Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th December 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vandu’s mum in law coming to Amma’s house. Amma says Ishita, I recognized Raman, he is the one whose photo you were seeing on the computer. Ishita says you are mistaken, its nothing like that. Amma tells Vandu’s mum in law about Raman. Ishita asks her to come inside and she will explain her. Mrs. Bhalla says whats all this. Amma argues with Mrs. Bhalla. Vandu’s mum in law says talk openly here and now. Amma says ok talk in detail infront of us, come inside. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman won’t go inside. Amma says she is not from your house. Mrs. Bhalla says see Raman, how is she talking to your mum.

Amma laughs at first. But she is shocked to know that Raman is really Mrs. Bhalla’s son. Vandu’s mum in law taunts Amma and Ishita. She

says good choice Ishita, the guy looks good and leaves. Raman says what nonsense, I went to her dental clinic for Ruhi’s tooth problem, I m not connected with Ishita and asks Amma to control herself. He calls them gold diggers. Ishita scolds him for talking to her mum like this. He says your mum came to my office to see my pay slip, I know your game.

Amma says I went there but…. Raman says its not your mistake, its your mum’s mistake, you can see men only for their money. He says what do you think I will marry you, see your face and see your mum. Ishita asks Raman to talk well. Raman says now you will teach me how to talk. Ishita says yes I will. Raman says if your mum comes to my office again, I wil go beyond my limit. Mrs. Bhalla smiles and says he is my son Raman. She says I m happy to hear what he told you. She asks Ishita to look for someone else and laughs. She leaves.

Ishita looks at Amma who is upset. Mr. Iyer asks what happened. Amma says lets have food now. Ishita says its your fault Amma, why did you go to his office, even if you think I like him, how can you go to check his pay slip, I did what you told me, I did everything. I stood with you and lied to everyone that I have someone in my life only to keep your words. Amma says you saw him on internet. Ishita says your misunderstanding led to my insult. Ishita cries.

Amma says I want to see you married. Ishita says I can’t become a mum, but I can’t see anyone insult you, he called you a gold digger, why, because you went to his office, he is mad but you shiould have not done this. Amma says don’t think this, I will get you married to a very good guy, a guy is coming to meet you. Ishita says I don’t want to meet anyone. Amma says I have to show people that you will get someone. Ishita says nI don’t have to show anyone, I don’t have any connection with those people, I m worried about Ruhi who is staying with them.

Amma says don’t worry, I will tell your truth first to people and then make a match for you. She says I will show those punjabi….. Ishita says again punjabi…. and gets angry and leaves. Its morning, Raman sees Ishita at the roadside. He leaves. Ruhi sees Ishita but Mrs. Bhalla takes her and leaves before Ishita could meet her. Simmi (Mrs. Bhalla’s daughter) comes home and meets Mrs. Bhalla. She says I have fired the servants. Mrs. Bhalla says who will do the house work now and who will take care of Ruhi now. Simmi says I will get the servants in low rates.

She makes tea and gives it to Mrs. Bhalla. She asks what about Vinni. Mrs. Bhalla says she went as Raman did not like her. Simmi says I have decided I will find the match for Raman, she says my Nanand can marry Raman. Simmi says see how I make my Nanand get into Raman’s life. Amma talks on phone and gives good news to Mr. Iyer. She says the guy’s name is Prateek, he is a NRI, with a big house and he agreed after knowing that Ishita can’t become a mum. She says he wants to meet Ishita today, he is coming today in the evening to our house. She says we are doing this for our Ishita, everything should be perfect today, Ishita should get her life partner today.
Mrs. Bhalla sees the servant at Amma’s house and calls the servants and makes her eat food. She says join my house, I will give you more money than them. She says I will give you Rs 10000 plus food. Raman comes home with Mihir. Mrs. Bhalla says its good that you came home early. Ruhi comes and says Papa I have a holiday tomorrow. Raman tells I don’t want any disturbances and leaves. Amma has done the preparations at home. Ishita comes home and asks is anyone coming home. Mr. Iyer says yes, someone is coming to meet you. Amma has done all the arrangements, don’t argue with her. Amma asks Mihika to help Ishita in getting ready.

Raman and Mihir are having dinner at home. The power goes and Raman goes to see. He says only our house’s power went, everyone else have the power. Raman checks the fuse and says the fuse is fine, shall we call the electrician. Mrs. Bhalla says Iyers have done this. Raman says no need to fight with them, I will go and talk to them.

Raman comes to Iyer’s house. Amma asks what happened. He says are you using the AC, I have work, I need the power, off your AC. Amma says I won’t off the AC, do whatever you want. Ishita comes to argue with Raman. Mrs. Bhalla also joins to argue. Raman sends Mrs. Bhalla and asks Amma to off the AC as his work is important. Ishita and Raman get serious and have a heated argument. Ishita says don’t come to my house and don’t shout on my family, else I won’t spare you.

She says you think every woman wants to marry you, I don’t even want to see your face, your wife might have many reasons to leave now. Raman says enough, he warns her to be away from him and Ruhi. Ishita says I care for Ruhi as your are her dad. She talks about his wife again and Raman is about to slap her. But a guy (Probably Prateek) holds his hand and stops him. Raman leaves getting angry.

Ishita and Raman fight again on the road.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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