Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman talking to everyone at home. Ishita comes to meet Sanjana at night. Sanjana is surprised to see her. Ishita asks do you want to meet Mihir. Sanjana says but he does not want to meet me. Ishita says even then he has to meet, I came to invite you to his tilak function. Sanjana says it be a big issue. Ishita says so you end it, you talk to him. Sanjana asks by what right are you inviting me. Ishita says well, dual relations, he is marrying my sister, and he is my Devar, I m Raman’s wife. Sanjana is shocked. Ishita says I don’t want to know what happened between you two, but I know Mihir is starting his life and he needs his sister, so you can come as my friend. Lets meet tomorrow. Ishita says one more thing, its easy to break relations and its tough to keep it, so come. She leaves.

Mihika asks Ishita are you sure she will come. Ishita says yes. Mihika says I hope everything is fine, you and Raman…… Ishita asks why. Mihika says he called me and said your mood is bad. Ishita does not tell her the truth and says I was cleaning the room. Mihika smiles. Ishita says is he a kid to complain about me. Raman does the arrangements and checks menu. Mihir comes and says whats the need to do all this, this things can happen at home too. Raman says did I ask you. He asks Romi to work.

Raman asks Mihir to think again, whether you go ahead with marriage. He says marriage is most imp decision of your life, mum said your sister has to do the ritual with Mihika. Mihir thinks. Ishita comes there and Mihir says I have a sister. Raman says yes I know. Mihir says Ishita Bhabhi and tells her that Raman is worried, so I said I have a sister. He calls her Didi as she tied him rakhi, so she has to do all duties of a sister. Ishita says sure, a sister will surely come tomorrow. Mihir says my sister will be there tomorrow. Ishita says yes. Raman looks on.

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Its morning, Vandu comes dressed in Kanjivaram saree and Bala in Tamilian clothes. They laigh seeing Amma and Appa in Punjabi outfits. Amma says she does not like this, Mrs. Bhalla trapped her. Mihika comes and Vandu compliments her. Mihika says you both have to wear Punjabi outfuts, no arguments, go and change. Bala asks why. Vandu says about the Amma and Mrs. Bhalla’s fight. Ishita is doing arrangements. Mr. Bhalla guides the address to someone. Mrs. Bhalla is also busy.

Raman is angry on not getting his Pyjama. He calls out Ishita and throws her sarees. Mrs. Bhalla says let him complain, I won’t go. She asks Ishita to go to Raman and see what he is saying. Ishita goes to him. Raman is not wearing Pyjama and she turns. He hides his legs in the cupboard by the doors. She gives him the towel. She gives him the pyjama. She helps him in making the drawstring out. He covers himself and sits. She uses her hairpin. Saath saath rehna hai………………plays………………….He looks at her and comes to her. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays…………… He says come on, give it, by the way, thanks. She says we are not talking as decided. He removes the drawstring and throws the pyjama in anger.

Mrs. Bhalla says she got 1 lakh cash, 21 clothes, and 11 jewellery sets. Amma says Soumya show her what we got for Mihir, a new car, gold chain, suit and much more. They start arguing and laugh. Pammi praises Ishita saying she is looking Punjabi. Pammi praises Amma too. Mrs. Bhalla says she lost to us, I got her to line. Amma says this Punjabi dress does not have grace as our kanjivaram saree. Mihika and Mihir talk and he flirts. She smiles. He says when will you become mine forever. Pammi asks Mrs. Bhalla and Amma to come with her. She says be careful, the jewellery can be lost, anyone can steal. Mrs. Bhalla says who will steal.

Pammi says anyone can steal. Amma says all guests are there, whom to catch. Mrs. Bhalla says we will keep an eye on them. Ishita helps pandit ji. Ishita sees Mihika and Mihir happy and hopes Sanjana comes today and Mihir’s family completes today.

Amma doubts everyone now and questions the cook since when is he cooking. He says 6 years. She asks for his ration card. Mrs. Bhalla checks the invitation cards and allows the guests. Romi takes Mrs. Bhalla and asks what are you doing. That lady is pregnant, what’s this guest checking. I m busy to play music, as kids are after me. She sees someone and asks Romi do you know him. Romi says yes, we invited him, what are you doing, She says you won’t understand. He says what music to play. She says Punjabi music. Amma says Carnatic music. Romi leaves. The kids dance on the music. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla argue again. Shravan and Ruhi think maybe the thief came, we will catch him. Ruhi says lets go.

Raman asks pandit why is it being late. The pandit says its 15 mins left for the mahurat, be ready to be with your wife. He says can’t I sit alone. The pandit ji says no, you have to sit with wife. Vandu and Bala come in Punjabi outfits and Ishita hugs Vandu. Bala asks what happened Raman. Raman says Ishita scolded me without any reason, she is not telling me and asking me to tell me. He says you are happy as Vandu is mature. Bala says no way, you come my home, see her anger. He says Ishita will sit in puja for the family, she won’t spoil. Raman says we both are worried, can’t we sit in puja. Bala says then no man would have married if this was possible. Raman looks on realizing the trauma of his life.

Ishita tells pandit ji that sheera making will take some time. He says fine, its time for mahurat. Ishita thanks him and sees Sanjana. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Please update it fast….

  2. is shagun mihir’s sister or sanjana??

    1. i’m dammmmn sure thaat shagun is mihir’s sisiterrrr but i don’t know about sanjana

  3. i still hav confusion..

  4. Lol who knows?

  5. me to
    someone is telling that both r his sis

  6. Ishita trapped by sanjana,poornima,&shagun also

  7. Gud one, hope evrything will be fine soon…

  8. Arae ishita u go and speak with i lnow u r hurted but we are ur fans we cant see that u both fighting here after u dont fight with raman becoz it doesnt suit for urs character. I luv u guys.

  9. It’s a vry confusion who is mihir sis shagun or shanjana

  10. Shagun is elder sis of mihir nd sanjana is younger sis

  11. there is a grt confusion bt i think tat shagun is mihir’s sis

  12. u may be rt amon bcoz sanjana luks younger than mihir

  13. i wish the rudness of raman ends soon

  14. arey yaar ishu y only u getting into trouble.we known shagun was linked to raman but it was past.just truth raman iam sure he has no affair with anyone.sanjana is lying yaar.and sanjana when u start acting in negative character when ur kady in bade acha lagta hai u was so good.this one dont suit u yaar.and raman plz be soft with ishu naa.

  15. harsitha reddy

    arey yaar…..actlly shagun zz mihir sis…..nd dat sanjana has no cnnctn wid raman nd mihir….seemzz lik param zz playng dis game…..

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