Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi and Mihika writing their lists of items to get through Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla looks on and thinks to stop them, as Ruhi is going on imp work, not shopping. She asks them why are they giving list. Mihika says its good thing to get things from abroad. Simmi says you also like imported things. Mrs. Bhalla says if she does shopping, when will do her imp work, I mean her concert. Simmi says concert does not go on all the time, she will get it. Mihika says Ruhi will manage. Mrs. Bhalla says I will give her the lists, go and make veg list and get from market, go. Simmi and Mihika go.

Mrs. Bhalla tears list and dumps in bin. Raman tells staff that he is going Australia, don’t let anyone know this, manage my meetings, I hope everything is fine, whenever you need me, call me. He thinks to inform Shagun and Pihu that he can’t come for few days and wishes he could meet Pihu. He calls school and teacher says Shagun took Pihu, they went out of Bangkok. He asks where, I have right to know, I m her Papa. Teacher says Shagun said she is going Adelaide with Pihu. He says Australia, fine. He ends call.

Simmi and Mihika talk of Australia. The bin falls. Mihika says I told Neelu not to keep bin here. She gets the list in bin and shows Simmi. She says it means mummy ji have thrown this in bin, maybe she did not wish us to give list to Ruhi. Simmi laughs. Simmi says I know why mumma did this, we did not ask her if she wants anything, so she has torn our list, she would add our things in her long list and would have given Ruhi, we will add more things and message Ruhi to get gifts for family. Mihika likes the idea. Adelaide is shown. Ishita lands in Adelaide and talks to the agent guy. She says this is not my bag. The man asks her to check once, maybe flight landed from Bangkok, luggage got exchanged. She asks about lost and found department, she needs her bag.

Raman asks what do you mean my bag got misplaced, I need my bag, where is baggage claim. The lady apologizes and asks him to come. They don’t see each other.

Adi calls Ruhi and asks did you land in Singapore. She says yes, I have flight for Adelaide in 3 hours. Adi tells this to Mrs. Bhalla. Simmi says tell her to call us after boarding. Ruhi hears them and smiles. She says tell them not to worry, I m fine. Adi asks them to go and do their work. Adi asks Ruhi to find the leads, I informed Papa, he would be reaching Adelaide, he is going to give divorce to Ishi maa, you have to convince Papa and make them meet. She says yes, manage home, else everyone will get in tension. Mrs. Bhalla hears Adi. Adi says no one has clue that you went Australia to find Ishimaa, sorry to send you alone. She says I m fine, don’t worry. He ends call.

Aaliya comes and asks are you shocked Adi, you have no excitement meeting me. She hugs Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi, and taunts Adi for forgetting to pick her up from airport. They support Aaliya. Simmi says I think Adi should be punished.

Mrs. Bhalla says its not Adi’s mistake, he went on his father and laughs. She reminds how Raman left Ishita in valentines party. Simmi asks Aaliya to come to her room. Aaliya says no, I will stay in Iyer house, where is Ishita. Ishita gets her bag and thanks the man. He asks her to come, her car is waiting. He gives her Australian sim card. She thanks him for the good services. Raman comes out with his bag. She feels strange and thinks why do I feel Raman is here. She gets down the car to see. He gets in the car and she misses to see him. He leaves.

Ishita is on the way and likes the city of Adelaide. She calls Vidyut. She gets his number off. She checks itinerary and gets note from Vidyut. She laughs and says is this treasure hunt. She reads and asks driver to take her to Mall. She thinks this was first stair to reach Vidyut, I m impressed. Raman calls Shagun and says her phone is off. He thinks she changed her number, I know she would go to mall. He asks driver to take him to mall.

Simmi is worried and asks Shravan to help her in moving the car. She talks to Mihir and says I will take time to reach office, I have to drop Ananya. Ananya gets Vandu’s message and keys. Simmi goes to Vandu and asks her to move Bala’s car. Simmi says I have presentation things in my car, how will I take your car. Vandu says I can’t come in gown. Simmi asks her to come. Vandu and Simmi argue over car parking. Vandu defends Bala.

Their argument get serious. Vandu says you have no husband, you won’t understand how a wife feels seeing a hardworking husband. Simmi gets sad. Ishita reaches mall and calls Vidyut. He says come on, you reached the mall. She asks where are you, are you seeing me. He says you came here for first time, you should get ready and meet me, this is your next clue, figure it out if you want to meet me. She goes to change her clothes. A lady gives her dress and shows her the trial room. Ishita thanks her and gets note from Vidyut. Vidyut writes I hope you like this dress, get ready well and come. She think to do treasure hunt to meet Vidyut. Raman comes to same store and says I know Shagun would have come here for shopping. He asks a lady about an Indian lady, typically dressed. She says ya, I have sent her there. Ishita is in trial room. Raman waits. He asks the lady what girl is she talking about. Ishita hears him.

Ishita and Raman are too close and miss to reach other other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hit n miss again started.fed up with these nonsenses.pls end this drama.u guyz spoiled such a beautiful drama from the ghost n surrogate track.pls end this drama asap.ektaaaaaa r u listening ….don’t adjust the drama for greeding of money…

    1. very true akira

    2. 100% rite

  2. Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Siddhi, Bhagya, Magic, supergirl, Marin, Jaz, Az, Kiran, Monique, Khushi and many more YHM fans.

    They are repeating the same scenes that happened right after the 7 year leap. How Ishra keep missing one another and now again they keep missing one another. Can’t the cvs come up with some original?

    Ishita aka DT looks very beautiful in her saree. Raman aka KP looks cool in his white attire. I think he will look more cool if he has all buttoned up and will look smart. I don’t know why the cvs want him to unbutton his shirt. He looks sloppy. Anyway, now we all know that it is only an act by Raman and Ishita to gain Pihu back. They should more scenes of Pihu seeing the reality of Shagun and beginning to hate Shagun instead of showing us this hide and seek of Ishra because the cvs are not going to let them meet very easily.

  3. hi guys I’m a silent reader of this show. love u all guys. I also want to join it. May I?

    1. Amalina

      of course, welcome!

  4. Hi all yhm fans . dragging. But Australia is real smart I think this week the scenes there will be nice.

  5. It’s so true and I am sure I can guess vidhyt and is ishita are not dating and it will turn out on raman behalf vidhyt is sending message. And all will be as usual come out fine. They just don’t have any new story . It’s like repeat telecaste of same plot.

  6. Good episode. Who is vidhyut?

    1. Vidyut is the person who has come to Ishitha’s life after this 1 year leap

  7. I think hit and miss drama should be there….as per story line they come to Australia for meeting each other and spend some time…..if they met in airport what we have to watch it’s only their reunion nothing more than that….still ishita’s character so much confusing….actually i guess this separation and leap introduce to change pihu’s heart…and most importantly give a proper reunion for ishra….after 1st leap it should have to happen but not…for ruhi’s sake they come together…adi’s sake remarriage….pihu’s sake separation…they still only did parents duties for their children…at that time cvs not conserate their love….always same dialogs between ishra….but this leap is totally different…now cvs r conserate bond between ishra and their love….for add some suspense they r confusing us with ishita’s character…..when ishita said that I have a life and I have a right to enjoy myself….that time i was confused…but now I get the reason for this leap….yes it’s for pihu’s sake….but makers main target is rebuild ishra chemistry and show us true love between them….guys what you all think if reunion happens today…r you all can get happy….as a ishra fan I want lot more than that. …today I totally liked the scene ishita get a feeling about Raman’s presence….if reunion happen suddenly in airport i didn’t get that scene….I started to watch yhm because of ishras unique love story….and I continue to watch yhm only for them…with out them no yhm for me…for God sake after 8 month the story focus to lead….now I want to see their struggles to meet each others….they have to get tired…after so much struggles then ishra reunion…..if we bear so much unnecessary tracks…why you all want quick reunion…after age the story focus about to main leads….I know I’m different you all….if you all do not want to agree with me it’s OK…but don’t get angry with me for this long comment…think I’m a some mentally ill person…thank you….

    1. Ishan i agree with you its ok if they (writer’s) dragging the separation but what about pihu’s matter they should make realize pihu as soon as possible that ishita is her mom and pihu also should struggle to meet her mom with his father and in the last you are right very long comment bhai

      1. Magic For Pihu only Ishra decided this seperation … Where is Shivani Mino … Missing your comments

    2. You are totally right .. I agree without Ishra no yhm … but dont you feel cvs are not coming with something new ? quite dragging with repetitions … and we all know this is Ishras plan and Ishithas this love to vidhyut showing is making us fools .. of course their family can be fooled … there is no other choice to win Pihu … but now I too feel the story is going to the way fans want … and trp will go up … all other twists cvs was only to give Shaghun centre of attraction and space more than the leads … Divan look gorgeous ..

      1. Ishan the above was a reply for you … Sorry I did not mention ur name

  8. I don’t like what is happening. I don’t want Ishra to be together anymore. Ishita should move on and end up with Vidyut. Raman is just so annoying!

  9. magic I don’t like this separation keep dragging lot more time….this separation only for few days….and coming to pihu now she don’t have any problem…she has his father’s love and support….after ishra reunion pihu also going to come back with ishra….I think ishita and pihu bonding should build up slowly….in my point of view Raman only need to do pihu bring close to ishita…now he is doing that…but I don’t like pihu suddenly accept ishita as her mother….ishita pihu should spend lot more time with each other…then pihu can understand ishita’s true love and slowly they can build mother daughter relation….as a parent ishra now doing all duties for them…now this is the right time for ishra should think about their relationship…if you see segments pihu will coming to Balha house…but some time need to pihu to accept ishita as her mother…

  10. Guys chill everything is gonna be ok.all problems will get solved soon.iam waiting for that episode

  11. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  12. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman and Ishita return to Bhalla house along with Pihu.

    Santoshi welcome Raman and Ishita with her tight slap for holding truth but soon everything get normal when Raman reveals to do separation drama getting Pihu back.

    Raman also shouts at Santoshi seeing her taunting Ishita which hurt Santoshi as her son go against for his wife Ishita.

    Raman consoles Santoshi by telling that he can never hurt her as he just pretend of scolding her as Ishita did a lot help getting Pihu.

    Raman tells Santoshi that he can send Ishita back to Iyyer house while Ishita gets angry on Raman hearing his conversation.

    Ishita blames Raman for pretending of loving her while he complains about her in front of Santshi.Soon, Ishita and Santoshi start laughing seeing Raman’s condition and then Raman realize as it was both Santoshi and Ishita’s prank with him.

    Apart from this, Ishita is very happy when her own daughter Pihu asks her to apply oil in her hairs as Isita wans to do all responsibility for Pihu and now she gets it finally.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.


    1. But what about vidhyut and him texting ishita. It makes no sense.

    2. After many year’s and struggles and leap (according to the story) pihu with ishita good one coming up positive update now i think everything will be good in yhm

  13. I agree with Isran.
    I like very much these episodes after one year leaping.There were some episodes we not like.But this teledrama is very attractive. Rally I watch this teledrama because of Ishitha,Diviyanka Tripathi. she is very emotional character in this and she acts as a matuared mam although she is young and she is an image of the mothers’s love.
    Theme of this drama is superb But sometimes there were some unnecessary characters.
    Really begining of this very attactive and again and again I watch previous, please add lovely moment with Ihitha,raman,Ruhi pihu and adi.Don’t stop this yhm .Please continue this is the only tellydrama that I like very much and don’t miss to watch.

  14. you r right VP….what ever happens shagun’s character get so much importance in yhm till end…shagun is the center of ishra love life….the same separation track is now happening but this time little bit different….actually VP I felt it is good with out introducing new track…bz both of fan till today watch yhm only for divan…after 1st leap ishra lost their charm…the chemistry between them totally lost…that all happened bz they come together for their children’s sake…and their fights….ishra separation their plan or not but they lives seperately with out each other 1 year….this one year separation gives the feel that 1st past 7 years separation for them…..this one year they did their duties for children and family…but they r apart….the love between them increase day by day….now they want come together for themselves….with out together they now very well know no happiness in their life….their eagerness to come together…the past 1 year separation pain…then their proper reunion…their emotional talks and they can now discuss about their 1st separation….I think this all things can bring back lost ishra chemistry back….I think that is why this one year separation they introduced….I think now they should bring vidyuth character real intentions for audience….

  15. What is this yaar,always fighting for custody and all plz stop this nonsense.and after a engagement Adi aur aliya ka tho sab be bul gaya ,not fair yaar don’t make it poor and qhr is Mani he is my favorite,make some change yaar jaldhise aadi aur aliya ki shaadhi ke sequence lav tab tho sab log em saath aayeghi.aur he simmi go thovkudh ki beti KO nahi sambaalpa rahi h,vo pihu KO lene ki baath kar rahi h.

  16. hello where is today’s update.??

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