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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita telling Raman that Trisha was lying. Raman asks her to spare her. They start arguing. Raman asks her to come for salsa dance practice. Jai is lost in Mrs. Iyer’s thoughts. Mrs. Bhalla talks to her. She asks does the Iyers give him money for the jewellery. Jai says Madhu is a well valued girl, she was awarded for good conduct in college. She says what did you do with her in college. He tells her everything about their past. He did not had any friends in college, but Amma became his friend. He says every guy used to drool on her. She asks then. He says it was college’s last day, I took Madhu to a new icecream parlour. He says she said she was scared of her family and did not meet him again ending his love chapter. She laughs.

He leaves for his shop. Mrs. Bhalla laughs thinking about Amma’s love story. Simmi informs Parmeet about Ishita trying to break Mihir and Trisha’s engagement. Parmeet asks her about her and baby. She says we are missing you. He says I will meet soon, take care and ends the call. Parmeet tells Ashok that Ishita is breaking Trisha’s engagement, who is Tandon’s sister. Ashok says Tandon will be angry knowing this. Ashok says Tandon is Raman’s biggest financer, Ishita do this work for us. The choreographer asks Raman and Ishita to practice. Ishita says why salsa.

Raman says they are from London, we can’t show Bharatnatyam always, can’t keep it boring. She says did you do this before. He says did you do, be quiet and start practicing. He asks will you do salsa in saree. She says yes. Raman and Ishita start dancing. He says I told you can’t do in saree. They start again. Ye khatti meethi takraar hai ya pyaar………………..plays…………………. Raman looks in her eyes as if he is getting lost in them. Amma and Appa come there and are surprised seeing them. They smile.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…………………plays………………. Raman and Ishita dance well. The choreographer claps and asks them to do again. Romi comes. Ishita identifies him as the guy with Trisha seeing his hooded jacket. Raman falls and gets hurt. He says are you dancing or breaking bones. Ishita says sorry. Romi smiles. Ishita thinks the guy with Trisha also wore same clothes. Romi goes to change. Raman gets up and says Ishita can’t do salsa, make her do bharatnatyam, I was making Madras Manhattan. He leaves. Ishita thinks no Romi can’t be with Trisha, its common jacket.

Raman talks to Appa. Appa says I felt good seeing you both dancing. Raman says she can’t dance salsa. Appa says she is salsa champion. Raman says what. Appa says she learnt salsa for four years in school and she won competition. Raman asks was she alone in competition. Appa says good joke and leaves. Raman says I was acting a hero infront of her, she is salsa expert, I have to do better and learn well, else she will dance on my head forever.

Mrs. Bhalla stops Appa and asks about Mihika’s engagement preparations. She says I made jewellery fr Trisha, can you see, maybe you like it for Mihika, come. She shows him the sets and says it came from Jai Kakkad’s shop. She says you might be knowing him, he is Mrs. Iyers friend. Appa says I don’t understand. She says you might be knowing, he is her college’s special friend. Mihir and Trisha practice dance. Mihika comes there with Vibhu hands in hands. Mihir draws Trisha closer and dances with her. Mihika is busy chatting and laughing with Vibhu, she does not see them. Trisha says Mihir you are very cute, but zero in dance. She laughs.

The choreographer asks Mihir to dance well. Mihir keeps looking at Mihika. Romi calls Trisha and she talks to him. Ishita hears her talking and says Hi Janu, I love you too baby. She says don’t get jealous, its one dance. Ishita thinks with whom is she talking. Ishita thinks Trisha has an affair, but with Romi? Ishuta comes out and hears Romi talking, you are doing engagement, I will kill him if he touches you. Ishita thinks Ayyo, this is happening in my home. She meets Raman and thinks to tell him, but he will taunt her. Raman thinks here comes Salsa champion. They smile seeing each other and leave.

Raman asks the choreographer to teach him salsa alone. He says I dance well, I was born dancing, but did not do salsa, she is champion, and I also have some respect. She says fine, don’t worry, I will give you tuition. Raman says come Madrasan, I will teach you punjabi salsa.

Ishita comes to meet Vandu. Vandu shows a saree to her which Bala gifted her. Ishita asks why is he gifting so much. Vandu says for Mihika’s engagement. Ishita says its fake. She tells her that Trisha is having an affair with Romi telling all the instances. Vandu says if this is true, its good for us. Ishita says but Raman is tying them in relations, Trisha and Mihir love someone else. Vandu says Raman is a donkey, mad and fool. Ishita says don’t say this, he is doing this for Mihir’s happiness. Vandu teases her. Ishita smiles.

Vandu says I can call my husband donkey and no one else right. She says Raman is a fool. Ishita says don’t say this, then even Bala is a fool. Bala hears them and says Ishita whats this, you called me a fool. I support you always. Ishita says Phool. He says I know the difference between Phool and fool. Ishita runs. Bala runs after her.She goes out and falls on Raman. Raman gets hurt. Bala and Vandu looks on. Raman says did you donate your eyes. She says sorry. Raman says get up and get me up now. He says my waist. She says sorry. Bala and Vandu smile.

They start arguing. Bala says look at them. Raman says get me up slowly. Ishita takes him inside. She says I will apply balm. He says leave me, don’t find reasons to touch me. She says are you John Abraham. She says its ok. I was helping as you have back ache. This happens in old age. He says I m Punjabi man, not Madrasi, do I look old to you. She says rude like oldies. He lies down on the bed. He says tell me why were you running like mad cow. She says Vandu Akka called you……….. and laughs. He asks what, she says nothing. He says all are mad. Bala comes Ishita and asks is Raman much hurt. She says he is fine, I did not call you fool. You are the smartest person, handsome too, I m so sorry, you are so responsible, you take care of everyone, and gifted Vandu, what does a lady want, you are the best hubby.

Raman hears this and gets jealous. Bala asks her to take Vandu’s saree. She says no, I have many. Bala says take as gift. She says no, I will wear old ones in engagement. She says bye. He says why bye, talk to him for more two four years, I m here.I don’t want your balm. He gets up and asks do you find Bala handsome. She says yes, he is very handsome. He says my back pain is fine, as I have seen your choice and class. He leaves. Ishita thinks he got jealous.

Raman comes ot buy jewellery for Ishita and gives her funny description. The man asks hows her neck. He says I measured once to hang her, her neck is that like a hen.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  2. raman and ishitha, their chemistry is good, they are funny couples……….

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