Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Adi to come for breakfast. Adi and Aaliya smile. Mani looks on. Door bell rings. Mani says Shagun would have come. Dadi says no, its parcel, Aaliya take money and receive parcel, its reward for Adi, he passed both tests, I thought to order non veg food for him. Adi smiles. Dadi says Adi is Punjabi, he would like chicken and fish. Adi says yes, thanks, I like it a lot. Mani thinks Adi went to impress aunty, he got caught in her small trick, if he takes a bite, Adi will get out. Aaliya looks at Adi. Adi stops. Dadi asks what happened Adi. Adi recalls Ishita;s words to eat whats made at home and not complain, stay as Tamilians.

Adi says thanks for thinking this for me, but I can’t eat non veg. Dadi asks why, shall I order mutton kabab for you. Adi says nothing, I got excited seeing non veg, but its basic manners, I m dining with you and I can’t offend you, we have come from temple, so we can skip chicken, Ishita makes good south Indian and I happily eat it, I like it, give me food, I m very hungry. Dadi says yes, eat. Adi asks her not to touch non veg. Dadi says no, its soya bean, not non veg, I m happy that you are very mature. Adi and Aaliya smile. Mani thinks Ishita has groomed Adi well.

Inspector asks Raman why was the girl pushing you if you are her father. Raman says its complicated, my first wife has her custody. He asks how can you tow the car without checking the car. Inspector scolds constables. Ishita asks them will they not see inside car. Pihu says I want to go home. Ishita says Raman, Pihu is scared, take her home. Raman says Pihu don’t be scared, I m here. Ishita gets away. Raman asks where is Shagun, how did you sleep in car. Pihu says mumma had to meet designer, I had icecream, played games in car and slept. Raman says Shagun is careless, inspector I want to take her home. Pihu says I don’t want to go to him.

Simmi asks Ananya about Pihu’s choice of gadget. Ananya says Shagun took Pihu in hurry. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I have seen her. Simmi asks her to call Pihu. Ananya calls Pihu and asks what happened, why are you crying. Pihu says I m in police station, I have to go home. Simmi says calm down, I will come there, don’t cry.

Mrs. Bhalla says I will come along. Simmi says I will call Raman if needed and leaves. Ananya hugs Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to freshen up and have food. She worries for Pihu. Adi helps Dadi. Dadi says I will manage, you got tired. Adi says no, I help my Dadi at home also. Dadi says maid is not going to come today, will you wash dishes. Aaliya says we both will do and smile. They both wash plates. Mani gets angry seeing this and asks Dadi what are you doing, why are you allowing this.

Mani says I have seen Adi and Aaliya washing utensils in kitchen, can’t you see he is doing this to impress you, he won’t touch an utensil at home. Dadi says don’t be negative, I know he is impressing me, he is trying, he is not ashamed to wash utensils, even if he has maid at home, he won’t say Aaliya is a woman, its her work. Mani says you are not understanding me and goes. Dadi says I m understanding everything Mani, but you are not able to understand, as you are a father, and I m a mother.

Raman says Pihu, tell uncle you will come with me. Pihu refuses. Ishita says she is our daughter, please let her leave. Inspector asks Pihu why does she not want to go with her Papa. Pihu says he is my Papa, but he does not love me. Inspector says girl will be here till we talk to her mum. Simmi comes and sees Raman and Ishita there. She hugs Pihu.

Ishita says Pihu is scared, take care, I will go, get her home. She leaves. Pihu says Bua, take me home, I m hungry. Simmi says I m her Bua, can I take her home. She shows the ID proof. Inspector asks since when d you know her. Simmi says I know her since her birth. Pihu says let me go, she is my Bua. Inspector says fine, finish some formalities and go. Simmi asks Pihu to wait for some time. Pihu asks Simmi to give her some money. She takes money and goes to inspector. She says this is for you, let us go. Simmi says sorry, Pihu don’t do this. Pihu says whenever mumma breaks signal, she gives money to police uncle and he lets us go, I thought to do same. Simmi says don’t do this, sorry inspector. Inspector says I can understand, some officers take money and defame our department, don’t give money to anyone. He asks them to leave. Simmi thinks what did Shagun teach Pihu. They leave.

Mrs. Bhalla feeds Pihu with love. Raman and Ishita stand away and look on with tearful eyes. They go to their room. Raman cries. Ishita says I know what you are going through, its all because of me. I m really sorry. Raman says Ishita, since Pihu is born, I was living just for her, I had no reason to live after you went, now my daughter dislikes to see me.

Shagun scolds inspector for being so careless to tow the car without checking the car, you should have asked me before sending my daughter. Inspector says you left girl in car, you see how careless you are. She shows her contacts and scolds her. He says no minister can help you, we have sent your daughter with her Bua, you go there and meet her. Shagun goes to Bhalla house and says don’t know why police has sent her here. She asks everyone to be away from Pihu. Raman says she is my daughter and I have right to meet her. Shagun asks really, why are you staying with this woman till now. Simmi confronts Shagun for leaving Pihu in car. Shagun says I was busy.

Simmi says you are careless mother, you gave her a high end phone, what did you do with Ananya, you gifted her phone by my name, Pihu tried to bribe inspector today, she said she learnt this to bribe from you. Everyone get shocked. Simmi says you don’t talk of right and wrong. Shagun says shut up, see your life loser. Simmi says I m not pushing my daughter on wrong path. Shagun says I don’t want to argue and takes Pihu. Raman asks Simmi why did you not tell me. Simmi says I wanted to say, its no use, Pihu just listens to Shagun, sorry Shagun is taking Pihu on wrong path, we are not doing anything.

Ishita packs her clothes. Raman looks on and stops her. She cries and says whats happening, she is our daughter, did we give such upbringing to our children till now, Pihu is learning bad things, did you hear what Simmi said, she was bribing police. Raman says I was afraid for this, Shagun does not know love means just getting, she does not know to raise kids, we are helpless. She says no, we have to do this, we should tell Pihu that I m her mum. He looks at her.

Ishita gets headache and sits. She says I don’t know whats happening, why is Pihu getting such upbringing. Simmi comes and sees Ishita.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. shreya shetty

    ohhh please please saalekh forever don’t try to teach me manners to speak calm.i am calm and decent but at the same time I don’t like people talking bad about me in rude manner.also I never threatened u at all so bad like that.please try to understand I am a young teen of 16 and so cant understand well that’s how I was and now I ve completely changed by being good to everyone and don’t want to cause any sort of harm on others at me I had no such intentions and it will take more time for me to realize what I had done earlier before

    1. Uf shreya tumharay ye never ending dramas jab bhi is site pay ao tum yahi kuch kr rii hoti ho baki sab k sath asa kuch kyo nii hota sirf tumharay sath hi kyo hoya hai

    2. shreya shetty

      bas kar mai koi drama nahi kar rahi hoon samji tum.ab please muje eisa dhamki mat deejiye mini aur yahan se dafa ho jao

  2. shreya shetty

    don’t feel bad of what I am saying saalekh forever its just that I am not actually bad at all and see the way of how I am behaving well and getting along with others in their be honest I admit that whatever truth u ve said about me are correct but don’t accuse me and compare with ramans personality.who said that I ve asked about ur age????did I ever mention that In my comment before???hahahahhahahahhaha what maan saalekh forever u mistook my impossible warning to be serious!!!!relax don’t say such things that warning was to express my anger dude its not for real.

    1. Shreya…

      What is going on between you and Saalekh during my absent?


      Please don’t throw your words on Shreya. Please I request you to talk with gentle and understanding the situation when I am not around. I don’t want to see anyone to use abusive words in this site. As I spoke to Shreya and other YHM fans site that this is family site and not to make emity in this site and giving bad and put all the accused on any persons. As for that VP, Magic, Danny and Raghu and other who I missed out are there to speak out their opinion with their own mind and heart.

  3. Worst episode ever. Shagun die in hell!!! Ur teaching Pihu to bribe?? Idiot Shaggy!!! Precap is also worst! Cant see Ishita like this.

  4. shreya shetty

    I allow everyone to post their opinions here because even I too am a huge yhm fan and also has a right to say whatever I feel right here saalekh forever.please lets end this enemocity battle and shall we be friends please.i apologise to be rude with u but can we stop this catfight and become just simple friends????please forget what I had done before and please be friends.its good for me If I have more and more online friends along so that we could talk about the show in a friendly family.come on yaar I am not at all forcing u to be my friend but just to settle this matter smoothly lets be friends,shall we???

  5. shreya shetty

    where are parichary,diya and valpa????its been so long since the three haven’t come here and chatted with us.i thought parichary had finished her exams and would come here but now what happened to them.i am not getting to see my friends comments nowdays and also one of them have started to quit this site slowly.please don’t go guys we need u all and also treat one another like a friendly family together

    1. Hello my girl!!!

      What happen my darling?

      My exam are not over! I had to read for a while and noticed some missing comment especially when I see xyz 15th October comment. Don’t worry my dear! I will be back on 31st October (Diwali Day). I will be reading when I am free. Your comment with others get me anxious but knowing that you did not meant to beat the bush over someone who give bad words on Ishita and we all understand and support you and so is magic.

      Magic… I have noticed that you was about to scolding Shreya and other take sidetracking Shreya and make you understand and encourage other fans to speak gently when I am not around in this site. Hmm… I don’t mind that but you know Shreya well.

      Love you all guys……

      Take care.

    2. Hello parichari how are you? I missed your comment lot And i have not scolded shreya not at all i only made her understand with gentle language that’s it nothing else

  6. HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Monique, Kiran, Siddhi, Jaz, Az, Khushi, Bhagya, magic and many YHM fans.

    Finally Ishita tells Raman that they should tell Pihu that Ishita is her real mum. After knowing that Shagun has taught all the bad ways to Pihu then the bhallas are panicking and want to reveal Ishita as the real mother to Pihu. They should have done this a long time ago. All these could have been avoided.

    Can’t blame Pihu as she is blinded by Shagun and also Pihu is young so she thinks Shagun is her whole world. Episode is nice though.

    I am actually waiting for Raman dreaming about throwing Ishita off the balcony and he gets very worried that he is going to lose her.

    1. Hello sindhu well said “can’t blame pihu because she is a child” but ishu, raman and her family should tell her before that ishita is her real mom and if they had told her truth before, they might have got pihu now

    2. Hi sindhu how r u

  7. Reading all the written updates and comments from many days.all people are well connected to the serial with heart and they are not even realizing its just a serial.its a general motto of serials to make lead character a devata thus they make the villian character down.but widout realising and seeing it just like a serial all people are feeling it true and arguing regarding silly things………my sincere request is lets grow up and watch a serial as just serial but not as a real incident…just njoy the moments for getting relief after ur hectic workout fullday

    1. Oh my god sasikala thank you very much for telling us that its a fictitious serial not real if you hadn’t told us than we would be understand its real for a long time hahahahahaha but good joke and god bless you

    2. If you already know the fact then why are you arguing with each others..moorons

  8. Hi all yhm fans.cant raman understand that in order to win pihu the truth should be told about ishita being her mother.dna tests should be done to prove this as well.but the problem is shaggy has brainwashed pihu so much that someone either than raman and ishita should tell pihu the truth.ruhi would have been fine but shaggy was too busy with her plotting, maybe simmi or its maybe better if she hears the truth while everyone talking about it.please cvs end this pihu track.

    1. In my opinion, Pihu should hear all the truths from shagun itself….because pihu only believes shagun…if pihu hears the truth from someone else, she will definitely ask shagun about it,and shagun will tell one more wrong story about ishita…

    2. I totally agree with you shivani.

  9. Hu shagun is acting so well as a bad mother but its a bad message to fans that a mother giving nothing but only bad habbits to her child

  10. guys if Pihu knows Ishita is her real mum the serial itself will
    end lol

  11. Hi everyone glad that I didn’t watch today’s eposide I was just thinking to watch it online but after reading update I think I shouldn’t watch it suna tha leap anay wala hai I just want a leap in this serial coz its very pakao now a days

  12. I think pihu should overhear it between mani and shagun as then she’ll believe it and maybe ask ruhi or someone else if it’s true. Or even the doctor that did the surogacy should help ishita and Raman before pihu does something worse, at the end of the day giving a phone to a little girl to do chatting and then bribing. What if she gets into trouble, she’ll think by giving money she’ll get out of it.

  13. @indira I don’t think the serial will end if pihu knows the truth. I’m sure the writers will come up with more plotting and planning for shagun/Ashok and mani.

  14. PLease let pihu know ishita is her real mother not shagun we want to see ishita and pihu closeness scenes not this annoying scenes

  15. shreya shetty

    that shaggy should be skinned alive for spoiling pihu like that.not only she taught pihu how to use the mobile and start chatting at a such a young age but even giving money to the police officers as bribing too.aaaaaaaagh this scene gives a bad message to all the children and mothers who are watching this show.i wonder what they might have the opinion about it???if the bhallas and raman had told the truth about ishita is the real mum of pihu then what took them so long to close it???in fact god gave them the strength to open the mouth but these people didn’t even say that ishu is pihus mom to pihu at all and that so called spoilt annoying girl pihu calls ishita as gandi aunty because of the evil witch shaggy shagun doo!!!!writers should do something so that pihu will apologise very deeply and would never hurt her ishimaa ever again by saying sorry to her and as well as make her hear the entire truth about the plan between shagun and mani also.please someone go and crush and chop that shagun into pieces I just feel like killing her a lot for behaving like a vampiress

    1. Hi Shreya…Im here only..i havent been watching YHM for a while now..been busy with work…how have u been??

    2. shreya shetty

      ohhh hi there valpa it???its ok dear sorry to bother u in ur work dear carry on.yup this show is turning way worst and horrible!!!seriously nowdays people have started hating this crap show like ever and so do i

    3. shreya shetty

      I am very fine and doing well valpa and how about u?? I missed u a lot ever since u havent come here to comment for a while

  16. Hlo guys……I’m new to this fanpage…..can I please join u …
    And I wanna ask about the aliya and adi relationship… Before aliya used to love mihir na..then suddenly how come she changed to adi?? I’m bit confused can anyone say the reason??

  17. Cant wait till Shagun loose Pihu, not good example for kids.

  18. Pihu is the theme here like how Ruhi was …. Ruhi cud bring happiness to us …. we enjoyed each and every scene ….,becoz we saw transformation of Raman too …
    here Pihu is not able to convince us to gain our sympathy ….if she loves her pappa and family members …. cvs failed to show that …. leave Ishitha … even if the truth is told to her … it will take time …yes Sasikala this is a serial … we all know that …but the unique story which caught attention of million fans all over the world is totally gone not watchable for viewers . you said its a relaxation only , true but the impact Of Divan is amazing even today …. but after surrogancy track its heart whelming to watch …. our life if full of stress and we all want to get out of that stress ….instead of entertaining us ….cvs are giving very wrong message to the audience … hence we all just comment to express our ideas … thats all ..yesterdays episode … Raman is only able to cry … nothing more … Ishitha is having limitations here … otherwise she would have solved this … Shaghuns way of putting down others is unbearable … like how she was questioning Simmi …Hi Siddhi nice seeing you after so many days ..Shaghun like mother really exists in this world … I really wonder …truth never fails .atleast now cvs give more of screen space to Ishra …

  19. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman-Ishita tensed for Pihu’s (Ruhanika Dhawan) upbringing with Shagun (Anita Hassanandani)

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show high voltage drama where Ishita and Raman are tensed for Pihu.

    Ishita and Raman are hurt seeing Pihu’s hatred for them and her destroying personality.

    Pihu attempts to bribe police to get off the police station, Raman-Ishita are tensed seeing this.

    Ishita is much tensed seeing what all Pihu is going through being with Shagun and decides to find way out.

    Ishita tensed for Pihu

    Ishita goes to meet Shagun to talk about Pihu, but Shagun insults and refuses to talk.

    Ishita tells Shagun that she is ready to do whatever she wants just for Pihu, as deserves better upbringing.

    Shagun agrees to give away Pihu to Bhalla family on a condition that she has to leave Raman forever.

  20. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.
    I missed the episode. Episode was good.
    I will not be able to come to this site properly till 22nd October as I have exams . I will miss this site .

    1. And we will miss you so, focus on only your study nothing else good luck

  21. Hi Rithu do well … all the best .. my prayers

  22. Time. To stop children from these foolish roles Mr writer other choices must do

  23. Hi yhm fans,maya seeram,vp,magic,rithushree,Shivani,rajesh,shlokha,shreya shetty and al family of yhm now Ishita tell real id for Pihu i tink slowly she start love ishita.

  24. kindly update fast of 17th october

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