Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya refusing to take the bangles. Adi looks on. Ishita says she got it by love, keep it Aaliya, its shagun. Adi says whats hurry to give shagun, give it later. Mrs. Bhalla says its already late, we gave you freedom, I will talk to Mani and fix marriage date, then we will get Aaliya home as bahu. Ishita says its perfect. They go to see puja arrangements. Adi and Aaliya see each other. Bolna mahi bolna…..plays………

Everyone walk around Lohri fire and do rituals. Aaliya compliments Ruhi and teases her. Ruhi and Aaliya wish each other happy Lohri and hug. Ruhi asks did he not come till now. Aaliya says he will come. Ruhi says he is not answering. Aaliya says he must be driving. Ruhi asks what did Ali say seeing you in punjabi avatar. Amma asks Aaliya to come and do puja, its first Lohri after engagement. Amma gets Adi and asks them to do puja together. Adi and Aaliya do puja.

Ananya sees Simmi and Parmeet and asks them to do puja. Simmi refuses. Parmeet says come for Ananya’s sake. Raman gets angry. Ishita asks Raman to come for puja. Gaurav comes there and looks for Simmi. He says I think I came on wrong time, function is going on, I will atleast say hi to Simmi. He sees Simmi and smiles.

Ishita prays for children and wishes they stay away from every problem. She talks to Mrs. Bhalla and goes to storeroom to get Lohri items. Shagun says Mani, we will also do puja, what will everyone think, come on. Ishita sees a car parked and thinks to tell the person abut guest parking. She sees someone removing the beard and hides. She says why did he come in disguise. She gets shocked seeing Suhail. She says why did Suhail come in disguise, maybe he is planning something. Pihu falls down and gets hurt. She recalls the murder incident and screams. She says no, don’t beat me. Raman and Mihika hold her. Mihika rushes to get aid. Raman says nothing will happen, Papa is with you. Suhail comes there. Pihu does not see him.

Ishita says I will tell Raman about this. Mihika says I was finding you, Pihu fell and got hurt, she panicked seeing blood. Ishita rushes. Ruhi waits for Suhail. She says maybe I should be with Pihu. Mr. Bhalla says no, Raman is with her, you give prasad to everyone, ask them to come for dinner. Suhail comes. Ruhi smiles. He greets Mr. Bhalla. He wishes happy lohri to Ruhi.

Raman says I will get first aid box. Pihu says no, don’t go. Ishita and Mihika come. Ishita hugs Pihu and says its small wound. Ishita does the aid. Kaise ye bataun mai……plays………… Ishita consoles Pihu. Pihu asks Raman and Ishita not to go. Raman says fine, we are here. Mihika says you two be here, I will make Pihu’s fav hot chocolate. She goes. Raman and Ishita worry.

Adi asks Aaliya why did you get me here. Aaliya says I need to say something imp. He says I know whats bothering you, you are not happy about bangle, you don’t want to wear this. She says no. He says enough, there is much tension, let Pihu recover, we will tell them about our breakup, I will tell Papa and Ishi Maa. She says when did I say this. He says I can understand seeing you uncomfortable with bangles, continue drama for some days. He goes. She says what nonsense, he is assuming things, I came to say something else, does he want to breakup purposely, even I don’t want to be with him. She turns and sees Shagun.

Shagun says we are going home, are you coming. Aaliya says yes. She hopes Shagun did not hear her and Adi, and thinks to tell Ishita and Mani later. Its morning, Mani says Aaliya its high time, you and Adi should think about marriage, fix a date, did I say anything wrong. Shagun says yes, whats the hurry, she knows when to take decision, she will marry when she is ready. He asks Shagun not to interfere, Aaliya is my daughter. He goes. Shagun asks Aaliya do you want to tell something. Aaliya says no. Shagun says I did not tell Mani about your breakup, he will be hurt, I can’t let this happen. Aaliya says so you know everything. Shagun says I heard your conversation, tell Mani when you are ready. Aaliya thanks her for understanding. Shagun says if you want to thank me, help me in lessening distance with Mani, I need Mani, what’s the problem, if you don’t help me, I will tell him about your breakup. She goes.

Ishita wakes up and sees Raman and Pihu sleeping. She recalls Suhail and thinks to tell Raman. She wakes up Raman. Raman gets a call and says what, I m just coming. He tells Ishita about worker getting hurt in factory and rushes. She asks him to take Romi along. She thinks I could not tell Raman about Suhail, I will tell him when he returns.

Abhishek tells Raman that Vikram is cab owner, our constable has seen someone with tattoo, get Ishita here. Raman says Ishita is not at home, I will come. He asks Mihika to take care of Pihu. Ruhi says thank God, doubt on Suhail will end forever, they will catch real culprit now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi..isuri,ahs,shivani,tvfan1,vp,
    Super girl,saba & all..
    Ruhi u r an idiot…

  2. I think shagun is a very unlucky woman.
    Bcoz first she got ramans true love &
    A loving family with children.but
    She trapped by ashoks fake love & she
    Lost every thing even her children.
    After that she met manoj but accidentely
    She lost him too. And she got very nice & loving 7 yrs with her children & a loving family.

  3. But after ishita & ruhis returning she
    Lost that chance also.
    Now she get a wonderfull chance to
    Restart her life with a very nice, kind
    & understanderble man as mani but
    She doesn’t want to go trough it….

  4. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    shagun u never changed .how can you use your own children for your happiness

    1. And just a few episodes ago she was saying that she loves her children so much and would do anything for their happiness. Lol.

  5. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    just stop this track

  6. So this is how Shagun will blackmail Adi and Aliya for her own advantage in staying with Mani. She actually lost her own chance of having Mani. She was the one who was feeling bored of Mani and now when she knows she is losing him she really wants him.

    Poor Pihu girl!!! She is in such a trauma… But Ruhanika acts so well and realistically. Wonderful acting of Pihu and I am glad there was no body double.

    It is unlike of Ruhi not to be at Pihu’s side. In the past Ruhi would have just run to Pihu even if elders stop her but this time she was more interested waiting for Suhail than anything.

    Hi rithu, VP, Mino, Shivani, magic, Marin, Madhu, Bhagya, Priya, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Siddhi, Khushi, Jaz, Kiran, Parichary, Riya, Ahs, Monique, Susan, Jay , Zaiba, Isuri, mp and many more YHM fans…..

    1. Shagun Shagun. What to say about her. She always wants what she cannot have. Finally they are using Ruhanika’s excellent acting skills. Was getting very bored with her acting but Ruhanika is back! Ruhi has gone mad. Only knows one dialogue these days Sohail sohail Sohail. Just wondering what and who and where she would fit in YHM if it was not for this current Sohail track.

  7. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi mp i totally agree with you

  8. nyc episode but i know all problem get shortout☺☺☺? i hope adi and Aliya get marriage

  9. Hi All. What is happening in this serial. OMG the Cv’s have totally ruined this once beautiful
    So disappointed as I read that YHM has fallen completely off the TRP top 10
    Also why are they using body doubles for the hugging scenes between DT and KP. Come on Vivek Dhayia get with the times ..DT ‘s talent going down the tubes since her marriage. Other married people are acting as husbands and wives and there is so much more chemistry example Pardes mere dil and Ishqbaaz.

    Come on DT you are a wonderful and talented actress…don’t sell urself short.

  10. But mani and shgun have already have consumate their marriage then why mani is avoiding shagun now this serial doesnt have a charm like before i only watch this serial only for divyanka i am die hard fan of DT

  11. Hi all …. Magic Sindhu Rithu Shivani Susan Mino Bhagya Mino MP Jay Abhishek and all…Shaghun will never change … if she really wanted her marriage to work , she should not have black mailed Aliya . Instead if she tried to help Adi and Alia to Match up Mani must have liked it . We cud not view more of Ishra scenes on pooja . Its mindblowing to see Divanru . All three together as usual from begining amazes the viewers .Adi is simply jumping into conclusions … Alia is highly matured and so confused .we cant see Ruhi blushing like anything thinking of Sohail . Really worst track and damaged our impression on Ruhi . Cvs do this very often . They make us hate them . Both KP and DT marvellous .Never we had such amazing jodi like Divan ….in telly wood … Really felt very sad for Simmis helpless situation . If Raman cud do any thing for Ruhi ke liye , Adi ke liye and Pihu ke liye .. why cant Simmi ..for Ananya .

  12. O my heart is bleeding for YHM. When I think of the pervious lohri functions and remember this was also one of the special IshRa moment functions. But this time there was nothing. Not even that special look of appreciation on seeing his beautiful wife. No stare across the fire. Not even walking together around the fire. Nothing nothing nothing!

    1. very very true …. Raman is always worried about his children . And Susan Lohri is one of the most remembering festival for Ishra . Ramans anger on Param . Shaghun and Pihu not even hugged … 7 years bond and love where is it now ? Mino what happened ? R u busy ?

  13. Now shagun will start blackmailing Aaliya and adi to get what she wants and to create problems between adi and ishita.

  14. Shagun is really something. Glad that Ishita saw Sohail.

  15. I think the real culprit is shagun n suhail help her

    1. No Leila!!!

      Sohail dress as disguisted Punjabi avtar and goes to jail to meet one woman. As we know that the woman is none other Nidhi (Ruhi’s abduction). Sohail and Nidhi are sibling but different surname. Sohal Behl and Nidhi Chabba. Both Sohail and Nidhi plan to use Ruhi to revenge on Raman and Ishita. Sohail did not know much about how his father died. If he was with him and he get to know how his father died and why did he not ask his mother about his father and how his father died. sohail is an idiot person for believing Nidhi. Ruhi become dumbest to believe in Sohail.

      Ishita followed Sohail andget shocked to see him visiting to jail and want to know who Sohail is meeting. Ishita want to see who Sohail meet but stopped by constable. Ishita changed to new avtar as she wear burka to hid her face to give distribution sweet and blanket. Constable allow burka (Ishita) to distribute Jailer women then looking for Sohail. Sohail bumped Ishita and ran away. Nidhi want to run away but got stuck. Ishita get shocked to see Nidhi in jail. Ishita confront Nidhi about meeting Sohail. Nidhi admitted that Sohail is her brother and he is helping her to get Ruhi and will revenge on Raman and Ishita. Ishita get shocked and fumed then gave bad warning to Nidhi. Raman and Abhi with policemen raid in Sohail place to searched for Sohail and get to know that Sohail is not at home.

      This week Sohail will be exposed in front of Ruhi. Sohail will be arrested. Ruhi will breakdown. Ruhi plead with Ishita that she want to see Sohail but Ishita feel helpless and knowing that Raman is very stubborn and don’t want Ruhi to be near Sohail. Pihu will be back to normal when Sohail get arrested.

      Shagun will bail Nidhi and will reunited her to revenge on Raman and Ishita for taking Pihu away and Raman and Ishita are happily together as Shagun and Mani are not happily married. Shagun want to use Adi to be against Ishita but Adi will not fall for Shagun’s trap.

  16. Hi to all my friends.. Sorry for not commenting for some days.. This is your old priya.. I registered in this site.. Actually I am writing a ff.. That’s why I registered..
    Hi Riya, Sindhu, vp, Shivani, magic, Vrish, Isuri, tia, shreya , bagya, priya, rithushree, rithu sharma, valpa, rishitha, reshmi, mino, saba, marin, ridika, zaiba, ahs, tvfan1, priyamvadha, parichary, Hp, sachin, Hansi, shirani, mp, Ananya, jassi, Sana, mona, leila, leelee, kushi, Adithya, Madhu, Siddi, jaz,susan, jay, Raghu, smitha, Tom, kaira, Gaurav , Devakhi, Sarika, Nisha ,Raj, super girl, sia, Gloria, isaaq, azizah

    Episode is not good as you all said. Let’s hope a better episode tomorrow..

  17. Some of you think that Shagun is blackmailing aliya. Actually it looks like that but it’s not. Remember rinki mihir fight. Ishitha and Raman fought and even Ishitha left home.but the result rinki mihir confessed their love. Can I add one more point. Shagun and Mani after marriage were good friends and was supportive of each other. Mani knew Shagun was wrong when she took pihu away from Raman and Ishitha but he still supported her. Actually Shagun always took him for granted. Actually I know something love requires 4 things. Trust, jealousy fights. Shagun became manipulative. And now she realized her mistake but can she ask Adi or aliya in a nice way. And will they help her. I highly doubt it. That why she blackmailed aliya.

    1. Raghu … Shaghuns attituude and the way she tells Alia makes me feel like that . Asking the help to Alia itself is if you help me to better our marriage , I will not tell Mani . She is Adis mom .. she should guide them here … by trying to understand their issues and allow them to patch up . Next … I need Mani … infact dhe needs Money I feel . Yhm is all hide and seek game like … not telling the truth not to hurt other person … thats the biggest mistake .. all cvs abd directors mistake …

      1. I agree with you VP

    2. As I read Telly Masala and Telly serial update in Facebook of what is happening around and happily and sad, love and revenge and etc. Shagun will use Adi to be against Ishita but goes in vain. Adi still love Ishita more than Shagun and he get angry and blame on Shagun for break the relationship between him and Aylia. Aylia did not know much about Shagun.

      How long does Aylia know about Shagun? 1 and half year…..
      How long does Adi know about Shagun? 22 years (since his childhood until now)
      Raman knows Shagun for longer since he married to her.
      Ishita only know about Shagun since she save Ruhi’s (when she was 5 years old) life.
      Ruhi know Shagun similar to Adi.
      Pihu does not know much about Shagun deed. Then she get to know about Shagun evil deeds from Ruhi then Pihu hated Shagun and love Ishita very much.

  18. I have a doubt. How can suhail be Nidhi brothe. Before the leap they showed Nidhi was supposed to marry Raman even before Raman married Shagun. But suhail looks much younger than Adi. Can they be such a difference between a brother and sister

    1. True Raghu doubt even I have especially with the ladt name . Cvs bring ideas without realising sonething … now they have to roll on . And Adi Alia is their age … both of them are 22/23 yrs … even if you love you need to give more time to take responsibility of a marriage .

  19. where is rithu?? i miss her comments

    1. Valpa Rithu is having her exams . Its true we miss her comments

      1. oh ok VP mam

  20. I was laughing hard when I watch Shagun try to get close to Pihu when Pihu fell. Pihu get flashback of the murder and scream. Mihika held Pihu and tried to consoled Pihu but fail. Shagun want to hug Pihu but failed!!!!!! Raman push Shagun hand and take Pihu and consoled Pihu then carry her. Pihu hug Raman. Raman take Pihu home. Shagun feel bad see Raman not let her closed to Pihu. Mihika found Ishita and informed her immediately. Ishita rushed to see Pihu. Raman relieved that Ishita came on time. Pihu refused to leave Ishita. Ishita ask Raman to hold Pihu while Ishita treated Pihu’s wound. When Ishita does the treatment while Raman watch Ishita. When Ishita finish then Raman free Pihu’s face. Pihu see her bandage and stop crying. Pihu still clingy to Ishita. Raman want to leave to check on Ruhi but Pihu step Raman and tell him to not to leave. Raman and Ishita agree with Pihu so that they stay with Pihu and Mihika tell Raman and Ishita to stay with Pihu and she will bring Pihu’s fav hot chocolate. Raman and Ishita feel bad to see Pihu’s condition and leaving Ruhi unsupervised.

    Ishita is so awesome mother who always loves children. When Ishita woke up and get worry where is Pihu then see Pihu cuddling Raman and sleep peacefully. Raman hold Pihu. Ishita wake Raman and want to tell him about Sohail but get disturb by his phone call. Ishita send Raman and tell him to take Romi along. Ishita watch Pihu sleeping and get worried while thinking about Sohail.

    Aylia is blindly trust that Shagun will changed. Mani will not keep faked marriage with Shagun and he have the right to stay distress from Shagun. Shagun get angry. Adi and Aylia tell Mani to take Shagun to go the resort and Mani refused. Aylia emotional blackmailed Mani then Mani agreed and give his condition that Adi and Aylia should come along. Adi and Aylia refused. Mani leave then Shagun blackmailed Adi and Aylia about the break up to Mani. Adi and Aylia get annoyed with Shagun then agreed to join.

  21. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

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