Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Arijit and Shardul’s connection

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arijit crying and saying I didn’t get Namita here, Neeti can tell where is her mom, once she gets fine, she will tell it. Karan asks what’s the guarantee, that she will like to tell us, you didn’t tell us about Namita’s complete name so that we find her, she needs her mom, not you. Ishita says I agree. Arijit says I don’t remember Namita’s surname, Rao… Karan says Neeti’s name is Neeti Guha. Arijit says maybe Namita got married, she would like to hide about Neeti, maybe she gave her husband’s surname, you all think I m lying, I could have denied it when she called me her dad, but no, I didn’t do this, I accepted that she is my daughter, its question about her life, we worry for her, you can take her when she gets fine. Ishita says Neeti gets scared seeing strangers, we don’t know how she reacts in your house, she trusts Mihika. Mihika says don’t worry. Neeti is comfortable here. Raman says I think this is best for Neeti. Arijit goes. He asks Bhuvan to drive fast. He drinks. Bhuvan asks what happened.

Arijit says Neeti identified me, I made a story, they will know truth soon, Neeti may tell the truth, I have to take her out, I will hire a lawyer and get custody papers, I have to find Namita. Bhuvan asks who. Arijit says we have to find Neeti’s fake mum. Bhuvan asks why, your friend’s wife is her mum. Arijit scolds him.

Karan says we can’t believe Arijit, he always hides things. Yug asks how will we catch her lie. Mihika says we shall check her sketches. Ishita says we will ask about her mum and try to know if Arijit is saying truth. Raman says I will ask Malhotra about him. Karan says I will come along. Raman says I will go alone, else Malhotra will doubt. Ishita asks are you sure. Raman says I will handle this. He calls Malhotra. He says happy diwali, I was thinking to meet him. He says Malhotra agreed to me, now we will know Arijit was saying truth or lies. Yug gets coffee for Ishita. He says Raman should have not one alone. Ishita says he will handle, don’t worry, Karan go home. Karan says I told mom about this and she asked me to stay here. Yug hugs him. Ishita smiles.

Yug says Ruhi isn’t here, still you take care of everyone, thank you. Karan says its my family as well. Aaliya says thanks for arranging the dinner. Ishita and Karan ask what was the occasion, Yug says nothing. Aaliya says I will say, Yug felt I m pregnant, so he arranged romantic dinner for me and gave me a gift. Ishita asks are you pregnant. Aaliya says no, there was a misunderstanding, Yug saw Sana’s ultrasound pics and thought I m pregnant. Karan teases Yug.

He gets Ruhi’s call and goes out. Aaliya says look at him, romeo guy. Aaliya goes to put oil in diya. Ishita asks Yug did you discuss with Aaliya. Yug says yes, I was so happy when I knew that Aaliya is pregnant, family matters a lot to me, my uncle and aunt raised me, I got a family here, everyone is here, I never experienced this love. Aaliya hears him. Yug says I want my child to come in the world soon, he will stay with you all and get love, he will be the luckiest child, Aaliya is just like you, she will be the best mum. Ishita says we are glad to get you, Aaliya is lucky to get a loving husband like you, we really needed you Yug.

Aaliya thinks I never realized that baby matters much to Yug, I hope we get this happiness soon, I promise Yug. Arijit asks the lawyer to prepare the custody papers. Lawyer refuses. Arijit scolds him. Bhuvan says I didn’t get anyone to do Namita’s role. Arijit says I want her today. He gets a call. He says fine, I will come and meet. Bhuvan asks where are you going. Arijit scolds him and leaves. Bhuvan says what happened to him.

Arijit comes to meet someone. He says I was much happy to meet Neeti, she called me dad, if you didn’t call me, I would have come to meet some how, I was scared that our plan would fail, did you find about him, don’t know where is he hiding. Raman says no, its good that Neeti didn’t identify me. Arijit smiles seeing him. They hug. Arijit says thanks Shardul….. if you didn’t live there as Raman, I don’t know what would I do, I m able to take revenge on Raman and Ishita. Shardul says I m helping you as Raman killed my sister, I will never forgive him, when you told me about the accident truth, I decided to take revenge on them.

Arijit says I m proud of you, you and Ishita were good college friends. Shardul says we aren’t friends now, I used to respect her, she helps everyone, she warned me about Natasha, when I learnt that she ignored the accident because of Raman, I was shocked. Arijit says Raman is her husband, Ishita didn’t get the report written and came here to India. Shardul says its good you have the footage, when I saw it, my respect for Ishita ended, then I decided not to leave them.

Yug asks where did Raman go. Ishita says Malhotra can inform Arijit. Shardul says Ishita didn’t tell me about Raman. Arijit says we have to find out soon. Raman is seen at some hospital.

Update Credit to: Amena

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