where Subbu announces the rules and begins the game, calling the participants. Mihir and Rinki, Raman and Ishita take part among others. Ishita is surprised. Mrs. Bhalla says they both are also participating. Simmi says its good. Adi and Ruhi clap. Raman and Ishita argue again and he asks her not to come back home. Ruhi and Adi say they gave their names to keep an eye on Mihir and Rinki, they can lose and make them win. She asks are they learning this cleverness from their dad. Raman says as their mum does not have mind.

The round 1 begins and she says how will she eat, it will have egg. Raman and Ishita argue and she blindfolds. Ruhi says they are fighting again. Subbu says the rules, that ladies will be making their husbands have cake without seeing, with love and without making it fall. Everyone clap. Mihir guides Rinki and eats the cake. Raman misguides Ishita to tease her and then eats the cake. Ruhi says Ishita will win. Shravan says if mum did not had baby in her tummy, then my mum and dad would have won.

Ishita says he does not need to have more, they have to lose, she will not make him eat. She says you said no one at home will eat sugar. Raman gets angry and Mrs. Bhalla says I think Raman and Ishita are losing intentionally. Simmi says its good Miir and Rinki will win. Shravan says your dad lost. Ruhi says intentionally. Mihir and Rinki win the round. Subbu says the round 2 rules, gents will be blindfolded and have to identify their wife by touching only the hand, lets see.

The round 2 begins. A man loses and his wife twists his ear. Mihir is next and he passes by holding Rinki’s hand. Mihika says come on Mihir, and he goes back to Rinki again. Mihir holds her hand and wins. She recalls his words. Raman is taken for the round. He holds Ishita’s hand and Adi says look at him, he is teasing Ishita. Raman smiles and goes to next, saying this is the world’s softest hands, my Madrasan. Ishita gets angry. Raman says Mrs. Sharma, your hands are so soft, which soap do you use and asks Ishita to ask her tips.

Subbu says now the third round, the winner will be declared by this, the rules are… everyone know the wife’s cooking, ladies have 20mins and they have to make a common dish Chole and husbands have to say which one is made by their wife. The ladies make Chole and Raman smells the dish being blindfolded. He identifies Ishita’s dish and says it has good smell, my wife can’t make this, where is the bad stinking Chole. He loses intentionally. Mrs. Bhalla asks why did he do this act. Raman jokes and they laugh.

Ishita gets angry and comes home. She sees Iyer house locked and says Amma and Appa will be downstairs. She goes to Bhalla house and sees watery floor. Neelu says she is cleaning the floor and sends her to room. Ishita goes to room and sees the decorations. She smiles and says wow, whats all this. She takes a rose and says whats going on in Raavan Kumar’s mind and smiles. Raman comes to her.

He asks did she get angry seeing him. She says he troubled her infront of everyone and did not identify her, does not know to say anything. He asks what does she want to hear. She says nothing. He says you have to hear it, why should I say infront of everyone, I will say when we both are alone and no one around. He says he did not have courage to say, but she has always seen in his eyes. He says I… The phone rings. She says this always happens. He says leave the phone and competition, it was not for us, we took part so that Mihir and Rinki should know whats relations. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays…………….

Raman makes Ishita stand and says the truth, sitting down on his knees that I love you Ishi Maa. She sits down, and asks whats the problem.

Update Credit to: Amena

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