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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raman recalls Adi’s anger on Ishita, Shagun’s words, and Amma’s words on relationship. He says Amma is right. It’s better to end the relationship which gives more sorrow than happiness. Ishita didn’t get anything beside sorrow in our relationship, nor did I try to give. And she only gave without any expectations and all she got in return, Adi and Param’s cheap tactics, Ashok and Shagun’s anger and tantrums, and my anger, harsh words. And that woman didn’t say a word. He calls his house. Mrs. Bhalla picks up. Raman asks about Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says I sent her to clinic. Raman hangs and says, it’s my turn to give now. I am coming.

In clinic, Mani tells Ishita that she should have rested today. Ishita says mummyji was right, I am

feeling much better here. Mani tells her not to give fake smile. She says she was disgusted yesterday, but not today. Raman and whole family stood with her. Mani asks her for how long she will hide Raman’s mistakes. She never thinks about herself. Ishita says, I married Raman and his family as well. Mani tells her to stop giving him lecture on marriages, her marriage is not normal. Raman has done so much in past that he is not able to move on and Ishita is going to get nothing. She will only keep giving. She asks him if he even knows what he’s saying. Raman is very good person. She says she doesn’t want to talk about this anymore. Raman comes there with flowers and hears their conversation. Mani says, he’s very good but he has weaknesses like Adi. If tomorrow, he has to choose between you and Adi, then he will choose Adi. He has his family and you’re taking everyone’s responsibility. I am sorry but your marriage was like a deal, and a bad deal for you. Ishita looks angrily and says, this is marriage, not a deal, and my husband cares a lot for me. I am very sure he will talk to Adi. Adi needs time, but tomorrow he will be with me like Ruhi. Our family won’t be incomplete and I bet about that. Raman has tears in his eyes. He wipes them and leaves.

Ishita tells Mani that he won’t say a word more about Raman. She continues, you don’t know Raman enough. He’s my life, I love him. He hasn’t told me yet, but I know he loves me, he cares for me. You just look at his past, but who doesn’t have problems. I am a complicated person. You understand me, but many others can’t. We are grey, nobody is black and white. I see his problem, but he has many good things which keep this relationship going and I can’t explain all that to you. Only him and me understand this relationship, no 3rd person. I am sorry for calling you 3rd person, but no one else understands this relationship. There are adjustments in every relationship and we are doing the same. You are worried whether I am happy in this family or no, you think I got more issues after coming to this family, but they support me a lot. No normal Indian family is like this. If any other family, then they would ask numerous questions why you went there, etc. If any other family, they would kick their bahu out, not jamai. My family didn’t see that I am a bahu, they just saw that I am right. I am a very lucky person. I got such a family who loves their bahu more than their daughter. They make me understand if I am wrong. Not all Indian bahus are this lucky. You are right about yesterday, no lady deserves what happened yesterday, but today I feel whatever happened was for good. Simmi realised her husband is not a good person. I and Raman failed to prove that to her, but Simmi realised it herself. It’s a win-win situation. I don’t like you blaming Raman everytime. You don’t know him. I know he cares for me. He must be blaming himself right now because he knows whatever happened was because of his kid. He must be in guilt right now. He’s not selfish.

She goes to him and holds his hand. She says, you’re my friend from childhood, you understood me more than my parents. I do love you, I know you worry a lot about me, but friendship on its place and marriage on its place. I love Raman, so please don’t raise finger on this relationship else I won’t be able to sleep with dignity. Mani says, you love him that much? Then why don’t you tell him. He should also know he’s the luckiest man in the world.

Raman is driving thinking about Amma’s words about women making adjustments in marriages and they deserve happiness in return. He then recalls Mani’s words that his marriage was a bad deal for Ishita. He stops the car and gets off. He says all are right. Ishita only got sorrow, what could I do when police took her away? and things would only get worse after Ashok and Shagun’s marriage. All this is happening with Ishita after her marriage. How can I save her? She’s paying for no reason. I will have to do something. He throws away the flowers.

Shagun is excited for her marriage tomorrow. She tells Mihika she will start a new beginning from tomorrow and leave all her sarees here. She wonders where Ashok will take her for honeymoon and tells Mihika he must have bought tickets already. She asks her if she knows anything about it. Mihika thinks only 24 hours to go, Shagun won’t listen to anyone and hopes to show some proof to her and stop this marriage before it’s too late. Mihir comes and asks Mihika why she’s still here. He says he will drop her. Mihika says ok with an upset face. He asks her what happened. Shagun says she’s helping her since morning and credits both Mihir and Mihika for making all this possible. She thanks them both. Mihir leaves with Mihika.

A servant shows wedding clothes to Ashok, but he’s least interested and says to choose whatever. Suraj comes and tells servant to leave. He tells Ashok there is no point being frustrated. Ashok says he tried so much to stop marriage, but nothing worked. And now Shagun wants his property transferred to Adi. How he can do that? Suraj says it’s your punishment, you’ve been living with a woman with a kid for so many years. We still have 24 hours, there must be something. Ashok says there are many ideas, but that Mani is in my way. Suraj says you’re right, you have only one way. This marriage can only stop if Shagun refuses it herself. Ashok asks why she would do that? She’s dying to marry me. Suraj says I know it’s not easy, but you will have to think something like this to be saved from this marriage.

Raman comes in the room. Ishita says she’s selecting saree for tomorrow. Raman stands at the door quietly. She asks him why he’s quiet and asks him to help her in choosing. He comes inside and asks her why she’s selecting saree. Ishita says for Shagun’s marriage. Raman says, but.. She stops him and says, no, Raman. Don’t say we won’t go there. I want to go. I want to show them that my self-respect is not that less that it would destroy from someone’s misbehaviour. As long as my husband is with me, I will go with my head high.. wherever I go. She asks him to stop wasting time now. Raman thinks how he can tell her that he’s so lucky to have her and how much he loves her. But he’s not worth for her love. Her life has become hell because of him. Ishita brings Raman’s suits and asks him which one. He stays quiet. She asks what has happened to your one liners? She tells him to choose. Ruhi also comes with her bag and asks Ishita to choose her dress. Ishita laughs. They choose Ruhi’s dress based on clip Ruhi wants to wear. Ishita says they will pack her clothes as she also has to go to Shagun’s house. Raman asks why Shagun’s place? Ishita says, it’s her last night and she insisted a lot to send Ruhi there. I thought why not, both Ruhi and Shagun will like and I already talked to mummyji. Raman thinks she cares for everyone’s happiness and he can’t do anything for her. Ruhi tells Raman not to worry, he can’t sleep without her, so she can sleep holding Ishita’s hand today. Ishita laughs and they leave with Ruhi.

They come to Shagun’s house. Shagun tells Ruhi to put her bag in her room. She then thanks Ishita for bringing Ruhi there. She can spend time with her before marriage. Shagun’s friends are looking at her bridal dress and jewelries. Shagun asks Ishita to join them. She goes to her friends and says it’s very expensive, Ashok didn’t even think once for spending so much money. She asks Ishita to come inside. Raman tells Ishita to go. Ishita meets Shagun’s friends. Shagun’s friends tell her she’s very lucky. Shagun praises Ashok that no budget and Ashok never tells her anything on spending. On her last marriage, her dreams remained dreams only. Ishita look at Raman who is looking away.

Precap: Ishita tries to make Raman forget what Shagun said. She says our marriage was not hungama, it was a beautiful moment which I can never forget in my life.

Update Credit to: Rahi

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  2. Yaar Raman Amma ki batton par itna mat socho Amma Ishu ke bare me nahi par Simmi ke bare me keh rahi thi.
    And Ishita is very lucky to having such nice loving and caring husband like you.& you are also luky fot having such a beautiful & understanding wife.
    Tum dono ke Rishtey ke bare me koi tisra kya sochta hai is se tumhe koi fark nahi padna chahiye. Tum dono ke rishtey me ye mattetr karta hai ki tum dono ekdusre ke bare me kya sochte ho! Pls kab tak apne dil ki batten yunhi dil me chhupa kar rakhoge. Are yaar ek dusre ko I love you keh bhi do.

  3. Are vo hi promo jisme Raman soch raha hai ki uski life ki problems ke karan Ishita ki life affect ho rahi hai & wo apni relationship todne ka faisla karta hai

  4. i read a spoiler that raman acts like he is having an affair nd he admits in front of families and iyers take ishu with them and actually that girl related to bala ms.r nd mani scolds raman again a bad husband nd again ishu become jagga jasoosi nd find out the truth bt this story draggs upto nearly 2mnths actually i love the serial bec they dont drag the serial bt now its toooooo much plz change this track ekta mam we are waitimg for their confession since from 2mnths its all mess up now i feel its waste of time nd the worse serial am fed up i decided to stop watching this nonsense that to no ekta serial

    1. from which site?

    2. Are u sure????

  5. boring…these days……!!

  6. Bhagi Where did you read new spilers?

  7. Actually guys ishu ki mom ne baat to theek hi kahi par galat time par kahi !! Raman to pehle hi pareshan thaa aur ab aur pareshan ho gaya !!

  8. Mujhe lagta hai ab sabki jodi change hone vaali hai !

  9. Ekta maata kuch to karo ….!!

  10. I know more I saw promo…ashok rapes mihika….during that raman comes and shagun ishu come…..shagun blames ishita of all this

  11. wat yaar… cmon.. agn d same old track.. i thought dat misundrstndin was gone.. bt agn dis… cant directors n all see all r gettin irritated.. stop it yaar.. nd atlist make sumthng gud..

  12. Mihika lies on bad undress when they come to see her…so shameless drama…ekta r u not ashamed…children also watch this serial becaz of ruhi and u have so cheap thinking

  13. This show is getting bored.Is raman going to propose ishita or not.raman is just wasting his time and memorable moments by hesitation.I have a doubt about raman’s confession of love.Plz make it fast as we r loosing our patience in waiting.

  14. Raman slaps ishita I don’t why but I saw…she cries and says I also don’t want this relationship more

    1. Aahsta Where u saw that ..?!.. In upcoming also Ashok trapping mihika and shagun cancelling marriage are showing.. RAMAN SLAPPING ISHU.. :O

  15. todays episode

  16. hey meghana i wld really love to be ur friend i m from delhi but m a bengali…..full name…..kyra bose

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