Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika bringing Ishita and Ruhi home. She asks Ruhi to have yummy snacks and even asks Ishita to have. Ishita cries and says she is not feeling to eat food. Mihika says don’t take stress, I m with you. Ruhi says she washed her hands and Mihika asks her to finish everything. The servant brings the toys and Mihika asks Ruhi to first eat and then play. Ruhi asks Ishita can she play. Ishita says drink the milkshake and play. Mihika asks Ishita to freshen up. Mihika says she has high fever and Ruhi worries for Ishita.

The doctor checks Ishita and says its high fever. Ruhi asks what happened to her. He says you trouble your mum, so she got ill. Ruhi and Ishita deny this. He asks her to get medicines and take rest, as her leg sprain can get fever, and asks is there any stress. Ishita says she feels tired, nothing else. He asks Ruhi to take care of her mum and leaves. Ishita says I will get fine as my Ruhi is with me. Ruhi says I m getting water for you. The doctor says he wrote sleeping pills for her, for two days, she will feel better by sleep. Mihika says fine, and says she will not have it, but she can get more unwell, have to do something.

Shagun comes home to take her medical reports and Mihika says Ashok is not at home, come later. Shagun says what will Ashok do, I did not come to stay, I will take docs and go. Mihika says its my bedroom, you can’t go. Shagun asks why is she sweating so much. Mihika says you can’t go there. Shagun says move and goes upstairs. She does not find anyone there. Mihika asks her to go. Shagun looks for her docs and asks did she hide this.

Mihika says I m not interested, I will call police. Shagun says she will get docs, but she will not forget this behavior. Mihika says fine, leave now. Shagun thinks why is Mihika so nervous, there is something fishy. Mihika says leave. Shagun sees Ruhi’s shoes and says I got this, tell me where did you hide Ishita and Ruhi, I was doubting on you, tell me where did you hide them. Mihika asks her to go. Shagun says call police, even they are findingIshita and Ruhi. She looks for them and checks the bathroom. She says Ishita will spend her life in jail, where is she. Mihika says they are not here, leave.

Mihika thinks where are they, if not here. Shagun checks the entire house. She says I m warning you, tell me, you did Ruhi’s kidnapping with Ishita. Mihika says nonsense. Shagun says I will send you to jail too, I know they are here. She leaves. Mihika says Shagun will do a big scene, where is Ishita and Ruhi. Ishita and Ruhi are on the way in taxi. She recalls in FB how she heard Shagun’s voice and left from there.

Ruhi says we did not say bye to Mihika. Ishita says its such game. Ishita says why can’t we take luggage. Ishita says its challenging game. Ruhi says yes, we will win. Ruhi asks when will the game end. Ishita asks why, are you tired. Ruhi says no, you got fever and leg pain. Ishita covers up and prays to Lord that Shagun should not get Ruhi. Ruhi asks shall we call Papa. Ishita cries. Ruhi asks is she fine. Ishita says I m okay and hugs her.

A doctor comes to meet Mr. Bhalla. Mr. Bhala introduces him and asks what will he have. The doctor says I just came, I felt to confirm from you, I was called for visit, I saw Madam’s sister and her daughter, as she has fever, I recollected its your bahu and grandchild. They ask where did he see. The doctor says Ashok Khanna’s nameplate was there. Raman asks what happened. The doctor says she had some fever. Raman asks will she be there. The doctor says yes, she may stay there.

Ishita and Ruhi come to some hotel. Ruhi asks her to rest and takes care of her. The room service guy comes and asks will she have anything. Ruhi asks for medicines. Ishita asks him to get the medicines and put DND tag. Raman comes to Mihika’s place and asks for Ishita and Ruhi. Mihika says they went, Shagun came and Ishita should have known she is finding them, and they went leaving bags here. Raman says where will I find them. He gets a call from Ruhi. Ruhi cries and asks him to come soon, as Ishita is not well. He asks where is she. She says hotel. She asks which one. She says don’t know. He asks her to check diary and say the name. She says yes, hotel sunstar. He says I coming.

Raman comes there and hugs Ruhi crying. He says Ishita I came, everything will be fine, see Ruhi is with us. Raman brings them home. She takes care of Ishita by putting wet cloth on her forehead. He apologizes to her. She opens her eyes and sees she is at home. He says she is at home. She asks where is Ruhi. He says stop, you can’t walk, your leg has multiple fractures. He says no one will take Ruhi. She says you said this before too. He says trust me. She asks how, can you promise me Shagun won’t take her. He says we are filing petition in court. She says decision can in her favor too. He says I m sure we will get decision in our favor. She says you are not convinced, we are husband and wife and should share everything, you have hidden this and see I m losing my daughter. He says I realize it, and I can’t live without you and Ruhi, everything will be fine. He hugs her and they cry. She sleeps and he sits by her side crying. Yeh hai mohabbatein………………plays…………

The judge asks Raman is this his sign. Raman says yes. He says then its agreement that he will give Ruhi to Shagun. Ishita says Ruhi can’t stay with Shagun, she can’t sleep or eat without me, she does not like Shagun. The judge says she did irresponsible work to take the girl and run, and asks her not to argue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. which is ur fav character in yhm?

  2. i like ruhi most

  3. Oh soo poor yar ishita kita miss karahi hai ishita ko

  4. answr guys

  5. Thnk u soo much mizun

  6. Simran
    mere fav. character hai. ……..
    …….IshRaRuh. …

    1. Teeno fav. hai. ..kisi ek ko choose karna bahut difficult hai. …….IshRaRuh is the best. …

  7. hii guyz hw r u ?
    palak prayosha mizun n all
    accept angel

  8. Simran I like ishraruh d most

  9. simran mere bhi fav character ishraruh hi hai.aakhir wahi toh iss serial ki jaan hai.

  10. Ishita and Ruhi are back in Bhalla
    house, after a scene at Ashok-
    Mihika’s house where Shagun reached
    by yelling on Iyer sisters. Ishita’s bad
    health gets her on a wheelchair and
    she does not have hope to end the
    court case. She decides to send Ruhi
    for few days, till the matter gets
    solved. Shagun and Adi are back
    again at Bhalla house, like dropping in
    every hour to take Ruhi. Ishita asks
    Ruhi to go to stay with Shagun, as its
    matter of few days. Ruhi says she
    does not want to go and hugs Ishita.
    Raman turns his face being helpless
    to view this scene and not able to do
    anything. Ishita and entire Bhalla
    family cries for Ruhi, and fails to save
    her from Shagun.
    Shagun takes Ruhi and is glad that she
    has hurt Ishita on her weakness and
    regards this as her biggest victory.
    Shagun knows Ruhi wants to be with
    Ishita and it will be difficult to deal
    with Ruhi now. She knows Adi is
    strong and she gets tensed that Adi is
    favoring Ishita more. Adi stays with
    Bhallas and sees Ishita’s genuine
    tears for Ruhi. In a way, Ishita gets
    some support in Adi and Raman is
    glad that Adi is finally accepting
    Ishita. Adi feels Shagun has not done
    right to take revenge from Ishita.
    Shagun should better watch out as she
    could lose both her children Ruhi and
    Adi. Keep reading.

  11. Ruhi kab aaigi ishra ke pas jab tak ruhi nahi hai ishra kabhi close nahi hoonge

  12. Mizun aapka kounsa exam tha aaj

  13. sahi kaha unique angel.ruhi ke bina ishra ke beech bhi kuch nahi hoga.

  14. hi mizun,angel,rithushree and all YHM fans
    even iam a vry big fan ofISHRA

  15. Mujhe yeh track bilkul bhi pasan nahi aaraha makers plzz bring ruhi back to ishra

  16. but little diappointed with karan’s engagement
    do u all guys like that girl ankita

  17. disappointed

  18. Angel mere exams abhi start nahin hoye hai. ….

  19. Renuka ankita is gud we cant do anything its their personal life. evn I feel lil jealous but cant do any thing its their personal mater

  20. Bye guys. .padna hai. …bad mai milte hai

  21. my fav character is ruhi

  22. simran mere bhi fvt ishraruh……..un theenom tho jaan hai yhm ki………….vise angel ne theek hi kaha tha ki jab thak ruh vaapas nahi ayegi thab tak hame kuch nahi milega dhek ne keliye ishra ka scence…………….

  23. Hiiiii….yhm friends……

  24. hi,anand…bohot time bAd mile… Aj v college nehi tha??? Aj all bangladesh par holiday…

    1. College tha…..aur college me. …hi the…..

  25. Ishita is good and not the typical cruel step mom. But don’t you think her paranoia and obsession about Ruhi is too much exaggeration that she behaved like a cruel thief taking away the child without her husband’s permission as if only she loves the kid. This is pure selfishness and she didn’t bother to leave behind her old parents for this kid. What sort of a love is this? Crazy woman. What if the court gives the custody to shagun? Will Ishita die of grief? She can love the kid as her own but cannot behave like a neurotic woman.

    1. YHM 533 votes se aage hai……yippeeee….

  26. Time to soak up some high dose of
    The conflict between Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) and Shagun (Anita
    Hassanandani) has kept viewers
    hooked to their TV screens. And now
    the ambience will get more
    emotionally charged up in Star Plus’
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Balaji
    Telefilms) with Shagun locking horns
    with Ishita and dragging her to the
    As viewers would know that the
    current track showed Ishita at
    Mihika’s (Mihika Varma) place along
    with Ruhi (Ruhaanika Dhawan). Now
    Shagun will get a whiff of the same
    and she will come to take Ruhi away.
    Although Raman (Karan Patel) and the
    family would try all means to stop her,
    she will take the child with her.
    Shares a source, “With the case
    reaching the court, the judge would be
    furious at Ishita for running away with
    Ruhi. The family would try hard to
    explain the situation but he would not
    relent and ask Ruhi to stay with
    This will shock the family and seeing
    Ruhi all teary eyed going away with
    Shagun, hearts will weep in pain. The
    otherwise feeble Ishita will suddenly
    gain courage and challenge Shagun
    that she will get Ruhi back within the
    next 48 hours. She will also promise
    Ruhi that she will do everything to get
    her back.
    What will Ishita do now? Will she
    manage to fulfill her pledge?

  27. Yes yes yes………ab Iahita ne 48 hours ka chellange diya hai to ab Ruhi 1week se jyada IshRa se dur nahi rahegi……..

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