Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bala explaining Ishita that the mangoes of the same tree are not same. Raman is like a raw mango which will get ripen after some time, he will turn sweet but he needs time. He says why did Raman ask you to apologize. Ishita says Adi is his weak point. Bala says yes, this is the problem. You know the problem, Raman will realize that Adi is making him weaker. Ishita says it will affect Ruhi. Bala says you have to be little patient, one day Raman will be good, wait for some time, remind him why you married him. You have to give him space, let him do what he wants. Bala says I will leave now, Vandu is waiting. He leaves. Ishita comes home.

She comes to Ruhi and sees her changing. She says you changed on our own, you have grown up, good girl. She asks het to have milk as she did not had dinner. Ruhi asks you told a story in my school and you told that Papa loves you, but … Ishita says yes, he loves us. Ruhi says no, he made you feel bad. Ishita says it does not matter, look at me, I m the same. Ruhi says why does Papa get so much angry and how did he talk to you like that. Ishita says Papa loves you and his family a lot. Ruhi says does he not love you. Ruhi tells about her friend whose parents always fight, then her mum went away leaving her and her husband. Ishita says I won’t leave you. She says I love Ruhi and sometimes I get angry on you, in the same way husband and wife love each other.

Ruhi says I don’t see love in you and Papa. Ishita says its in you. We see love in you. Ishita hugs Ruhi. Raman hears all this and is sad. Teri bechaini ka teri tanhai ka ehsaas hai mujhko……………… plays……………. Raman looks at Ishita and Ruhi. Raman thinks about Ishita’s words how she apologized to Adi and his parents. He thinks about Ruhi’s words. Mrs. Bhalla sees him awake and asks why are you sitting in darkness. She asks what happened. He says I m not getting sleep. She says I wanted to talk to you, how are you. Raman says I m fine. She says you think you have grown up, I m your mum and understand you. Raman hugs her.

Raman cries. She asks what is the matter, your mum is alive, tell me. Raman says why is all pain in my fate, why does this happen with me. He asks what did I do, I loved, was it wrong, I wanted love from my children, was it wrong, Shagun left me and now Adi is away from me. Mrs. Bhalla cries. He says I want to meet and hug Adi, teach him good things and scold him when he is wrong, its not his mistake, he is a good son but Shagun and Ashok filled poison in his heart. He says I m angry on myself for being so helpless, I fell a lot that I did a mistake. He says I took Ishita and made her apologize to Shagun, as I felt Adi will accept me as his father.

Mrs. Bhalla says why. Raman says I had a reason which no one can understand, Adi is my first child, he made me a father, I loved Shagun when he was born and I believed in love. He says I remember everything, when he opened his eyes for the first time, when he called me Papa for the first time, Adi gave me that happiness, I m partial but I curse myself that I m neglecting Ruhi for Adi. He says when Ruhi came, Adi was gone. I forgot that Ruhi also deserves my love. I did many mistakes, I have fought with myself daily. He says I m not Raman, but a helpless hard hearted and unlucky father who wants love from Adi and can’t give love to Ruhi.

He says how am I doing this mistakes, and why can’t I rectify it. He says why can’t I give the explanations, maybe as Adi took all love from me, when Ruhi was born, my love turned into hatred. He says I should teach them being their father but Ruhi taught me today that hatred can be won only by love. I know I did wrong with Ishita, but I was selfish in Adi’s love. He says I punished Ruhi for not getting Adi. He says Ruhi saw me doing such mistake and I fell in her eyes. Mrs. Bhalla says a father is a hero for a daughter.She understands everything, she wants love from you. He says I will become a good father which her innocent eyes find in me, I will apologize to Ishita, I don’t want to fall in Ruhi’s eyes.

Its morning, Appa and Amma come back from morning walk. Mrs. Bhalla sees them and is happy seeing Amma fall. Amma says I think I got a sprain. Appa lifts her in his arms. Simmi comes and asks whats going on. Mrs. Bhalla tells Appa lifted Amma and laughs. Simmi says how romantic, I missed, you are jealous right, Papa can’t lift you else his back will be broken. Mrs. Bhalla says go and make Parmeet have breakfast. Mrs. Bhalla plans to diet and become slim and smart so that Mr. Bhalla can also lift her.

Raman comes to Ruhi and sees her sleeping. He tells her that he has disappointed her, but he promises that he will bring smile on her face. He will do anything for her, and also apologize to Ishita. He says its hard to make Ishita happy. What to do?

Raman comes to Amma’s house and says I need something. I want dosa batter. Amma says what will you do. Raman says no, I m going to make it for Ishita. Amma and Appa are happily shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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