Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi liking the food. Mrs. Bhalla asks him not to eat, as Ishita is fasting and she will eat first. Raman comes and faces Mr. Bhalla’s taunts. He comes to his room and gives a gift to Ishita. She says why again, you already gave me. She sees it’s the same Rs 25000 saree which she liked but did not take it. He says yes I noticed, you saw the price tag and took the cheap one, don’t tell me I m insensitive. She says showing sensitivity spending money on me. They start arguing. She says I will give you its money. He says its needed to show concern to women like you. She asks whats the tension. Mrs. Bhalla comes and says why are you scolding her, Ishita is fasting. He says drama started again.

Mrs. Bhalla says she has kept Nirjala fast. She asks what happened to him, why is he fighting with everyone today. She asks Ishita to come and break her fast and leaves. Raman regrets for arguing with Ishita. Ishita breaks the fast seeing the moon and offering water. Everyone looks on and smile. Hasne laga sehra…………….plays…………………Mrs. Bhalla guides her the rituals step by step. Ishita sees Raman through the round net. Yeh hai mohabbatein………………plays………………..

She does the tilak to Raman and does his aarti. Raman thinks its great, Ishita is doing this to show to my mum. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to touch Raman’s feet. She pinches Raman’s feet. He makes her drink water and thinks even Shagun did not do this, so he lost his position and gave her license. Ruhi says Ishita kept this fast for Raman, no cheating, no water, pandit told what you all will get. Ishita says yes, I kept his fast for Raman, and all his dreams will be true. He asks her to have some food. They argue again. Romi smiles.

Ishita asks Romi is everything done. Romi says yes, I have transferred all data for the chip, we will sue Ashok tomorrow in press conference and Raman will get his seat back. Its morning, Ruhi asks Ishita does she have the test, as she looks tensed, don’t worry, you will come first. Raman asks what test. Ishita says its important, I will tell you if its done. Ruhi leaves. Raman asks what tests, when you got the license. She says nothing important. He asks are you leaving Ruhi to school or shall I. She says Papa ji. He says fine and leaves for office. She calls Mihir and says Raman left, be ready and don’t do any mistake today.

Mihir stops Raman and stops him saying they have to go for business association meeting. Raman says I already signed, I won’t go to meet the media. Mihir thinks he has to take him, else Ishita’s plan will fail. Raman says I have to meet Adi too. Raman leaves for office even when Mihir insists. Mihir says I could not do this, and informs Ishita. Ishita says what, he went, how will our plan work out now. Mihir says don’t worry, I will do something. Ruhi asks for her CD. Ishita asks the maid to keep the Cd in Ruhi’s bag. She keeps Ishita’s CD. Ruhi leaves. Ishita tells her plan to call Raman there. Romi says what an idea, Raman will come.

She says I will bring the CD. She sees her CD gone and looks for it. She gets Ruhi’s CD there and understands her CD is gone with Ruhi, as she confirms with the maid. She tells this to Romi and Mihir. She says what will we do now. Romi says I will get it from Ruhi. She asks Mihir to get Raman and hopes Romi gets the CD on time. Ashok and everyone see Mihika’s modeling pics. Murti likes it. Mihika smiles. Ashok looks at her. Murti says he has a meeting and leaves. Ashok acts like calling Shagun and she us not taking the call. He takes Mihika’s help to tie him the scarf or tie. She refused and he falls on her intentionally holding her. She gets angry. He says sorry. She leaves. He smiles.

Raman helps Adi in planting work in community service. Shagun says her nail got so bad. Raman taunts her. She says she has to go in Ashok’s function as he is going to become president of Delhi Association. She asks by what relation are you going. She says going to be wife, as we are engaged. He taunts her and says its not worth it to talk to her. Adi leaves with Shagun. Mihir calls Raman and says Ashok is saying against Ishita, this is not done. This is getting too much. Raman asks whats his problem. Mihir says Parmeet is saying Ishita’s license is fake. Raman says I m coming. Mihir says yes, come soon.

Ishita talks to Bala and says she will not let them spoil her husband’s name and she is waiting for the CD. Bala says my husband? You called him by so many names, Ravan Kumar…. And now this. She says what. He says I was trying to know why are you blushing today. She says where is it, I m not blushing, I m going home. He asks whose. She says mine and goes to Bhalla house. Bala says I can see your heart Ishita.

Ishita comes in her room and says whats this, Bala thinks anything. I just said Raman is my husband. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………. She says why am I getting goosebumps. She looks in the mirror and talks to herself. She says I never thought this way, he is my husband. She says am I really blushing. She says no, I m feeling weird. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays……………. She says its day to work, I hope Romi got the CD. She says husband and smiles.

Ashok is asked to sign and accept his presidentship. Shagun smiles standing behind Ashok. Ashok sits to sign the docs. Ishita says stop. Everyone looks at her. Even Raman looks on.

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