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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita crying and saying she is a doctor and she lied. Raman says we can’t do anything, Ashok is doing this, even I m angry and can Kill Ashok, but I m sitting quiet for Mihika and Mihir’s sake, Ashok will defame Mihika more. She says we had one proof, we can let any other doctor to do checkup. He says you are a woman, you know its not simple, Ashok can bribe others too, what do you want, it can get more worse. He says I will clear Mihika’s name and expose Ashok, it will be take some time, go home, stop crying. He takes her and asks her not to cry, as Ruhi will feel he made her cry. She leaves. Mihika cries. Raman looks on and asks her to cry loudly. He calls her brave and encourages her. He asks how did she do this, used knife or blade, he is scared to do such


He says its bad to cut nerve, you can try to take sleeping pills, see everyone came to see you, and nothing happened to you, its all waste. He makes her sit and asks her to become the old Mihika. He jokes and she says very funny. He says he came to tell something serious, and gives surprise. He says someone came to meet you, guess, leave it, and calls Mihir. Mihir walks in and Raman leaves them alone. Mihir holds her hand and kisses her wound. She cries. He asks what happened, does she not trust him, as she was going to leave him alone, she did not ask herself what will happen of him if she dies. He says you felt I will believe Ashok, I love and trust you, not that Ashok, the media and Ashok can’t weaken us. You were going to sacrifice for me and Shagun, our love is not so weak. She says sorry. He says how did you think you will leave me alone, you know I can’t live without you, I love you, its not fair. He hugs her while she says sorry.

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He says promise me, you won’t leave me ever, I can’t leave without you. Shagun is on the way thinking about Ashok and Mihika. She calls Tanu and says she wants to give her an exclusive interview. Tanu asks about what. Shagun says every story has two sides, and she wants to share her pain, how she is cheated by everyone, will her viewers not be keen to know this, will you buy this story. Tanu smiles. Ishita cooks at home, and angrily tells Simmi and Romi about Ashok buying the doctor. Ishita cuts her finger, and they care for her. Simmi asks what happened. Ishita asks how should I prove Ashok wrong, there has to be some proof, I m helpless, I can’t see Mihika like this, it hurts me. She leaves. Romi says Ishita is so worried, I really want to help Mihika, I know they regard me wrong, but I really want to help her. Simmi thinks and says we both have done many sins and troubled Ishita, I have an idea. She tells him in his ears and they smile. She asks will he help her. Romi agrees.

Tanu takes Shagun’s interview about her 6 year affair and is this Ashok’s love to leave her. Shagun says she is asking the same to herself, it’s a result of a big plan, its done by my ex husband Raman and his wife Ishita, they have taken revenge from me. Amma gets a call and says what, on tv, fine I will see. Shagun speaks ill about Ishita and Mihika, they are very ambitious, and tells how desperate was Amma to get Ishita married, who can never conceive, they have used Ruhi and trapped Raman. Amma and Bhallas see the news. Shagun says both the sisters ruined my life, their work is to trap rich guys, they are so ambitious, they are from simple families and need rich guys to fulfill their luxuries. Amma cries.

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Mrs. Bhalla says see she is taking nonsense. Ishita says Amma will be watching it alone and goes to her. Raman comes home and sees Ishita rushing to Iyer house. Amma says we did not teach our children teach. Tanu says Shagun is a victim, but she won’t be quiet, our program is live, call us to ask Shagun any question. Shagun says I want people to know how innocent girls trap rich people. Raman sees the news and gets angry. Ishita asks Amma not to see this. Amma asks do we sell our children, what if Appa hears this, he will die. She says we have just respect which she ruined. Ishita pacifies her. Raman asks her not to believe them, and promises he will make everything fine. Ishita takes Amma.

Raman says how more will Shagun fall, being with that Ashok, she too crossed limit, and hurt my family, not anymore, now I will show how this hurts. Ishita makes Amma rest and gives her water and medicine. Raman asks Ishita how is Amma. Ishita says she is very depressed. Raman comes to Amma’s room and sees her crying. Raman asks her to rest. Amma says Shagun is after my daughters. Raman says everything will be fine. Amma says our name is spoiled, our respect is ruined.

Ishita wipes her tears and talks to Ruhi. Ruhi asks why is she crying, and asks her to tell the truth. Raman comes and asks her to go and play with kids. Ruhi says I know Ishi Maa is crying as Mihika is in hospital. She says she will give a sweet kiss to her, and asks him to get sweet juice for her. Ruhi wipes her tears. Raman sees them and smiles. Kaise mai bataun…………….plays……… Ishita smiles as Ruhi kisses her. Ishita says my Dadi, fully punjaban. She hugs her. Raman gets tears and wipes them. Ishita laughs and says she is not crying now. Raman says Ruhi is a kid, and totally gone on Ishita, thanks. Ruhi scolds him and asks for the juice. She says come here to get punishment.

Ruhi kisses Raman and Ishita. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………plays………….. Raman and Ishita have an eyelock. Ruhi asks how is the punishment. Ishita says superb. Raman says I have much work, and Ruhi to go. He says next time, he will take punishment from Ishi Maa. He says he will send the sweet juice and juice for him…. and winks. Ishita smiles with tears in her eyes.

Shagun comes with the women organization group and protests against Iyers. Ruhi stops them and asks why did Shagun come to trouble her Ishi Maa. Shagun asks her not to talk in between elders. Ruhi scolds them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hqppy to see such q cute family togather Ruhi Ramwn & Ishita.

  2. Kya dialogs hai Raman. Purane track par vapad aa rahe ho. …. Good Good
    Keep it up….

  3. Thank you Amena for a fast and clear update

  4. Yaar Ruhi sachme tum Ishita ki hi beti ho.. Tumne sach hi kaha tha tumhe Shagun ki tuumy se nahi Ishita ki tummy se hi janm lena chahiye tha

  5. Wish you were doing it for Meri Ashiqui too. Its such a lovely serial but the updates put one off.

  6. arey wow yaar today the show really rockr.whenever ruhi come into the show she makes ishu and raman closer and happy also.ur wonderful baby ruhi.welcome back yaar.and most cute words today tho raman ka time punishment from yaar it was superb.and winks r awesome.and mihir mikha scene is also good.bus only one thing was so bad that is disgusting women ur shagun.u should shame on urself.

  7. Wow iam waiting for tommo epi today superb prehaps wow iam waiting to see

  8. Raman muh se itne achhe romantic words sun kar kitna achcha laga.

  9. Today episode is superb *****
    again Anand raaz say how can explain u… are a such a lovely couples and happy family ( Raman Ishita n ruhi) ……
    the all fan’s are happy for seeing this moment…..
    Raman Ishita n ruhi rating – infinite
    and coming episode will be also nice….

    1. Finally today’s episode there is raman and ishita’s cute romance. I like it and luv them<3

  10. mrs. bhalla superb.ruhi is even more superb. in the upcoming episode its gonna be good but again in the party episode there would another twist. i think so it is karishma sharma. hope ishitha confess out of jealousy this time because raman did not confess during mani’s time. a lot of vamps in the show like shagun sanjana. poornimaprakash and now karishma. mani is actually really good but karishma is a vamp. hope ishra dont get seperated and come even more closer. yhm rockz………..superb ishitha raman and ruhi.

  11. Wow 2dys epi rokzz ruhi is very cute .ruhi and ishita look very nyc they are unique in d show everytym wen ruhi cumes she makes her ishimaa smile ruhi u r d bst

  12. shagun is hiding from d truth n making everyone miserable along wid her.

  13. Yes yeh hi hona chahiye Karishma se jalkar Ishita love confess kar de. Pls yaar ab aur wait mat karvao hame bas ab 3 rd Dec. YHM ki 1 st Anyversry par hame achha & romantic surprise de do… pls sab fans ki aur se request hai .
    Pls accept it……….

  14. Kya aaj kisine SBS dekha tha? Usme precap me YHM ki news dikhai thi par show me nahi dikhai thi.

  15. Hi ruhi is rocking ya

  16. Hi frnds

  17. wow todays episode was superb its just amazing only because of ruhi rhuuuu ur superb yar ishras scene so cute nd recap also super and shugun really tum Aur kithna girogi tumhari kud ki beti tum se nafrat karthi hi aur kithna girogi tum yar nd hope ishra will never separate

  18. arey mere baap/makers, Ishra ki mohabbat ki gehrayee dikhao, mohabbat ki hadh dikhao faltoo drama aur twist nahi. agar yeh ek normal love story ban gayee to Ishra ki jodi waste ho jayegi. show that raman cannot live a second without Ishita. Raman aur Ishita kudrat ki ek anokhi aur khoobsurat jodi hai.

  19. My very big hat’s off to Mihir…..

  20. shagun jaisi bina ankh wali aur gandi soch wali aurath ke saath aisa hi hona chahiye. koyi bhi aurath ek aisi aurath ka bhala kyu chahe jab ki shagun hsmesha uske saath bura hi kare. ishitha you are really good .thats why ruhi and mrs. bhalla supported you soo much. shagun you blo*dy vamp you dont deserve goodness and caring from ishitha and mihika. go back to that kameena ashok yaar. mrs.bhalla and ruhi are best to teach shagun lesson because whatever raman says shagun wont care but whatever mrs.bhalla do it affects shagun and if ruhi speaks something bad of shagun then she gets angry and jealous. ishra and ruhi you guys are awesome yaar.

  21. plz someone expose ashok and finish off this shagun ashok crap. yhm you guys are still rocking and continue the same. i am daam sure romi and simmi ‘s plan really works out.

  22. When will love come between Ishitha and Raman, in the final episode? Ashok is shown to be intelligent to spoil everybody’s plan Does the producer want to show that good people will always suffer for being good”

  23. Darling Hero.. Instead of staring at ishu .. u might have wipped her tears .. That scene might be like wow.. U asked for punishment… then do it with bit love & Care.. caring will be from wipping her tears.. and love by askng for punishment. if this happened.. the scene might rocked as the best scene for couple understanding..

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