Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita buys the shares

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying I will bring Raman along. Romi talks on call. Amma asks Ishita to come and meet pandit. Romi checks file. He says Sudha has ruined us. Sudha asks how dare he refuse to sell shares. The man says Bhallas have no money, the man will sell shares to us. Sudha says I want to take over Raman’s company. He gives her list. She says good, contact them all, Raman has lived peacefully, now I will destroy him completely. Kaushalya says Karan will be coming, Aaliya will be ours after the date fixing. Karan comes and gives the gifts. Ishita says I forgot to get gifts Raman. Mani comes with gifts and says sorry to get late.

Ishita says thank God you got the gifts. Mani says I also forgot, Shagun reminded me. Pandit says there is good mahurat next year. Kaushalya

says it will be one year, its quite late, kindly check an early date. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t make children wait more. Me. Bhalla jokes. Raman sees Ishita. Pandit says there is good mahurat after six months. Everyone agrees. Ishita thinks to talk to Romi. Mihika gives sweets to everyone. Romi comes home. Mihika gives him sweets. Romi says I need to talk to you. Raman says Romi, what’s the matter. Romi says nothing, I wanted to discuss something with Ishita. Ishita says we have to pay one crore, how will we arrange. Romi says I couldn’t arrange. She says I will talk to that man. He says he is typical businessman. She says how will we get money, we can’t let Sudha win. She gets Sudha’s call. Sudha says you have one hour left, you have to pay a big amount, how will you arrange it. Ishita says your game will end one day, I will expose you, everyone will know you are a big fraud, your reputation will be ruined. Sudha says these are just empty threats, all the best.

Romi asks what happened. Ishita recalls Amma’s words. She gets jewellery boxes. He asks what are you doing. She says a woman’s real assets are her jewellery, sell this and buy shares. He says no, you won’t do this. She says don’t be stubborn. He says if Raman comes to know, it won’t be good. She says you shouldn’t get emotional, be practical, we can buy jewellery later, we have to buy shares in one hour. He says I won’t sell it. She says you have to do it for my sake, please save the honour of Raman and family.

Romi agrees and takes the jewellery bag. Raman comes. Romi stops seeing him. Raman asks what’s the matter that you can’t talk in front of me, what’s there in this bag. Romi says nothing. Ishita hears them. Raman says let me see. She says its my ornaments, Romi was taking this for polish. Raman says everyone is waiting for us and you are thinking to get jewellery polished. She says what’s the big deal, jeweller is waiting, Romi go and do the work. Romi leaves. Raman says marriage mahurat is after six months, you are lying to me. She says no. He asks will you say truth or shall I find out. She says I m telling you the truth, guests are waiting, Pihu is upset with me, I have to bake cookies for her. He says fine, I believe you. She goes. He thinks there is something you aren’t telling me, I will find out. Romi leaves in the car. A man looks on and calls his boss. He says Ishita hasn’t stepped out of house, maybe there is function at her house, guests have come. Sudha asks the man Mr. Punj to sell the shares. She insists.

Romi comes and stops him. He says there is still time, we have arranged money, money is transferred to your account, transfer shares on Ishita’s name. The man signs on papers. Romi thanks him. Romi clicks pic and sends to Ishita. She gets Romi’s call. He says I have sent the pic, you got shares on your name. She smiles and says congrats Romi, such a relief. He says you have missed something. He jokes on Sudha. She asks is Sudha still there, make a video call, I will talk to her. He asks Sudha to talk to Ishita. Ishita asks how are you, did you see how an ordinary housewife can manage things, you use power to destroy others, people like you fall flat, I should have done this before, I should have shown you the mirror, your brother has died because of you, you are responsible for all his troubles, I wish you could realize your mistake, no one can harm my family as long as I m standing by them, you will face many defeats, be ready. Sudha gets angry. Romi taunts her. Sudha says both you and Ishita have stepped on a snake’s tail, I will attack you that you won’t be able to survive. He says many snakes like you came and left from our lives, we can handle one more. She leaves.

The man says we didn’t get any jewellery from your house. Raman shouts on Ishita for lying. She says I have sent jewellery to other shop. He says if you are lying, it won’t be good for our relation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why this writer have Ishita a jagatmata
    Where is Ashok money why can’t she use that
    She was initially financer

  2. Why is Ishita facing all this trouble for no need? Before when Raman was in deteriorating mental health Ishita appeared as financier to invest in his company. She got Ashok Khanna’s whole property. Why cant she use it now?

  3. Your Commentwho else also think that rohan is also implant by shudha srivastav.

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