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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi introducing the choreographer to Ishita. She meets Mrs. Bhalla and hugs her. She says how can we learn dancing in such a small place. She says we need a big place. Mrs. Bhalla says we have community hall. Romi says yes, we can practice well. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to dance. Simmi says no way. Ishita says for Mihir’s sake. Raman also insists. Simmi says fine, but not solo. Mrs. Bhalla says do group dance. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mihir where is Trisha. Mihir says she went to beauty parlour. Ishita says I m also going there, I will get her. Ruhi and Ishita come to the parlour and Ruhi says she wants Priyanka’s hairdo.

Ishita asks about Trisha and come to know she did not come till now. Ishita says she left home early. Ishita says weird, how did she not come till now, she has her rehearsals too, where is she. Mrs. Bhalla asks Romi did you decide the song. Romi says I will dance with Rinki. Bala greets them. Mihir says I will help you. Bala says no. Romi says looks like they are doing Mihika’s engagement well. Bala comes home and tells everyone that Mihir met him, I thought if I took his help, we would have been exposed. Ishita made this drama, we all know Mihika is not getting engaged to Vibhu.

Mihika says why is Ishita doing this. Mihir made it clear that he wants to get engaged with Trisha. Bala and Vandu take Mihir’s side. Mihika says is this love to do this drama, if he can’t stand up now, whats the guarantee he will support me. Bala says he needs a push up, he loves you but is scared to confess infront of Raman. Vandu says yes, Raman is not easy to handle, don’t blame Mihir. Mihika says fine, I have given up, I don’t want to keep hope. She leaves. Bala talks to Appa and gives him the money sayin Romi gave it to me, saying Ishita gave it. Appa is puzzled and says I did not talk to her about money.

Appa says I don’t understand, give this back to Romi, I can’t take this. Bala says why did Ishita give this money to Romi, she could have given it herself, she lives near us. Romi tells his friends that Bala is in his hands, the pics show he is taking bribe. Romi says he is meeting a NRI girl, who is becoming someone else’s in few days. He leaves. Parmeet gets out his car and sees Ishita. Ishita is shocked seeing him. Parmeet thinks he was restless to meet her. Ruhi asks what happened, and runs to meet Parmeet.

She asks how are you, why did you not come home, wow new car. He says my new boss gave me. I stay at my new house, I can’t live with you, as its small, its enough for Raman, I thought two tigers can’t live in small house. Ruhi says Simmi misses you, everyone will dance in Mihir’s engagement, and you have to dance with Simmi. Parmeet says I will surely come and dance. Ishita makes Ruhi sit in the car. Parmeet stops her and says you did not say anything seeing my car, come for a trial, it will be fun.

Ishita taunts him for being a servant to a rich man and getting out. She says if you do the same, I will not slap you, but make everyone around beat you. I look Durga and Saraswati by face, don’t force me to become Chandi………… She leaves.

Parmeet says I m Mata’s bhakt. She says now this Mata will kill the devil. Everyone learn dancing. Mihir tries to escape. Amma, Vandu come there. She says its society hall, not public property, we also book the hall. Simmi says we booked this for three days. Amma says you can’t. The choreographer asks them to leave. Amma argues. Mihir says we will go home. Simmi says no, why will they go. Simmi and Vandu argue. Mihir calms down the ladies but fails.

Ishita calls Appa and asks about Trisha. She says weird, how did she not reach home till now. Ishita stops her car seeing Vibhu with some girl. Vibhu says she is Malini, my girlfriend. Ishita says you are acting for few days, if anyone see you, what will you say, she is your sister, manage for 5 days. Ishita asks Malini and Vibhu to leave soon. She sees Trisha with a guy and is shocked. She says how is that guy and what is she doing here. Romi wears the helmet and leaves.

The choreographer comes to Mrs. Bhalla and complains about Amma. She calls Mrs.bhalla aunty and she gets offended. Amma comes to them. Amma says we booked the hall before. They have the argument.

Mrs. Bhalla says we called the choreographer to impress London people. Appa comes there and says Madhu……………. Amma smiles seeing him and says Jai………… He nods yes. She says Jai Kakkad. He says yes. She says you here. He says yes, came to meet Mr. Bhalla. They think they met 28 years ago.She says I stay here in opposite house. Mrs. Bhalla sees them. She asks Jai is he fine. He says yes. Amma asks Mrs. Bhalla to practice in the community hall, we will share, as we are neighbors and in laws. Amma says I have work and leaves smiling. Mrs. Bhalla says it looks like an old story between them.

Ishita comes home with Ruhi. She thinks where is Trisha, lets find out. Raman asks is this Ruhi or Priyanka. Ruhi gets happy and leaves. Raman says come we have to practice dance. She tells her that she saw Trisha with a guy, hugging. Raman says you don’t like her, Mihika is getting married, so leave Mihir and Trisha. Ishita says you felt Mihika is not right for Mihir, if Trisha is interested in someone else, we have to see Trisha is good for Mihir or not. Simmi hears them and thinks to inform Parmeet about this. Raman says Trisha is a foreigner, so maybe she hugged. Trisha comes and greets them. Ishita asks where was she. Raman says let her breath. Ishita says why did you not come to parlour. Trisha says I went to meet my brother, had coffee with him and came, I will go for the dance rehearsals. She leaves. Ishita says Trisha is lying. Raman warns her to spare Trisha.

Raman and Ishita practice dance. Ishita sees Romi and Raman falls. Raman says are you dancing or breaking bones. Ishita looks at Romi’s clothes, same as she saw the guy wearing, who was with Trisha.

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