Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Adi compels Roshni

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Raman how does he doubt Ruhi. He says Ruhi didn’t do anything, I scolded her as I didn’t wish to alert Adi, Adi has back stabbed us, he is running the illegal business with Suraj, I want to catch him red-handed, what happened to our son. She cries. Adi says the company is on Raman’s name, Raman will be responsible for this, police will arrest him, go and tell everyone, my goals are clear, its better if you understand this. He goes. Ruhi cries. She says I don’t know, didn’t we raise Adi well. Raman says Shagun and Ashok raised him before you came in his life, he was taught that money is imp, we taught him importance of relations, today he has become old Adi. She says we got him on right track, he has stayed as a good son and brother, we can’t leave him alone, we will try our best that he gets fine.

Raman says I was here and couldn’t manage, we have to save Pihu too. She says we will not let family shatter. At a cafe, Shagun says I hope you have no doubt regarding this. Roshni says I don’t want to hide my past from Shantanu. Shagun says its good, don’t worry, I told them already, truth is Shantanu is okay with your past, he is a really nice guy. Its morning, Shagun calls Aaliya and says Roshni’s alliance is fixed, the guy is from US, they want to settle in US, they liked Roshni, she also liked the guy. Aaliya says I m very happy for Roshni, finally she got a life partner. Adi hears her and asks what happened. She says Roshni’s marriage is fixed. He says no, this can’t happen, who told you. She says you are hurting me. He runs out. She says why is he reacting like this. He comes to Roshni’s house and finds it locked. He calls her.

Sharma talks to Raman, Ishita and Simmi. He asks Simmi to rehearse the testimony. Simmi says I don’t need it, I know I have to say truth there, I don’t want Ishita and Pihu to suffer, this isn’t a case for me, I know Pihu won’t hurt her intentionally. Sharma says lets hope for the best. Raman and Ishita thank Simmi and go. Adi asks Shagun where is Roshni. He checks the house. Shagun says she said she won’t meet you, she is safe, the guy is nice, she agreed to marry him. He says she loves me. She says this marriage will happen. He says don’t challenge me. She says I don’t care Adi.

He says fine mom, now see what I do. He asks what do you mean. He goes. He drives off and says once I get Roshni, I will see mom and Aaliya. He meets Roshni. Shantanu introduces himself. Adi says I m Roshni’s ex husband, sorry you have to wait. Raman and Ishita come there. Ishita says congrats, Shagun told me about you. Roshni says he is my fiance Shantanu. Shagun comes and says I did good to call everyone here, Adi is also here. She says Shantanu, Adi is Aaliya’s husband, Adi and Roshni are good friends.

Aaliya and Mani come. Ishita says sorry, I m not able to help in shopping, I m busy in a case. Roshni says its okay, I know about Pihu’s case, thanks. Ishita calls Shantanu lucky. He says yes, I m very lucky. Adi says yes, Roshni was mine before, I mean she was my wife. Shantanu says I know, Roshni told me everything, how you left her on road alone and then how she met Ishimaa, I liked this about her and decided to marry her, sorry we have work. They leave. Raman gets lawyer’s message. Ishita says we shall leave, Aaliya go home with Adi. Adi says I have to go office for meeting. Shagun gets Roshni’s call. Roshni asks where is Adi.

Shagun says just relax, I called everyone there to control the crisis, just come to my home with Shantanu. Adi reaches Roshni’s house. He scolds her. He says I will keep you happy, you can’t marry that idiot, refuse for this marriage, come with me. She says you were wrong, I want to be with Shantanu by heart, he is a nice man, he doesn’t treat me like you, you may leave me tomorrow, you can cheat me also.

He says you know how much I love you. She says this is called obsession, not love, leave me alone, you are married, stay happy in your marriage, I don’t want to come in between you and Adi, I got a chance to live with dignity, I don’t want to lose it, I want to marry Shantanu, go back to Aaliya. He shouts enough, don’t teach me, I love you. He hugs her. She pushes him. She says please go from here. He says stop this drama, you are just mine, I won’t let you marry, none can love you more than me, come with me. She says no. Shantanu comes. He pushes Adi and scolds him. They argue for Roshni. Roshni asks Adi to go to Aaliya. Adi says Aaliya is coming between us, I have a solution, I will end this, then none can separate us. He goes. Raman stops the car and gets angry on Adi. Ishita says Adi misbehaved with Shantanu. Raman says Adi is becoming a creep being with Suraj. He gets Sharma’s call. Sharma says there is a bad news, Parmeet has reopened Ananya’s case, Pihu has to come in court.

Aaliya says Adi has beaten me up. Raman beats Adi. Adi stops Raman and threatens to beat him. Ishita gets shocked.

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  1. What is happening…. Adi behaving like this…. They must not get adi die…..hate shogun for aaliya she is ruinning every one’s life…. For aaliya sake…..she must make another way…

    1. Why do you hate Shagun? You are not making any sense. Do you expect Shagun to be okay with Adi’s affair? She’s not ruining anyone’s life. Atleast, she isn’t publically spoiling Roshni’s name.

  2. No words for Aditya’s behaviour today. He deserves no one. He should go and marry Suraj, honeymoon in jail and let others live in peace. And frankly Ishita should have given one tight slap to Aditya ages ago instead of the whole “mera laadla beta” “meri parvarish”. Tbh it’s not fair for Ishra to blame Shagun and Ashok and Suraj only for Aditya’s behaviour – he has been with Ishra for so many years – did he not learn any good values? You cannot keep blaming one’s upbringing (that too till the age of 12) for the mistakes they make in adulthood. Even though Ishra want the best for their children, fact is they have not raised them very well. Feeling very sorry for Alia and Raman in the next episode. They should’ve confronted him a long time ago. Hope Shantanu is a good person and Roshni genuinely wants to move on.

    1. Yes Siya blaming Shaghun nd all was not right !
      I think this is some drama like Mihika Raman marriage . This is not Adi .. may b duplicate or masked one . Ishithas parvarish is not to be spoken ! Nobody … has it . A family has this much issues , both Raman nd Ishitha from beg
      they were solving others issues .Now Pihu is
      tortured mentally by Simmi … instead of having
      many chances to twist positively , enjoyable to viewers .. cvs gone on damaging the characters .its become not viewable at all ! Started getting scared of millions of children watching this ! Yhm means Ishima once … now no Ishima or Ishra !And Roshini … character they made very cheap … No gratitude at all !

  3. What has happened to him all of a sudden? Is he possessed or something? There has to be something wrong. I just wonder how the CVs will end the track within 3 episodes before the show goes off air. Hope they have a nice idea in mind and don’t rush it.

    1. Aku

      The show isn’t going off! Who told you this?? Only the timings are being changed.. from 21st it’s going to come @10.30 instead of 7.30

  4. Hope less serial. A normal person who have a bit of nock-jhok at home will definitely get effected by this serial. Even I was getting ideas of getting divorce and re marry. BAAP Rey BAAP. I will never ever see this serial again.

  5. Ravi

    Wow! Roshni is getting married. But no one talks about her mom and sister! What has happened to them?
    Right now I can’t understand the real person behnd this illegal racket! Isit Suraj? Adi? or Roshni? Oh god nice work ekta mam! You’ve messed up everything and everyone perfectly!

  6. is the news of ishita going to kill adi true or not and it is not real adi duplicate of him is true, i dont think its duplicate of adi but the news of ishita kill adi is really true or not
    how simmi play dirty game with ishita n raman who said param to open ananya case n now she will also force n blackmail pihu without knowing ishita n raman to tell the truth in court

  7. they wont stop the serial now. Becuase Kshitija has not been shown in a negative role till now. once CVS gets some track to show kshitija as a negative kid, may be they will stop the show peacefully

    1. What about maid Neelu vidhya ! A loyal servant will be shown negative to save the Ishra !

    2. hmm. true VP. these people can do anything…

  8. These adi is such a stupid looser

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