Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone crying for Ruhi. Adi sees them and cries. Ishita asks Raman to take her, and they leave to meet Ruhi. He asks is she sure, as Shagun will create a scene. She says let her, I have to meet my daughter. Ruhi cries in the room. Shagun brings her fav chocolate milkshake and Ruhi throws it denying it. She says she has to go home. Shagun says you are my angel. Ruhi says no, I m Ishi Maa’s angel. Shagun says even I m your mum, stay with me for few days. Ruhi says no, you fight with everyone. Raman and Ishita come to meet Ruhi. Shagun asks what are they doing here. Ishita hugs Ruhi. Ruhi says I don’t want to stay here.

Shagun asks whats going on. Raman says we came to meet Ruhi to see are you taking care of her or not. Shagun says its just few hours and you came to see. She calls the security and they take Raman out. Raman says she is my daughter, leave me. Ishita gets hurt and Raman tries to free himself from the guards. Ruhi beats the guard and he pushes her down. Ishita pushes the man and asks Ruhi is she hurt. Shagun tells the manager that they came to take her daughter, she will call police. Ishita says she is not your property or any designer dress, she is my daughter, this won’t be done, I m sorry to say you can’t become a mother, having two kids, you just know drama and I know let my daughter learn this.

She tells Ruhi to trust her, she will come to take her soon. She kisses Ruhi and Shagun pulls her. Ruhi scolds her saying she is small and she is pulling her. Ishita says I will take Ruhi in 2 days/48hours, this is my promise to my daughter. Ruhi cries. Shagun says out. Raman and Ishita leave. Amma cries and Vandu pacifies her. Shravan looks on. Amma says Raman wanted to bring Adi home and Shagun cheated and took Ruhi. Shravan says so Ruhi went forever and gets sad.

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Adi comes out of the flat and meets Shravan. Shravan acts rude to him. Adi says he has no one to play, not even Ruhi, can he come along to play with him. Shravan says I don’t want to play, you are like your mum, everyone is crying because of you and your mum, Ruhi also went, everyone was happy when you were not here, go from here. Adi cries. Shravan leaves. Adi says it means this is happening because of me, no one loves me, no one cares for me.

Mrs. Bhalla pacifies Adi. Adi says if I refused to come here, mum would have not taken Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says you are my one eye and Ruhi other, I can’t live without you both. She hugs him. Adi says if I go back, Ruhi will come back. Mrs. Bhalla asks him not to think this, and ask your grandpa about my state when you went. Mr. Bhalla says yes, don’t say you will leave her, else she will get unwell. He asks Adi to get ready and Romi will drop him for playing football. Adi goes.

Suraj talks to Ashok about Raman’s update. Ashok says leave it, even if he does not come 10 days, I won’t bother. He says Shagun took Ruhi’s custody doing something, Raman and his family are upset. Suraj asks how did she do this. Ashok says about her lawyer Vohra, he can do anything for money. Mihika hears this and gets diary to look for that lawyer’s number. She calls him.

Ishita asks Raman shall I do first aid. He says no, its small wound. Ruhi calls them and asks about Raman. He says he is fine. Ruhi says I miss you and Papa. Shagun takes the call and scolds Ishita. Ishita says Ruhi called me, I did not call her, I can call her anytime, you can’t stop me, court gave you her custody, not her feelings and emotions’s custody. Adi takes the call and hears Ruhi saying Shagun is very bad. Adi asks Shagun to talk and says I miss you. She says Ruhi is troubling me, shall I talk to you or see her. Adi gets sad. He hears Simmi and Mr. Bhalla talking about what happened today. Simmi says its our mistake, we should have not told Raman to bring Adi, if we told in custody exchange, that we don’t want Adi, this would have not happened, Adi is habitual to stay with Shagun, he knows her good and bad side, but Ruhi did not stay with her, how will she handle her. Simmi cries and says Shagun will get both of them one day. Adi cries. Simmi says see everyone, its like they are mourning, we can’t risk everyone for one Adi. He asks her to give medicines to her mum.

Adi comes in his room and cries recalling Shravan, Simmi’s words. Adi says no one loves me, not mum, not Papa, why did I come here, why did I come in this world, I m the biggest problem.

Vandu comes to Ishita and asks her how is she. Ishita holds her hand and apologizes, and says you and Mihika came to meet me, I was so rude. Vandu says fine, someone came to meet you. Ishita asks who. Vandu says just promise me you will talk. Ishita says fine, and Mihika walks in. Mihika cries and apologizes to Ishita sitting down. She says I know I should have not come like this, but you went without saying me, I was worried. She says Ashok and Suraj were talking that Shagun took away Ruhi, I m sorry. I was stressed thinking about your worries and Ruhi. I should have not come, but I could not stop myself. Ishita asks why is she saying sorry, she was annoyed before but she helped her and Ruhi a lot, she has hidden them in her house, now she is not annoyed. She says you will always be my younger sister, whatever happens.

Mihika hugs her and Vandu says everything will be fine as three sisters met. Ishita says she has given 2 days time, she can’t see Ruhi like that and has to bring her back at any cost. Vandu says what will we do. Mihika says I have an idea, and tells about lawyer Vohra, and they will scare him that he can go to jail for cheating Raman. Ishita says this won’t be easy, how will we do this. Mihika says you know no one can be saved when we all three are together. Vandu says Shagun we Iyer sisters will fail you, and they join hands.

Ishita argues with Vohra about cheating in clauses and he gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  4. Gear up for an interesting track in the
    upcoming episodes of Star Plus’
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    As per the current track, Ishita
    confronts Shagun for deceiving the
    Bhallas to get Ruhi’s custody. She
    promises Ruhi that she will get her
    back. Santosh tries to calm Aditya.
    Later, Ishita apologises to Vandu for
    her rude behaviour. Mihika suggests
    that Ishita should meet Shagun’s
    lawyer to get Ruhi’s custody.
    Now in it’s upcoming episodes
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    Raman & Ishita. Raman will tell his
    reasons for doing this but Ishita finally
    will decide to go and get Ruhi back…
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    custody only.
    Due to stress Ishita has high fever, so
    Raman will go to get Ruhi. Ruhi will
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    her and would never want to see her
    again. Ishita will see how badly she
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    house where she is angry with the
    whole family and will tell them that
    she has come here for the last time
    and as a guest only. Ishita will go to
    Ruhi’s school but is hurt on seeing
    Ruhi’s bonding with Shagun. There at
    school Ruhi will ignore Ishita. Raman
    will think he has to do something for

  5. Adi is coming closer to Ishita while
    she shoulders all the responsibilities
    even when Ruhi is not with her, and
    also with a fractured leg. After
    learning about Adi’s fight at school,
    she goes there with Romi and Bala to
    receive him and also to know on why
    the fight took place. She comes to
    know the reason behind Adi’s fight,
    and it paves the way in getting her an
    idea on how to get back Ruhi from
    Shagun’s custody. She offers gratitude
    to Adi as she got an idea and some
    direction because of him. With full
    heart, she gives him sweets but with a
    small punishment of giving one less
    Gulab Jamun. Adi and Ishita’s bonding
    prospers while she steers ahead to
    apply her idea in practice to win back
    Ruhi at the earliest.

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