Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking why is halwa not made. She sees Raman and says will I need to talk to him, I don’t want to. She coughs to get his attention and he is busy in talking with some guy. Romi plays the dhol music loudly. Ishita signs Raman to come and get gas cylinder and he shows the watch, saying he is busy and won’t come. Ishita tells Appa to get the gas cylinder. The music is so lous. Bala asks for home keys. Appa gives him and the words change as they hear it wrong everytime. Bala passes the message to Vandu and Romi. Romi passes the message to Mr. Bhalla. They can’t hear anything right and give wrong message. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to get the water drum as Ishita told this. The music stops. Raman says fine, I will get it, she is mad, she want water drum and did signs like she wants gas cylinder.

Ishita tells pandit ji that it will take some time as sheera is not ready. She sees Sanjana and smiles. She meets Sanjana. Sanjana says she won’t come inside. Ishita says you have to come. Sanjana says you go, it won’t be good. Ishita says atleast meet Mihir. Amma calls Ishita to come. Sanjana says its sweet that you invited me, I will be here. Ishita says fine, stay here, I will be back. Sanjana hides her face and stands there. Raman is behind her. He sees her and thinks who is she. He goes. Mihir introduces his college friend Rakesh to Raman and Ishita.

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Mihir says she has double relation with me. Rakesh says Mihir was very shy, I think Mihika took the first step. Mihika says ofcourse. Raman says about marriage side effects. Ishita says yes, such peope should be in past and not spoil anyone’s present. Raman asks him not to marry. Mihika asks Ishita why is she taunting Raman. Ishita says he is not bechara. Mihika says leave it, come. Ishita says I won’t sit in puja with him. Mihika asks why, what did he do. Ishita says don’t spoil your day and shows Sanjana to her. Mihika looks at her.

Ishita says she does not want to make an issue, so she wants to sit there and watch you and Mihir’s function. Mihiak says fine. The pandit ji says its time for mahurat. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to sit. Pandit asks him to sit with wife. Mr. Bhalla asks where is Ishita. Raman says maybe with some guest. Ishita comes and sits beside him. Raman says start it pandit ji. He starts the mantras. Ruhi and Shravan are being the spy to find the thief and talk on walky talky. The puja starts.

The pandit ji asks them to take the Sankalp for the puja. Ishita puts her hand with Raman’s. They both look angry on each other. Shravan asks Ruhi what happened. Ruhi suspects Sanjana as she is sitting in the corner. The pandit ji says the puja is completed, give aarti to everyone. Ishita asks Vandut o get the halwa if its made. Vandu goes. Raman and Ishita talk. Vandu tells Ishita that halwa is not made. Ishita taunts Raman for arranging gas cylinder. He says when did I tell you. She says I told Appa. Appa says I told Bala. Bala says I told Romi and things change. Romi says he told Mr. Bhalla. Mr. Bhalla says yes, I told about water drum. They start arguing. Mrs. Bhalla says enough Raman and asks pandit to use the laddoos. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays……………..

Shravan calls Amma and shows Sanjana saying she is a thief. Amma scolds Sanjaan and she runs. Raman and Ishita go there. Amma catches Sanjana and says she is a theif. Ishita says no, she is not thief, she is…… Mihir’s sister. Everyone is shocked. Mihir says what are you saying, I don’t have any relation with her. Ishita says I know you are annoyed, but talk to her. Mihir says why are you pressurizing me, I don’t understand why are you after me, I don’t know this girl. Raman scolds Ishita. Ishita argues and says relation won’t end like this, I know the reason why you left her.

Mihir says she is not my sister, the reason was very big. She says the reason is Raman, he has relation with Sanjana, so you broke your relation with her. Raman says what, I don’t even know her. Mihir says someone is confusing you, she is not my sister. Sanjana acts. Mihir scolds her. Ishita stops her and says its Raman’s mistake too. Raman says are you out of your mind, she is lying. Ishita says I saw the proof too. Mihir says she is lying. Ishita says everyone knows you miss your sister, I m trying to unite you and her. Mihir says understand this, she is not my sister. Ishita says fine, tell Sanjana. Raman says enough Ishita, you don’t know about Mihir and his sister, I m warning you. Ishita says I m trying to unite them.

Mihir says she can’t be my sister as Shagun is my sister. Everyone is shocked. Shagun walks in and thanks Mihir. Everyone look at her. Shagun says thanks Mihir for accepting this that I m your sister. Mihir and Shagun have an argument. Shagun says I have sent Rakhis and you did not acknowledge. The FB scene shows Shagun and Mihir talking on phone, and he told her that he does not want her to come in any marriage function. She says she is stubborn and she wanted to come too. She then found out this way to make him helpless and make him admit that she is his sister.

Shagun says she came to know Mihir is doing court marriage and she stooped his marriage by filing the objection, he was not taking her seriously. The FB scene shows the court scene. Mihir spoke to her and was adamant that he is not related to her now. She says then I called up Sanjana, I knew Ishita’s heart will melt seeing her sad story, the one who can take her Sautan to home to save her, she will have a big heart, I m sorry Ishita, you have hit your leg with the axe yourself.

Shagun tells Mihir did you tell Ishita that you broke your relation with your mum too. Poornima comes and Mrs. Bhalla stops her arguing with her. Poornima says she has right to meet Ruhi as she is her Nani, Ishita looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i swearrrrrrr

    ii m really excited to read itttt…… Though i have to learn for my social exam due on monday

    1. dear ikkk,
      this serial is not your stuff, please concentrate in your studies and spent more time in out door activities rather than watching tv. all the best!

  2. Superb episode. Ishita I pity you

  3. Bichari hamesha ishu ya raman fas jate a so sad
    I m raman dnt scold ishu fr tis

  4. we knew Shagun was the sister nd it is out now finally. the list of villains is increasing day by day. now, poornima prakash nd sanjana, new villains to the existing list of shagun, ashok, parmeet, adi, suraj. tough days ahead for ishita madam. raman will be very angry and we afraid if he will send ishita out of his house for this thing.

  5. I hope ishita will learn now not to tangle up on other peoples business. She put an ace in her own feet and doubted her husband.

  6. hugest of the mistakes committed by ishita so far. in fact, she is full of mistakes only. the other day she brought shagun to her house and made her sleep in her bedroom. great.doubting raman without confronting him. love & trust – where did u leave ishita?

  7. Wow, wonderful episode. First of all in today’s episode, I got very much anger on shugan’s words. In real life know sister wants to break her brothers marriage, instead of blackmailing or for her greedy needs. And finally at the end of the episode my anger turned to ishita. Right know I am like raman thinking so much in mind and speechless. The credit goes to the story writer, director and finally the artists.

  8. we want ishita,raman more romantic scenes.

  9. Does someone know the real name of the artist who plays Suraj Khanna? He’s damn hot!

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