Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi asking Chandan to hurry up. Chandan says its not easy, it will take 2-3 hours, you all go and have food. Adi sends the workers. Chandan asks Adi to go, else he can’t work in hurry, its my marriage and I also want to end this and go home fast. Adi says sorry, I m helpless, you may be thinking I m selfish. Chandan says no, I m doing this for myself, Roshni will be glad when I tell her about honeymoon. Adi sees Aaliya’s missed calls. He calls her. She says I miss you a lot, just end the work and come back soon, why is this happening in my life at this time. He says you know how much stress I have now. She says I know, I m sorry, complete the project and come back to me soon. She ends call. She sees Abhay and asks driver to stop car. A man asks Abhay to leave. Abhay asks the man to give him any job, give me less salary. The man says I can’t keep any criminal, just leave from here. Aaliya cries hearing them.

Gagan goes to Chandan’s room and knocks. He asks Chandan to get sehra tied. Adi asks Chandan will the problem get fixed. Chandan says yes, I m in hurry, my family will be ready with sehra. Gagan and everyone does not find Chandan in room and look for him.

Shagun and Ishita talk to Aaliya about Abhay. Aaliya says he was in jail till now. Ishita asks her to say openly what she wants to say. Aaliya says I m feeling bad for him. Mani asks why are you feeling bad, you took your stand. He asks Ishita why does she want Aaliya to forgive her murderer father, stop it now. Aaliya asks them to stop arguing and goes.

Adi says how much time will it take, workers are waiting. Chandan says its done, I will give power supply, just rotate this lever, just be careful, when I wave hand, rotate this lever, not before that. Adi says fine and waits. Ashok looks on. Adi says Chandan, your kangana fell. Chandan says its abshagun, you tie this, my mum will worry. Adi ties the kangana cloth to him. Chandan goes. Adi gets a call. Aaliya says Adi I miss you, I wish you were here with me. Adi says I m in factory, why are you crying. Chandan says I will wave in 2-3 mins, rotate lever that time. Adi says fine.

Adi asks Aaliya to stop crying. Aaliya says I know my dad has done wrong, he did not do right with my mum, but he realized his mistake I feel bad with him. Chandan says this is the last wire now. Ashok wears the gloves and catches Chandan. Chandan tries to sign Adi for help. Adi thinks Chandan is waving him. He switches on the power. Chandan gets electrocuted. Ashok falls down being in contact with Chandan. Adi runs to see Chandan. Ashok sees Adi coming and hides. Adi gets shocked seeing Chandan lying dead. He shouts Chandan, get up, its your marriage today.

Ashok says Chandan is no more, Adi you killed him. Gagan says where did Chandan go. Ashok goes to meet Gagan. He asks what happened. Gagan says we are finding Chandan. Ashok says call him or Adi, I have seen them going to factory. The man says yes, Adi took him to repair wires. Gagan asks but why, Adi knows its Chandan’s marriage today. They all go to factory.

Amma gets pandit to Mani’s house to show Adi and Aaliya’s kundlis once. Mani says you did right, now Aaliya’s real dad has come, many things changed. Shagun asks them to come and sit. Aaliya greets pandit. Pandit tells them about Adi falling in problem. Shagun asks what problem. Ishita says he is saying, Adi’s wife will manage problem. Mani says we are happy that Aaliya is going in a good house. Adi and Aaliya are perfect for each other. Ishita worries.

Adi asks doctor to check Chandan and make him fine, he was checking wires, don’t know what happened. Doctor checks Chandan. Adi asks shall I call ambulance. Doctor says sorry, he died. Adi says what, he died, everyone said he is expert in this electrical work. He asks Chandan to get up, its marriage today. He asks doctor to make Chandan fine, take any amount, please everyone is waiting for his marriage. Doctor says control yourself, it was an accident.

Adi says I don’t know, he asked me to start lever when he waved hand, I did that seeing him. Doctor says maybe he waved hand for something else, don’t blame yourself. Gagan and everyone come there. Doctor asks Adi to run away. Adi says no, I can’t go. Doctor says they won’t leave you alive. Adi says no, nothing will happen to me. Adi runs to Gagan and villagers. Gagan says you know its Chandan’s marriage, why did you call him to factory, where is he, call him. Ashok says wait, I will go and see.

Adi panics. Ashok goes and sees Chandan. He comes out and acts. He says Gagan, your brother Chandan is dead. Gagan and everyone get shocked. Gagan gets angry and sees Adi. Doctor says wait, I will say what happened. Ashok smiles. Adi cries. Gagan shouts Chandan and cries taking him in lap. Gagan asks what happened to him. Adi says I don’t know, I did not do this purposely, he was repairing wires, he asked me to on lever when he waves hand, I have just done that seeing his hand. Gagan says you killed my brother. I will not leave you alive. He hugs Chandan and cries.

Raman says you just said Aaliya will save Adi, so he is safe. Ishita says pandit said a problem will come on Adi. Adi hides and sits scared. Someone enters the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now Adi will have to marry Chandan’s Fiance since he died.Omg what will happen to adi alia.There will be twist.Pandit also told Adi’s wife will save him but Aliya is not married to Adi yet.Who will be the girl playing Adi’s wife??

  2. Ab to aisahi lag rahha hai ki Adi Alia hi main lead ho chuke hai,or koi hope nehi,pandit ne to declare krhi dia hai ki Adi ki wife use problem se bachaegi so ab kuch nehi ho sakta,ishra ab baki tv serials ke ma baap ke tarha role kr rahe hai,Ab main storyline Adi alu ke upar hi focus karegi our Ishra side ho jaenge no….already ho chuke hai,mujhe samajh nehi ata ki cvs title pic change q nehi kr dete.disgusting??

  3. ab to pakka hai ki Adi Alia sehi serial age barehga,ab yhm ke new main lead pair hai yeh ,Ishra ka time khatam ho gaya ab Adilya se hi trp aegi show me haina…… disgusting?????

  4. I don’t think Adia Alia avi leads honge unki to shadi v nai ho rahi to how will they be lead pair.But who is Roshni no articles about new entry in the show.

  5. R u sure xyz that Adi ki shadi Alia se na hokar roshni se hogi kahase suna,tum sure ho…..

  6. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    oh my god what’s happening

  7. I can’t understand why CV’s are promoting abshagun concept in serial. Why someone have to die for villain’s work to be done. I think majority audience will love to see serial without any negative character.

  8. Again Ashok broke two lovers. Yeh hai Mohabettien always destroy sweet love. Now I dont feel like watching this drama

  9. Radhika malhotra

    Nice episode as usual ashok charecter was useless he can only give pain to ramsn and his family and precap was superb exciting

  10. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  11. I don’t know what’s happening in the show.not at all interesting .Full of craps.

  12. Already stopped watching this after they created problems with adi n aliya.. just came to read this and felt like thank god I have stopped watching this already. I agreed that some of the problems are interesting to watch.. but this adi aliya problem is like errrrr… soo irritating.. no interest at all.. Now marriage twist.. seriouslyy.. most of the dramas have that stupid story line.. now this also going to copy that and going to loose the viewers. errr… I miss old YHM 🙁 🙁

  13. Villiager men will beat Adi to death for killing Chandan. Gagan did not know that Ashok is behind this and deframed Adi. Hope that Ishu and Raman comes on time to save Adi to stop the villiage for beating their son. Gagan will force Adi to marry Roshini so that he will marry Aylia. But Ishu will stop and tell Gagan that Adi did not killed Chandan as per doctor telling her as per told. Ishu start investiage who had killed Chandan. Ishra will come to know that Ashok did this to kill Chandan and deframed their son Adi. Gagan awaited for Ishra to give news. Ashok smirk waiting and think that Ishra will failed. Ishra see whole villiage and police then Ishu goes to Ashok then she slapped him and tell Gagan that Ashok is behind your brother Chandan murder. Villiage get shocked by Ishu revealed then Ashok ask where is the proof. Ishu show the proof that Ashok covered Chandan mouth to prevent him shouting by wearing the glove and Chandan calling for help until Adi think that Chandan waved to tell him to put on and get electrocshock. Gagan and villiage beat Ashok badly then goes to Adi and apologised to him. Raman get electrical to fix the powersytem and get it running. Villiage get happy and continue with the work. Adi won by doing the presentation that Ashok failed his plan. Aylia will be kidnapped on her wedding day by Ashok’s goons and will blackmailed Ishra. Ishra shattered then the mystery man will blackmail Aylia. Adi get tensed and think that Ishra doesn’t care about it but did not know that Ishra outsmart Ashok. Ishra will save Aylia life.

    Oh god when will this blackmailing scheme stop?? Feel like to kill Ashok….

  14. Are the cvs mad ? I feel like shooting them . Chandan … whose wish to take wife to
    Vaishnava devi .. so simple like .. being killed .. nothing else to show ? What an easy entry to a company for Ashok type people … Cvs have butchered the storyline … Alias father really needs second chance . Shaghun is royally given many chances and today she shows faces . Watch star utsav and this OMG what a punishment to the fans ! The best of best jodi Divan , the best actors … yhm have … Where to complain? whom to complain ? Sometimes I feel why these actors are not keeing their foot down .. we can understand they r not interested . Yhm is only murder/ death/ kidnap/ mms/ what negatives things all are there .

  15. Please let this not become another suhani/yuvraj show…..
    That Ashok who brought up Adi is still seeking revenge all this years – this plot is totally wrong and he has not aged at all!!!!1

    1. Anne…

      Adi and Ruhi is Raman and Shagun biological child. Shagun is not the rightful mother because she does not care about children and only need money for lifestyle and entertainment. Raman was not rich at this time and was working under Ashok. Shagun start her martial affair with Raman and Ashok then she left Raman to be with Ashok. Shagun and Raman did not divorce since Ruhi is 6 months old. Raman is single father to Ruhi and he raised her for 6 years. Ashok did not raised Adi as his son becuase Ashok send Adi to hostel very far away so that Ashok can used Shagun as a prize that any men can buy. Shagun only want Ashok money. Ruhi was all alone and did not get love from parents. Ishita save Ruhi life and Ruhi enter Ishita life. Ruhi bring Raman and Ishita closed. Ashok and Shagun plan to separate Raman and Ruhi so that Raman blame on Ishita for kidnapping but Ishita save Ruhi life by taking her to hospital while Raman came home drunk. Ishita engagement was called off because of Raman send her parent to jailed. Omprakash (Raman’s father) get fumed and scold Raman, Toshi (Raman’s mother) and Simmi (Raman’s sister) for accused Ishita for kidnapping Ruhi and they did not see that Ishita is saving Ruhi’s life. Women organisation support Shagun and demand Raman to give Ruhi to Shagun. Ruhi refused to stay with Shagun and want to stay with Raman so that she can get closed to Ishita that surprised Bhalla family. Omprakash likes Ishita more than Shagun. Ruhi cried and hug Ishita tight while Ishita consoled Ruhi and Raman look on.

      Ishita tell Shagun to take care of Ruhi because Ruhi is sick. Shagun should be responsible to Ruhi and take care but Ashok tell Shagun to leave Ruhi with nanny so that they can go to the party. Shagun agree with Ashok to go for the party leaving Ruhi uncaring. Ruhi get scared of noisy and want Shagun to stay with her but Ashok tell Ruhi to stop and he will send her to hostel. Ruhi cried badly then Ruhi demand nanny that she want to go to Ishita. Nanny took Ruhi to Ishita early morning while Ruhi cried that surprised Ishita and ask what happen. Nanny tell Ishita about Ashok sending Ruhi to hostel as Ruhi was scaring. Ishita give small jokes about flood and who will help her when she shout for help. Ruhi giggle and hug Ishita. Ishita informed Raman that Ruhi is at her house so Ishita will take Ruhi to the shopping but Raman stop Ishita and tell her that he is joining with them. Ruhi want Raman and Ishita close and become her parent. Raman and Shagun got divorced then Ashok and Shagun celebrated in front of Raman and Ishita while Ruhi cried alone with nanny.

      Ashok left Shagun because he want Mihika but Mihika don’t want Ashok becuase she love Mihir. Ashok and Shagun wedding did not happen because Ashok trapped Mihika. Ashok married to Mihika because Ashok blackmailed and lied to Mihika. Ashok visited Iyer house to invite them for family get together and was about to leave to go home. Adi thought that Ashok had comes to take him and Shagun back home but Ashok tell Adi that you are not my son and any kid like you will not be my son. Ashok insulted Adi and Shagun but Shagun warn Ashok. Raman fumed on Ashok for mistreating Shagun and Adi. Adi get brainwashed by Shagun manipulated to make Adi hate Ishita. But it does not take long as Ruhi scold Adi for disrespected Ishita. Adi see ishita differently as Shagan does not care and love him then he see Ishita and Ruhi love and care. Adi become insecurity which is noticed by Raman. Raman pleaded Ishita to do something with Adi. Ishita agreed with Raman then Adi see Ishita give so much of love that Adi hatred changed into love.

      Ishita is the only one woman who sacifice her life for Raman and children. Raman and children loves Ishita to the core and never want Shagun be part of their family. Adi stay with Raman and kept calling him papa. Ashok is not Adi father. When Pihu had been born Nidhi kidnapped Ruhi and faked death to separated Raman and Ishita. Raman accused Ishita for black curse and doubt her love for children. Ishita left shattered by Raman words then Ishita commited sucide by jumped down the cliff. Raman await for Ishita to come home but get bad news from police that Ishita is no more as she did her sucide. Raman shattered and blamed himself then he goes on searched when police informed him that Ishita body is not found.

      Mani save Ishita and took her away to Australia for 7 years. Raman becomes angry man again but Shagun left Dr Manoj to stay with Raman. Shagun and Raman played as married couple for Pihu but Pihu did not know that Raman and Shagun are not married but living together. Raman was drunk when he see Ishita face in glass of water then he grip it and glass broke andcut on Raman hand. Adi take care of Raman and scold him. Raman sleep then mumbling Ishita name. Ishita feel Raman calling and get confused then Mani knows that Ishita still love with Raman. Adi missed Ishita. Raman and Pihu goes to Australia so that Raman had to go for business but did not know that Ishra factory belong to Ishita and Mani. Ishita did not know that Pihu Industrial belong to Raman. Ishita and Raman plane get hijacked and Ishita get shot. Raman save unknown woman and did not know that the woman who he save is none other than his wife Ishita. Mihika findout that Ishita is alive and five fake name that Raman did not know. Adi findout that Ishita is alive and cried. Ishita get shocked to see Raman condition and Raman and Ishita stuck in lift like he met Ishita the first time and Raman confused and say Ishita but Ishita turned away and try to leave but Raman caught Ishita hand. Raman pull Ishita to Romi and Mihika sangeet but failed. Toshi and Simmi see Raman with other woman and want to stop but failed. Ishita is about to pack her bag to returned to Australia because she is hurting by Raman condition. Aylia get molested by some driver and Aylia accused on Adi. Raman and Ishita finally meet in jail. Raman shocked to see Ishita. Raman and Ishita thought that Ruhi is dead but did not know that Ruhaan is their daughter Ruhi. Raman and Ishita stay together for Ruhi and Adi. Ruhi realised that Ishita loves her only but she also love Adi and Pihu equally.

      Shagun did to Pihu like she does to Adi but Ruhi tell truth story to Pihu that Raman and Shagun are not married as Ishita is their mother. Pihu get sad by knowing the truth because Raman want to tell truth but failed. Pihu accept Ishita as her mother.

      Ashok want to revenge on Raman and Ishita so that he continue with Ishra children. Ashok did not stop his game but he lost his position as minister because they findout about him helping the criminal Nidhi. Raman loves his ladylove Ishita and his children (Adi, Ruhi and Pihu) equally. Raman was about to slapped Adi for his mistake then Ishita scould him then Raman did not stop doing this the Ishita will leave him forever that Raman don’t want to lose Ishita again so that he had to changed. Raman is now changed into better man (husband, father, son, uncle, and son-in-law). When Adi tell Raman the truth about Ruhi forged sign but Raman understand and glad that Adi spoke the truth and will help him that make family happy. Ishita will protect children from Ashok evil plan so that Raman will also protecting his wife from emity

  16. Love DiVan....

    Hi, everyone…. They r just copying YRKKH… But both shows r different… Am just so pissed off by this nonsense track… Nt at all interested in watching this show further but can’t do that as am soo much attached frm yhm and ishra…. But best thing is am able to watch old yhm on star utsav… I love it….. Now toh they have made ishra saas nd sasur… Like srysly.. What nonsense.. No lovestory nothing…

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