Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman being asked to come for questioning. Raman asks what questioning. The guard takes him and Raman asks whats this matter, do you think I m terrorist, whats wrong. The official says we got some news and we are reacting, do a polygraph test. Raman says I m respectable citizen, I m Raman Bhalla, CEO, let me talk to my lawyer. They ask him to cooperate. Raman asks are they mad. They ask him to relax, any statement by him can go against him, and asks them to give a lie detector test. Raman says I won’t leave you. They say we will give you a serum and this machine will monitor your response, if you argue, you will miss the flight. Raman says fine, do it fast. Mrs. Bhalla argues with a guard. Raman is asked some questions. The machine checks his answers by heart pulse. Raman answers everything right.

Ishita looks on as its her plan to make him admit. The man asks Ishita what does she want not. Ishita says ask him does he love his wife. They ask Raman does he love his family. Raman says yes. They ask do you love your daughter. Raman says yes. He asks do you love your wife? Raman is stunned and says no, I don’t love her. Ishita looks on and cries. The guy says is answer is wrong. Raman says I m not lying, will this machine say I love my wife or not, I said I don’t love her. Ishita comes inside the cabin and says Raman Bhalla….

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He asks what are you doing here. She says they are asking stupid questions? Do you not love your wife? He says no. She asks again. He shouts I don’t. She gets angry on him. He says you did all this, why. She says everyone is not coward like you and don’t run from responsibilities, I came to clear your misunderstanding, and asks again does he not love his wife. He says no, so I was leaving. She says see in my eyes and say. He says no. She says so you have sent these papers to me. He says Pathak gave you, he is mad. She stops his collar and beats him. He asks is she mad. Raman asks the officials to stop her. She beats him. Raman looks around and says they all are seeing. She says I want them to see us, no one should get husband like this.

The official talk about Raman and say, Raman was saying I m Raman Kumar, and see he is getting beaten by his wife. Raman runs and Ishita walks after him. Raman brings people in between. Ishita scolds him and beats him. Raman runs away and she runs after him. She beats him more. Mrs. Bhalla prays for Raman’s comeback. The people join hand and encircle Raman. Ishita thanks them and says you have served India and you have stopped greatest problem of india, husband…. He is a loser, how did you send divorce paper to me, you have troubled me always, I have bear everything.

Raman asks her to be quiet. She says we came close because of Ruhi, and reminds him. The FB shows their marriage and few sweet moments. He says listen to me… She says just shut up and holds his collar. She says I changed because of you. He asks why. She says you wanted a mum for Ruhi, and I wanted my daughter Ruhi, I did not know can I smile, after you came in my life, I found a fighter Ishita in me, I met a new Ishita, you don’t care about anyone, you just want to leave everyone, why, whom are you punishing, will you take my life’s decision. He holds her and says quiet.. She says I won’t be quiet, you are nobody to take my decisions, you would have married a silent type, I m not that type, I will not say yes to your yes, we will take decisions together, are you idiot to set me with Mani, did you ask me do I love Mani, I ….

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He says continue, everyone is listening, finish your speech. Raman smiles. She says I don’t want to say. He says I m not going anywhere, I can’t go anywhere, but one this in confirmed, you are a Mad Madrasan. She says she is wife of Mad Punjabi. He says both mad. She says good combo. They hug and smile. Everyone clap for them. Hasne laga sehra……………. Plays……….. Raman holds her hand and takes her. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays…………….. Raman and Ishita are on the way. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla that old cold, lets have coffee. Mrs. Bhalla asks driver to take them home fast. Raman says half dry cleaning over and rest at home. Ishita smiles seeing him.

They bring Raman home. Everyone laugh and give him roses saying get well soon. Raman asks what happened to me. Ishita laughs. Raman tells Mihir he will slap him, just say what happened. Neelu also gives a rose. Raman asks whats happening. Mrs. Bhalla says your body is fine, but your mind got insect and we are saying get well soon to get it out. Mani comes with bouquet and says you need get well soon. Raman asks him to explain. Mani says you are my friend, and was going asking me to take care of Ishu, you did not think about me, you were tying your problem to my neck. Ishita scolds him. Mani says she became dangerous, you both are made for each other. Mani joins their hands. Raman promises he won’t go ever and says sorry.

Ruhi comes and asks who will say me sorry. Raman holds ears and says sorry. Ruhi says I will count, you do situps. Ranan does situps. Mrs. Bhalla says I could not do this, and his daughter did it. They all laugh. Raman says I m sorry and lifts Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says we are not anything without you and you are nothing without us. Mani tells Ishita did she tell him. She nods no. He asks for what are you waiting. She says he will say first, I will wait for lifetime till he says. Mani smiles.

Its morning, Ishita wakes up and sees Raman. She smiles and says he is so stubborn, he did so much issue but did not say it once, I m not stubborn, till you don’t say, I will also not say it, I will wait. She stares at him, and says few people look very good while sleeping, more handsome when they don’t fight She caresses his hair and says its her challenge. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays…………..

Raman and Ishita’s sweet nok jhok starts to hear I love you from each other. She says I won’t say. He says I will make you say. She acts and runs away. He asks what happened. She says you have to learn many things from me, and orders him to put clothes back to cupboard, else he knows she is very dangerous. He smiles sweetly looking like a teenager in love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. arey yeh ishita toh har baar shagun ko apne hi bedroom me le aati hai .Ishita ne khud hi apne foot par kuladhi par li

  2. …p…main dekhi. ….location pics…….

    1. Kya pucha meine??

      1. yahi k. .ishra. .girl. ho..ya..boy

  3. ashok,shagun & mihika,mihir ye drama kab end hoga? when will ishita & raman say i love u to eachother?when will they go honeymoon?

  4. Soon……


    1. Matlab???

  6. Maine promo dekha inn dono ki gadi hamesha I par aakar kyo ruk jati hai….& Shagun ko apne ghar lane ki jya jarurat thi Mihir ke ghar nwhi chhod sakte the….chli jab pehle Ishita use nashe mai ghar llai thi tab uska aur koi thikana nahi tha par ab to wqb ko patw hai ki Mihir uska bhai hai to use wahi chhod aao…..& by the way yeh Shagun IshRa ko road par mili to kya dono kahi ghumne gaye the??

  7. Yes. .P. ..I. .know. …..shagun. .kab. .tak. .apshagun. .pahlai gi. ………pata nahin. .is…ka. .shagun. ..kyun. .rakhe. …..

  8. Wo to humne pehle hi kaha tha Ye Shagun ke drame mai aur kya dikhayenge……..par tumhe kaise pata P tum reply kar dena mai shaam ko padhungi abhi meri exam hai…detail mai batana….

  9. prayosha. .may. .be…..dono. ….dinner. .k. .liye. .gai. .hoon

  10. @ ishra… tumhare name se pata nhi chal raha tha… ab tumhara comment read kar ke samaj gaya tht u r a girl…right??

    1. akira. ..Now . . tell me ur.a girl or boy

  11. arey tum logo ne promo kaha dehke liya hai maine toh ab tak nahi dehka hai and maine usse din SBS bhi nahi dehka tha

  12. A big fan of ishra
    Yesterday’s episode was fantastic
    Waiting for today’s episode
    Love you ishra…………

  13. p……star plus. .pe. .bataya. ..
    tum. .7:15 ko star plus dekho. …maine bhi. .jabhi dekha. …

  14. Thankyou ishra me aaj 7:15 par star plus jarur dehkugi

  15. Ishra tumhe burra laga kya?
    mujhe tumhare name se pata nhi chal raha tha isliye meine pucha
    mere name se tumhe pata nhi chal raha h kya me ladki hu ya ladka??

    1. akira…..tumhare naam se puraa clear cut hai……
      tum ek ladko…….hoooo
      kon kehta hai…..jooo tum se keh raha use puchoo….tum naam ishra original hai……….jokes of…..part……but….fact

      1. Worng comments no…read…..

  16. vijeta tripathi

    my favorite serial

  17. Akira tumhara naam se clear cut hai Ki…..
    tum ek ladki….hoooo…..
    kon kehta hai….tum ladki….na hooo….
    zara unse puchoo tumhara original mai ishra…hai…
    jokes of….but….this fact

  18. vijeta tripathi

    yhm best serial

  19. anandraaz. .ab. .tumhe kya problem. .hai. .

  20. ishita your acting too much in airport

  21. Sorry ishra…

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