Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohan falls in danger

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying my assistant Ananya met with an accident, I will just go and come, Shagun will handle everything here, I will just come. Mihika says come soon. Ishita leaves Sahil’s man calls him. Rohan comes to a cafe. Munna follows him. Sahil asks Shaina to come. Ishita asks why did you call me. Sahil scolds her. Mani collides with Manish and drops his bag. Manish picks his bag and gives him. Mani leaves. Shamshad gets the bag to Sahil and says I did as you said, I got the bag. Sahil checks the bag and doesn’t get anything. He throws the bag.

Manish says I replaced Mani’s bag, it has nothing. He calls again and says Sunny replaced Bala and Karan’s bags, it has nothing but junk. Ishita thinks I hope Raman reached the police station. Raman calls Bala and asks

where are you. Bala says I m near the temple. Raman asks him to reach the police station. He says I have all the proof, now no one can save Sahil. Sahil says it means Raman has that proof. He asks Ishita where is Raman. She says I don’t know, I really don’t know about it, we all are busy, let me go, I have much work. Sahil says so you don’t know. She asks him to see CCTV footage. Sahil asks her to see the video. She sees Raman and everyone in the compound, leaving with bags. She says I don’t know anything. He threatens about Ruhi.

Mr. Bhalla asks Shagun to call Ishita. Shagun says Raman and Mani aren’t answering. She calls Ishita. She says let me answer this, they will doubt. She answers call. Shagun asks when are you coming home, how will rounds start without you. Ishita says they love each other, marriage shouldn’t stop, Ananya is critical, I can’t leave her and come. Mihika asks Shagun to come inside fast. Sahil asks Ishita where are the proofs. She asks what evidence. He says your husband wants to give Clinic footage to police. She thinks to keep them engaged. She asks why will my family argue with you, we know we can’t win over you. He says you think you are smart, see what I do. He asks Shamshad to call Rohan.

Rohan reaches the police station. He gets a call from Sahil. Sahil says you think you are smart, I now what you did. Rohan says stop nonsense, who are you. Sahil says I m Sahil Shah, you have proof against me, give it to me else… Rohan asks what will you do. Sahil says you will know it, just wear that bag once and show. Rohan says fine, and takes the bag. Sahil says that bag isn’t yours, you have no idea about it, a man collided with you outside cafe, he was my man, he has changed the bag. FB shows Shamshad and Munna reaching the cafe and colliding with Rohan to change the bag. Sahil says don’t do mistake of removing the bag from your shoulder because that bag is a bomb. Rohan and Ishita get shocked.

Sahil says the moment you keep bomb down, the bag will explode, hear the bomb timer if you can’t believe. Rohan hears the beep. Sahil says Raman has proof against me, ask him to give me proof, why are you giving life for Bhallas, they are getting their daughter married to someone, ask Raman to meet me with the proof. He hears Raman’s voice and says you are with Raman, its good. Raman asks what are you doing here, just come. Rohan says I will just come, you go. Raman looks on. Mrs. Bhalla says where is everyone.

Aaliya is brought to mandap. She asks for Raman, Ishita and Mani. Simmi says they will come. Ananya comes. Shagun asks are you fine. Simmi says yes, what happened to me. They go inside to talk. Ananya says my accident didn’t happen, I m fine. Shagun says Ishita said she is with you in the hospital. Ananya says I m fine, clinic watchman said some man came to clinic with keys, he took something. Simmi says did Sahil do this. Shagun says its possible. Amma comes to call them. They go. Ishita gets at gunpoint. She says don’t trap Rohan, he is innocent, please leave him. Sahil says we have enmity with you, whoever helps you is my enemy. She says please, leave him. He says you didn’t listen to me, see what I do now. She says I m so sorry. He says your entire family is involved, if Rohan has sense, he would tell Raman about the bomb, else he will die.

Ishita says Raman, don’t go inside police station, Rohan’s life is in danger, his bag has a bomb in it. Raman and Karan get shocked. Rohan goes to some isolated place and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I cant see rohan like this..
    Nd this yug i just hate him..yug ne galat kiya still got everything like love nd wealth..aliya such a crap girl..i just hate both of them ..let rohan die nd i will stop watching this crap show..

  2. I hate Aliya and Raman.. selfish people..
    Poor Rohan .. he has to give his life for people who didn’t care for him..😡😢

  3. I love Rohan n Zis Aliya she shuld hve died she chose yug over Rohan he had marry him so she shuld live wiz him but no. Aliya will hve 3rd suhagrat wiz yug so disgusting… Vry bad

  4. I can’t see tug like this and crying you are doing very wrong ekta kappor by having Rohan exit the show.

  5. Helen Funmilayo

    We have been laughing in my family since we watched today’s episode. Most of your write_ups are dammed so foolish. How can all the bags be collected so foolishly. It’s better you rap up this film. You are putting down Indian”s film reputation. So so dumb. Rubbish, no more police in town, that anybody can kill anyone they like at any time. So much lapses. When did Sahil go to market to buy the same bags and still meet up with Raman. In kasauti Zindagi, the guy have to tell Komolika that he has evidence against her just like Mr Basu. The car that has left for a long time, the just arranged truck still met up with. Mtshewww

  6. Desotera Naidoo

    what reputation this is what earns them the cash

  7. Rohan shouldn’t die.if he dies there is no, justice. May be this raman’s trick. There is no bomb in Rohan’s bag. He will fooling Sahil.

  8. Vasanthi narasani

    Iam also big fan of yhm but now iam the big hater of this serial and stop watching this after rohan death and hate aliya yug characters and love rohan character so much

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