Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman talking to the inspector. Raman says don’t you think it’s a big coincidence that Ashok sold the car on the accident date of Amma. The Inspector asks him not to worry as he will find out. Raman calls Mihir and asks him to find out who bought Ashok’s car saying I m messaging you the car details.Raman comes home and tells everything to Ishita. Ishita says so they sold the car, they did it planning it. Raman says I could not do anything, I will not leave him, but we can’t do anything till we prove hat papers are fake.

She tells him that Ritesh and Priyanka invited them for their anniversary, but it depends on him whether they will go or not. Raman says we have to go as I committed to him we will come, he is my childhood friend, lets go in the party, and you don’t look good being sad, you look good giving lectures, we are going in party…. She says so don’t look bahenji. He taunts her again. She argues again. He says I will pick you up, go to any spa. He leaves. She says Ravan Kumar, did he see his face, I know why are you sending me, as you are the only one who has seen tiredness on my face.

Shagun is there in the spa. She starts leaving and says Raman did not call, don’t know what happened to him. She sees Ishita and says you here, oh nails, Raman would have sent you. Ishita says Raman knows about perfection ad imperfection, I don’t need a spa certificate Shagun says you want to change your bahenji image, but it won’t happen. You are very smart as you made your jobless Bala to work for me, he can spy on me too, you show you don’t care, but it does. She says whats your next plan. Ishita says you have a great imagination, you should have been writer, but unfortunately, you are a could be wife, but Bala is really a good teacher, you should thank me, else we all know what can happen with Adi.

Shagun says so you will teach me, using my second hand things, you don’t know what Raman needs, he loves me, he is keeping you as Ruhi’s Nanny, you should be thanking me as I left him so you got him. Ishita says yes, but your needs are different, and taunts Shagun to be a really bad mother. She says I should thank you, as you got everything but you left, but what I got, I will never leave it for anyone. Ishita gets Ruhi’s call. Ruhi says I was missing you a lot. Ishita talks to her with love and Shagun gets jealous.

Ishita says even I missed you, what did you do there. She keeps the phone on speaker. Shagun hears Ruhi. Ruhi asks what are you doing. Ishita says I m in parlour. Ruhi says wow, are you going with Papa, did he give dress or jewellery, don’t leave him. Ishita says he has given me Ruhi and now I don’t need anything. Ruhi says you are very beautiful, but make Priyanka’s hairstyle. Ishita asks her to come home safely. She says come soon bye. Shagun thinks so she is preparing for the party, I will ruin this. She thinks she will remind Raman the father’s duty, see you at the party.

The party starts. Ritesh and his wife Priyanka welcome the guests. Raman and Ishita walk in and wishes them happy anniversary. Ritesh says you are looking very beautiful, so Raman……… Priyanka says we celebrate many anniversaries like our first meeting. Ishita says the party is good. Priyanka says I m glad you brought Raman. Ishita says when I told him about the party he agreed instantly. Raman drinks with his friends. Raman asks Ritesh did he forget his first date too. Ritesh reminds him of Shagun and says I m sorry, I forgot. Raman says its alright.

Priyanka says see our Raman turned into Fundoo from Sadu, this magic is called Ishita. The ladies say yes we have seen like being like a Majnu for three years. They ask Ishita the formula. Ishita says he is happy now, he is being himself now. Priyanka says I can see his happiness on Ishita’s face. The ladies have a talk. Ishita tells about her routine. She says I m a dentist, so its hard to manage. They ask her to meet them on festivals and call her a multi tasking queen. Ishita says I m very lucky, its not about multi tasking, but I got an amazing family, my inlaws are very nice, they take good care of Ruhi. I m sorted, and if emergency comes at night, then Raman supports me.

Shagun walks in. She sees Ishita laughing with the ladies. Raman sees her upset face. Priyanka goes to Shagun. Ishita turns and looks at Shagun. Raman sees Ishita’s smile vanishing because of Shagun. All the ladies catch up with Shagun. They leave Ishita alone. Priyanka asks Shagun to move on. Raman comes to Ishita. She asks him not to drink much. He asks Ishita to keep smiling as people should think they are enjoying. Ishita says we really are and holds Raman. Shagun looks at them and shows her earrings to Raman. She thinks now even he does not remember his gift, I will remind you today.

Priyanka says Ishita is Raman’s wife and I can’t ignore her, she is my guest. Shagun says Raman changed after she came on his life, people think Raman is happy, but ask me, how he forgot everything, I was his life, his past, fine he forgot me, how can he forget his children. Priyanka says I heard he loves Ruhi a lot. Shagun says I left him, so everyone feels I m bad, but they did not ask me why I left him, Ishita has taken away my daughter, she does not even tell me mumma as Ishita has brainwashed her. Shagin tries to show the earrings to Raman as he looks at her.

Priyanka says this is the earrings which Raman gifted you on Adi’s birth. Shagun says no, when I gave him the good news, I thought Raman will worry for Adi, seeing this, he will remember him, but no Ishita is not letting him come close to Adi. Priyanka says I did not think Ishita is such a lady. Shagun says its important date for us, which Raman brought, but Ishita won’t let me talk to him, and Raman is ignoring him. Priyanka says come with me, lets see how will she stop you. Shagun says no, she will insult you. Priyanka says leave her on me, go and talk to Raman. Shagun looks at Raman.

Raman and Ishita have a good time. Priyanka comes and takes Ishita wuth her. Shagun eyes Raman. (Where the hell is Ashok!!)

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. geez tht shagun is so irritating… :@ raman n ishita looks ice with each other 🙂

  2. sorry its “nice”

  3. Were is ashok?

  4. what did ishu wear?saree/dress? colour? 🙂

  5. How ishita was looking????I am excited to know this

  6. Shagun ko Koi is dramay say Nikalta kun nai hy jab say serial start hua hy tab say isay Koi kun Ni nikalta….aur please ashok b

  7. where is todays epi… its the 20’s where is it

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