Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gagan’s mum saying Adi has to die. Roshni’s mum says I came to see who killed Chandan, don’t kill him, death is an easy punishment for him, what about the thing he did with us, he broke my daughter’s dreams. Adi says I did that by mistake, I will give you as much money as you want. She says fine, give money, I will tell Roshni that this money is her groom. He says sorry, I m ready to do anything you say. She asks are you ready to do what I say. He nods. She says fine, life instead life, and sindoor instead sindoor, you snatched her suhaag, now you will become her suhaag, you will fulfill Chandan’s responsibility, you have to marry Roshni. Adi gets shocked.

He says what are you saying, I m engaged, I have a fiancee, I can’t marry Roshni. She says my daughter’s marriage was today, you will become her suhaag now. Gagan’s mum and Roshni’s mum scold him. Gagan’s mum says you have to marry Roshni now, I have seen my son’s funeral pyre, I will not leave you. Adi says you can kill me, but I can’t marry Roshni. Gagan says you all go and get ready, prepare mandap, I will make Adi ready. He asks men to make Adi wear Chandan’s clothes.

Ishita says there is another route, but it will take 5 hours to reach there, we are going for Adi. Raman agrees. Gagan asks Adi why did you not get ready. Adi cries and gets up. He falls. Gagan says stand straight. Adi says I m going to get married, how can I marry Roshni, please leave me. Gagan says you have to take Roshni’s responsibility, get ready now. Adi asks him to listen. Gagan pushes him and says remember what my mum said, you took my brother’s life, just do as we say else…Adi cries. He says I can’t do this marriage, you can take my life. Gagan punches his face. Adi falls down. Gagan goes.

The men come and make Adi ready as the groom. Gagan comes to his mum and says groom is ready. Adi is brought by some men. Raman and Ishita are on the way. Ishita says our Adi will become groom, see baraat will also be such. Raman says we came on wrong route. She asks can’t you find a way. He asks her not to scold him. He says I m becoming Sasur now, Aaliya won’t respect me then. She says Aaliya is a nice girl, now we shall leave. He says on one condition, you won’t boss around there. She says I won’t. They leave.

The men make Adi sit in the mandap. Gagan asks him to sit silently. Adi cries and thinks of Aaliya. Roshni comes and sits beside. Adi says I won’t do this marriage and pushes Gagan. He takes the gun and asks Gagan to shut up. He says you do anything, but I won’t do this marriage, I already told you, that happened by mistake, I will not ruin my and this girl’s life. He asks pandit to give his phone. He says police will take decision now. Gagan signs his mum. She takes the gun from Adi and aims at him. Gagan catches Adi. His mum says we don’t accept any laws here, its our laws here, sit quiet in mandap else… Adi says shoot me, I won’t marry. Gagan asks his mum to shoot. Adi asks her to shoot, its better I die. She asks the men to make Adi sit in mandap. She goes and says Gagan, we want this guy alive, he has to marry Roshni, else I would have killed him, he would have some weakness by which we can break him.

The man catches servant and says he was going to inform Adi’s parents. Gagan thinks and says I got Adi’s weakness. Raman and Ishita stop at a tea stall to have tea. A man sees them and thinks to inform Gagan about Adi’s parents. The man tells them that Adi changed the village by giving employment to us. He praises Adi. Raman and Ishita smile. Another man records their video. Gagan shows the video to Adi and asks him not to marry, go, we will leave you, I can’t guarantee about them, my men are with them. Ishita says we came here to surprise Adi. The man asks does he know. Raman says no. The man says he went to Delhi to give surprise to you. She says he was attending marriage. The man says he left early, have food and go, shall I get food from ongoing marriage. Ishita says no, we shall leave now. Gagan asks Adi shall we shoot your parents. Adi says no, please let them go, I will do anything. Gagan asks will you marry Roshni.Adi cries.

Adi and Roshni exchange varmala. Ishita asks shall we go temple. Raman asks why. Ishita says I heard this temple is much believed, its good for suhagans, I will take sindoor for Aaliya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I’ve never seen a mother smiling and smirking when her child has just passed. Anyways, I had read a spoiler: and it states a new entry coming. So it is now Adi Aaliya, New entry. IshRa story is over!

    1. Yes she doesn’t care about chandan and cares about revenge from adhi.

  2. Ab kuch ni ho sakta,yhm is dead,sbs ka news dekha na Adi k life new entry hone wali hai so Abi Adi hi main lead ho chuke hai,cvs ne officially declare ni kia but eyehi such hai ub hopes laganeka koi faida ni yhm ka ram nam satya hohi jaega

  3. What a worst script about aaliya we r losing interested on the show if adi marry roshini

  4. Fellow fans of YHM our beloved show has gone down the drain. First of all no Ishra scenes are seen now. And lets admit it we all love YHM when there is Ishra scenes. But without that there is nothing to look forward to. The makers of the show are stretching this Adi situation for so many days now its unbearable! And the last thing we want to see is Adi marrying someone else! I wonder what’s going to happen to Aliya now ? I’m actually on the edge of not watching this show anymore! Thanks a lot Ekta.

  5. Oh my god!! Gagan is such a rogue. Disgusting! Now my favourite pair adhi and aliaa will not be seen. Makers are copying he same mihir mihika story and doing the same with adhi and aliaa. I can just die seeing adhi with roshini. How does ashok come to know about ishra? He is always winning the game. Total kamina ashok. Now ishra fans will be happy seeing adhi and aliaa separating. I know u ishra fans don’t want to see adhialiaa…. I loved ishra in the beginning. But know I love adhi and aliaa.

  6. For vpuntnouus 3 episodes I didn’t watch YMB. It is do horrible.

  7. HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Magic, Priyamvadha, Khushi, Parichary, Susan, Sayyeda and many die hard fans of YHM… The entire plot is going down the drain. At this rate, we will not left with anymore fans of YHM. Such a beautiful serial when it started with Raman, Ishita and little Ruhi and now it turned out be another new drama serial. It looks like a drama within a drama. What I dislike is Raman and Ishita have gone into the background. I don’t mind Adi and Aliya. They are a cute couple but I also want more of Raman and Ishita scenes and involvement. EVen if they do not show a lot of Ishra romance scenes, at least they could show their nok jhokl both caring for one another and taking special interest in other. All those are lacking completely. Pihu is all together missing. They should put on hold Adi’s scenes for awhile and show more of Pihu and Ishra. They story actually starts with Ruhanika, Raman and Ishita but that is gone. With Pihu I don’t see those old YHM scenes.

    I understand that they need to show a different plot but this plot is just too much of exaggeration. No boss would call their staff to the office or factory if that person knows the staff is getting married today. It is really silly. What Adi could have done is to call Raman and ask for his father’s help when faced with crisis. Adi should have known by now about the villagers and their view about issues. Adi felt he is capable and does not need any matured person’s help. In the end his parents have to come running to him. Adi is so irrational and impatient. So he has to suffer for what he indirectly did even though he was not the one who killed Chandan. He should not have challenged Ashok and have to be very wary of Ashok but he was very self confident that everything will happen as planned. Adi should have anticipated about all this on Ashok. Afterall he stayed with Ashok and has seen what kind of a person he was before.

    Anyway the beautiful YHM is gone. Now I don’t even what I am watching in YHM. EVerything is so different and new to me. I have a feel that I am watching a new serial.

    I read somewhere that there was a fight between Adiiti and Ruhanika as the former snubbed at Ruhanika’s acting skills and Ruhanika mother was annoyed with that remark. I hope they have resolved it. If not we will not see Pihu much at all.

    1. Hey Sindhu .How are you?

  8. They should have ishra and adialia together.Adi Alia college Romance should have been show for year instead of forcing them into marriage so early.Now the plot is such a waste.

  9. plZ….jaldi adi aaliya ko reunite kar do….

  10. I’m not watching this serial anymore! They are breaking our favourite couple Adi and Aliya!! Filled with crap these days full stop..

  11. Oh fish not again firstly the show took an unnecessary leap n now adi marrying roshini.Have the writers lost it.One more new drama it sucks just unite adiliya don’t want triangle love or a new villian’s entry.

  12. Radhika malhotra

    Bad episode and precap was not good

  13. I missed the episode.the episode was worst .Precap was even more worst .All the episodes are full crap.

  14. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  15. It’s looking like yrkkh serial .Where once the main leads will turn father or mother in law later will leave the show as their role is not given more importance .I hope it doesn’t happen with YHM . We want ishra to be the lead not anybody else.

  16. In the upcoming episode of star plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high intensity drama.

    It is heard that the makers have decided to add a new twist to the dying storyline of the show.

    Of rumours are to be believed vidhisha Srivastava,a popular actress in South Indian industry will be paired against Adi.

    Yeh hai Mohabbatein will be vidhisha’s debut in Hindi television industry.

    While she will be the new girl in Adi’s life,she will also play a positive character.

    However it will be interesting to see what will happen with Adi and Aliya’s jodi in the show.

    Stay tuned for more updates and news.

  17. The show is becoming a big crap now .Stop this crap CVS in the show.that chandan’s mom is smiling and like mad those people are behaving .That chandan’s mom should have cried but she is smiling and not even looking like she cried a lot .

  18. AAYUSH

    Guys read this
    Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    As per the latest grapevine, makers of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein are planning to come up with Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Season 2.

    It seems the show is losing the charm as loyal viewers liked Yeh Hai Mohabbatein witnessing Ishita ad Raman’s unique love story.

    The show managed to maintain its TRP with frequent leaps, twists and turns with negative people surrounding Shagun, Nidhi, and Ashok.

    Makers of the show are planning for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Season 2 featuring Adi, Aaliya, Ruhi and new entry Roshni.

    Of course, Raman and Ishita will be part of the show too.

  19. I think yhm an ssk ki tarah hoga .jaise piyush or roshni ki shaadi hui or vaidahi ko villain bana diya waise lag raha hai is me dhi hoga .I think CVS r going to show aliya as a villain for adi and roshni……same to same As ssk

  20. Riana

    I think Ekta doesnt have any care for yhm now….she is now focussing on her other new webseries…new shows..Thats why the Crap dialogue writers r still busy in making this kind of so called stories…Censor board should shut this YhCrap…

  21. Riana

    Maybe the new show Love ka hai intezaar…will replace yhm

  22. What is all this guff, I’m just a silent reader from the starting of this show but now I’m much irritated watching yhm, forcible marriage breaking lovable couple, can’t that new girl open mouth as 3 lives are going to hell, it will be better if adi dies than that mrgg.

  23. this what happens in ekta kapoor serials. what can we expect from this psycho ekta kapoor?love with some one and marrying some one.
    instead of showing this shit, stop the serial with a good note.

  24. This is becoming so silly and annoying to watch. Does these stupid type people still exist in a such country.Also that Ashok seriously if YHM to continue as a Tele series children also can watch this should limit this sort of rubbish in there Drama. Please if you really do not have any proper writers please hire good once. Rather publishing such idiotic rubbish bad examples for children and also this is been watch world wide people will think what a country still these kind of stupid villages exist with no proper law and enforcement.

  25. This is becoming so silly and annoying to watch. Does these stupid type people still exist in a such country.Also that Ashok this stupid man should be taken off the d arama along with tha wicked Nidhi. Seriously if YHM to continue as a Tele series children also can watch this should limit this sort of rubbish in there Drama. as Children love watching it due to small ruhi (pihu now). Please if you really do not have any proper writers please hire good once. Rather publishing such idiotic rubbish bad examples for children and also this is been watch world wide people will think what a does these kind of stupid villages exist.

    1. Very true yhm fan .. whom to complaint ?

  26. Very bad track.nooooooo!

  27. The director didn’t know what to do plz stop this married to some else.fed up Wiz this serial

  28. kya kar diya yeh? and its 21st century guys! all this village crap, like shadi karke divorce jaisa bhi kuch hota hain yaar, adi can divorce roshni and marry alia but nahi, CV’s ko toh ch*****pa dikhana hain bas. meri pyari, rangeeli serial yeh hain mohabbatein mein mohabbatein kahan chali gayi. disgusting!

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