Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman meeting Sarika. She gives him water. He thanks her and says I don’t know how to talk, but what Romi did, sorry. Ishita worries at home and is confident that Raman won’t let injustice happen with Sarika, as he knows Sarika can’t handle the baby alone. I hope mummy ji does not affect him. Raman says I told you not to meet Romi and made you change job, you did not listen to me, I was saving your life, you tell me how to help you now, Romi is my younger brother, but I m with you, Ishita and I will fully support you, but to be honest, you have to admit you did mistake by coming in Romi’s words. She cries. He says can’t you figure out whats right and wrong, how can girls believe anyone so soon, Ishita and I want Romi to marry you, even if I force him to marry you, the marriage can’t be kept, one sided love can’t keep marriage, he can leave you even after marriage.

He says I m ashamed to say that my brother does not value a girl, he can’t manage a mature relationship, do you want to give your life in his hands. She says why are you saying this to me. He says you know my mum, she will never accept you as bahu, she did not like you to meet him, I promise, I commit if Romi loves you, I will convince mummy, but if I force him, how long will you fight with everyone. He says I don’t want any injustice to happen with you, I will support you in your decision. He says you think you have to keep the baby or not, I promise I won’t let you suffer financially, I know you hare me and my words, but I m doing this for your good.

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Ishita says I m sure Raman will make Sarika assure that he will make Romi marry her, she is a girl, we care for her respect and give her rights. Raman gives blank cheque to Sarika and says it’s the best solution. She says you are buying me. He says I m not so low man to buy you, this is my responsibility, I m doing this to save your future. If you marry him, you will curse me for lifetime, your love could not change him, how can I change him. She says you got free so easily, even Romi gave me money by insulting me, you are also doing the same, the difference is he insulted me and you are giving money showing love.

She says I don’t want your money, go from here. She says I should have known you people can’t do justice, and one more thing, you are worse than Romi, to wear a goody cap and say all this. He says I understand your anger, think peacefully and you will understand. He leaves. She says Romi, why did you ruin my life and broke my trust. I will take its revenge, you will be punished. She wipes her tears and calls Ashok. He smiles and takes her call. She says I m ready, I have to fight case against Romi. He says very good Sarika, I will get justice for you. He ends the call and says now no one can save you and your brother …Raman Bhalla.

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Raman gets a letter and reads it. He says Sarika did case against Romi, it means she did not listen to me and filed s*xual harassment case. He calls out Romi and asks mum to call him. Romi comes out of his room. Raman says take it, read. Romi reads it. Raman explaisn that Sarika filed s*xual harassment case against him, go and manage her like other GFs. Romi says Bhai……… Raman says why, you feel when I shout, I m too much, I won’t do anything now, you deal with your problem. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to help his younger brother. Raman says yes, he will get free so easily.

Ishita interrupts and Raman asks her to back off this matter. He argues with mum and says I would have sent him to jail when he made Mihiak’s MMS, he framed Bala too, I did not punish him but now its too much, its between him and Sarika. Ishita asks will he let three lives ruin. Mrs. Bhalla talks ill about Romi and says Sarika is blaming Romi for someone’s child. Ishita defends her. Raman says stop this saas bahu drama and asks mum to stop it and not say this against any woman. He says he won’t help Romi. She says she will get best lawyer for Romi, I m his mum, he is my son, I m not weak. He says fine, I fold hands, leave him alone once, he will get senses, if every mum is like you, every son will be like Romi. He leaves angrily.

Ishita says whats Sarika’s problem, can’t she tell me, she will lose job too, and Raman is not telling what he spoke to her, mummy ji and Romi won’t handle this matter, I have to do something. Raman comes out and says it will be big issue after all this, why did Romi do this, even if I shout, I have to manage this, what to do. He calls Pathak and asks him to meet his mum and take Romi’s case, she is finding lawyer for Romi’s case, she won’t call you, you take this case and tell her you are doing this without telling me, make sure you handle this well. Ishita comes and looks at him. Raman leaves.

Mihika comes to Ashok’s cabin and he smiles seeing her. He talks on phone and looks at her, as she looks beautiful. She acts good to her. He says sweetheart, its not over, game has just started, Raman and I will compete. He asks her to travel with him, and offers project deal. He says if not you, someone else. She says you did not understand me, I m not one girl who will leave job when you tease me, my career is important, I can handle this project, I m a thorough professional, I m going to get married, I would like the new project, it will be challenge for me. He says this is what I like about you, you will have to be at office late nights. She says my cabin door will be locked.

He says smart girl. He says it’s a deal. She shakes hand. He says we are partners from today. Mihika thinks Ashok can’t control himself and will do any mistake, I will get a chance to catch you and expose you to Shagun. He thinks one day this had to happen, welcome, it will be fun now. She leaves. He says one side is Mihika, and other side Sarika.

Ishita meets Sarika. Sarika says I won’t take my case back. Ishita says think about your child, what will happen if you take revenge. Sarika says I can’t believe you all are same, your husband came yesterday to buy me, saying keep baby or not, keep money, what did you bring today, money or poison. Ishita says nothing, I want to explain you. She says I know your games, you are saying Romi bad and saving me, you did not see my pain. Ishita says we are not trying to buy you, I know Raman’s approach was wrong, his intentions was not wrong, he wants good for you, I m saying you love Romi and should marry him, but think about media it big issue and your mum, trust me. Sarika says she will take revenge and punish Romi for ruining her life.

Ishita comes home and meets few ladies in compound. She asks Pammi not to be annoyed. Pammi says no, I came to know it was not your mistake and tells about Karwachauth fast tomorrow. She says I will have diamond ring, not less. Ishita sees Mrs. Bhalla talking on phone to Neel about Romi. She thinks to make her mood happy and maybe she will agree to Romi and Sarika’s marriage.

Raman says Ishita wil not keep fast as she got ill, doctor said she can’t keep fast. He asks Ishita not to keep fast and don’t act clever, he is going office and will leave Ruhi at home to keep an eye on her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. oh oh its boring phir bhi precap was awesome was amazing when raman scold ishu to not keep fast.per raman i am sure ishu will keep fast.and iam glad that ramam keep ruhi as guard or watch raman wow ur so cute yaar.

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  7. Omg man why epis lately being shit ee want confession love scene of ishra ; (

  8. the best abt this show is raman’s character. rest all is bull shit. I have to watch it for raman/karan even if I don like this show. He is such a nice man and the society need people like raman who respects women so much.

  9. This episode is not be good but coming episode is very interesting episode and plz provide more sence Raman Ishita then will yeh hai mohabbatein serial rating improve by the by yeh serial Raman Ishita ke dam hi tikaa hai

  10. Boring

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