Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun holding Raman’s hand. Raman gets angry and she apologizes to him. Ishita gets upset. Raman leaves seeing her. Shagun says I m sorry I did a mistake. She cries and says I did not mean it, and leaves. Adi gets angry. Shagun comes to her room and shuts the door. Adi tries talking to her and asks her to open the door. Adi comes in and cries. He asks why is she crying. She says you saw how everyone treats me, Ishita gave Raman a look and he left the game and went, was it my mistake, everyone treats me badly here, when they fought yesterday, I stopped Raman and they scolded me. Adi hugs her. She says its all because of Ishita.

Ashok asks Suraj how will he have anyone else’s child, people will make fun of me, I married her after much difficulty and now this. Suraj says you have spent a lot on Shagun and spent on her kids too, you just become father of other’s kids. He asks him to explain Mihika that no one should know this, that she is bearing Mihir’s child, it will ruin your respect. He says her family, Raman and Ishita should not know this. Ishita talks to Neelu and Adi stops her. She asks what happened. He asks why did you make my mum cry, why did you treat her like this, I m not your son, mum tried to stop your fight, and you spoke to her rudely. She says you don’t know about it, you should never talk between elders.

Mrs. Bhalla comes and sends Adi. She asks Ishita why was she scolding Adi, you should have explained him, I told you to be away from Adi, he is a kid and won’t understand your lecture, leave him alone, be away from him. Ishita cries. Mihir thinks Raman and Ishita fought because of me, I can’t see Ishita like this. He talks to Shagun and asks why did she do this, they are supporting her and you are ruining their happiness. She cries and says Ishita forced me to stay here, I did not wish to, she wanted Raman and Adi to spend time, Adi is kid and if he dislikes Ishita, what can I do, I told him not to misbehave, I m staying here for Adi’s happiness, I went to mum and Ishita sent my son to hospital, but everyone blames me for everything.

Mihir says you are right, you faced lots of problems here, you should not stay here, I have a solution, you can stay with me at my house. She says how. He says why to be burden, I m your brother and have duty towards you, come. She says but Raman. He says you have a brother, you stay with me, you are not happy here. She panics and says how will Raman stay without Adi. He says Adi will stay here, my house is near, Adi can meet us on weekends and explains her. He says Raman is bearing all expenses, you can’t manage, don’t come between Raman and Ishita, come and stay at our house. He packs her bag.

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Adi says my mum won’t go anywhere. Mihir says no. Adi says I heard everything, I will go to her, if anyone wants to meet me, they will come there and meet me. Shagun worries. Mihir says your dad is here. Adi says I won’t live without dad. Its night, Raman calls Ishita while she is at clinic. She says now he is calling me, but I don’t want to talk to him. He calls again. She says if I talk, he will shout again. He says she won’t take my call, and calls on the reception. The call gets transferred. Ishita says tell him I m busy in surgery. The lady says but I said you are free. She says it looks like they have fought, and tells Raman that Ishita is busy in surgery. Raman says liar, she was free and now got busy by my call. He thinks to do something and smiles, saying he has a way to cool her anger.

Vandu asks Bala to get icecream. He says in this cold weather, you can catch cold. She argues and questions on his love. He says no, I will get it. She says leave it. He says I was kidding. They have a sweet scene. He goes to get icecream. He gets chilled in weather and buys icecream. Raman comes there and asks are you buying to eat or opening your own shop. Bala asks how come you here. Raman says parcel the same for me, our wives are sisters. They have a men talk. Vandu calls Bala. He says I m leaving from here now, I m coming, I love you too. Raman asks him to go. Raman says pack one mango too, Adi likes it.

Ishita comes home and calls for everyone. She says where did they go. Raman comes and sees her. She thinks he was calling me, and no hello seeing me. He calls Neelu and says he got icecream for everyone. Ishita keeps the icecream. He says where is Adi and goes to the room. He sees the belongings gone, and even Shagun has taken her belongings. Neelu tells Ishita that everyone went out. Raman asks Ishita about Adi, where is he. She says I don’t know, I came from office now. He says my son is missing, is this your duty, you want to become Ishi Maa and can’t see him.

He asks how can she let this happen, where are the kids, whats wrong with you. She says I was not at home. He says you should know, you told Adi went with dad yesterday. She says I knew it as I was at home. He says stop it, you are careless towards Adi, Shagun is not taking the call, he is my son, get your treatment done, and scolds Neelu. Ishita says don’t say anything to Neelu and sends her. He says yes, its your mistake, did you fight with Adi, you told him something and he left. He says you don’t know to deal with kids. She asks don’t I know? They argue.

Mrs. Bhalla comes home and cries, saying Mihir has taken Adi home, and Adi said he will stay where his mum stays, I went to take him, but they refused to come. Simmi says Adi refused, I felt he likes being with us. Mrs. Bhalla says its first Lohri with Adi and I wanted him to be with us. Raman says Adi will come back in this house, I will go to get him. Ishita says I will come. Raman says no thanks, I will get my son.

Raman asks Mihir is he mad to get Adi here. Mihir says I went to take Shagun. Shagun says I came myself and Adi did not wish to stay without me, till when will I stay here and you can come to meet Adi here. Raman says you know what doctor said, Adi needs a family, you ruined everything. She says think about Ishita, you fight day and night. Raman says you feel you are still imp in my life, Ishita loves Adi a lot and takes care of him. She does not have any problem, you have problem. Adi says Ishita aunty has problem. Raman looks on.

Adi says he won’t go without mum. Raman says mum will come, she does not have problem. Adi says mum won’t go, we will come when Ishita aunty says sorry to mum.

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