Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil learns Shaina is alive

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaina thinking to tell Raman and Ishita about the secret she had hidden till now. She says I have to say something. Raman says later.. Shaina says Sahil will attack and kill everyone, if he knows I m alive, he will kill me also, I will not let Sahil know this. She checks her bag and sees a pic. She thinks Sahil can’t know about you else…. Sahil changes the car’s number plate. He calls Manoj and says prepare a passport for me, I want it tomorrow morning, just I leave from here, I will be safe, don’t double cross me. He thinks to spend the night inside the car, police is finding him.

Shaina writes a letter and keeps it inside the bag. She says don’t know what happens tomorrow, Raman and Ishita will know everything by this letter. Sahil says who has told police about my factories, who wants to ruin me, Manish and Shamshad can’t do this, they are in jail already. Raman says Sahil switched off his phone, I underestimated him. Ishita says he will be caught, don’t worry. Shaina hears them and goes. Simmi says I have a good news, your tension will go away. Raman asks what’s the matter. Simmi says we were busy in Sahil’s matter, Karan loves Ruhi, she also has feelings for him. Raman says we know it. Ishita says we can see their bonding clearly. Raman says its a good thing. Simmi says if you both knew this, why did you not keep their engagement. Ishita says I want Ruhi to be sure and tell us. Raman says let Karan convince Ruhi to acknowledge her feelings. Ishita says it should be her own decision. Simmi says fine.

Its morning, Sahil wakes up and gets down the car. He doesn’t get water. He gets angry and drinks water at some stall. He checks the newspaper. He looks around and gets inside the car. He says they printed my pic in the newspaper, anyone can identify me, I have to change my face/look. He calls someone and asks is my passport ready, why, change my look and I will just have such disguise, police will catch me, arrange my passport. Raman asks what’s this Mani, who gave this news that we are finding Sahil, is Sahil illiterate, he will change his look and leave the country. Ishita says its not easy, he will be caught, relax. He goes. Ishita says he will raise his BP because of Sahil. She calls out Ruhi and says Raman is in tension, can you make him busy in some work. Ruhi says Yug, I don’t know about Malhotra’s case. Yug says we will involve dad. Ruhi says I have a better plan. Ruhi and Yug fight. Raman asks what’s happening.

Yug says Ruhi doesn’t know anything. Ruhi says then you manage everything. Raman says its about team work, work together. Ruhi says I don’t have time. Yug asks Raman to explain him. Ishita says you are a good actor. Raman says Romi will guide you in the project. Mihika asks what happened. Yug says you mean I have to go abroad for one year. Raman says so what, why are you afraid. Ishita says its a good thing. Yug says Aaliya I will miss you, I can’t live without you. Raman asks when did I say you go alone, take Aaliya alone. Ishita asks what, together. Yug says you mean honeymoon for a year. They all laugh. Raman says first work and then everything. Karan and Ruhi smile seeing each other. Munna thinks to do something, if Sahil doesn’t get saved, I will also go to jail.

He steals the inspector’s phone. Shaina goes out to buy grocery. Munna calls Sahil. Sahil says if this is plan to get me caught, I will come there and shoot you. Munna says no, go to some safe place, police is trying to trap you. Sahil asks did you find who did this. Munna says I will find out. Sahil asks is there Padma or anyone else in Bhalla house. Munna says a new maid has come, I will click her pic and send. He sees Shaina and says I will send her pic. He clicks her pic and sends to Sahil. He asks Sahil to check it. Sahil gets shocked seeing Shaina. He says how can this happen, Shaina…. He recalls Shaina. He says how is she alive, she didn’t do right, I will give her a worse death this time, I had burnt her alive, if she is alive, where was she till now, she told police about me, she ruined me but she is dumb, I didn’t tell her about my places, its someone else who told police about me, Shaina helped Raman and Ishita by this person’s help, who can it be.

He comes to a garage. He gets down the car. He hits and faints the mechanic. He gets dressed as the mechanic. He says I have to go and find out if that woman is Shaina or not, I will kill her and then leave this country.

Raman says Munna informed Sahil. Inspector says how can he inform Sahil, we tapped his phone. Sahil points gun at Shaina. She says let me go please. She cries. He slaps her for ruining him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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