Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simmi coming to Mrs. Bhalla and telling her everything. Mrs. Bhalla requests Amma not to go and tell the clients the truth about Raman and Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita harmed Raman a lot, but now she is helping him, those clients are very important, they think Ishita and Raman are husband and wife, so be quiet, it will be a big favor. Amma is shocked. Mrs. Bhalla requests further and asks her to please be quiet for some time. Amma agrees. Mrs. Bhalla is happy and thanks the Lord. She thanks Amma and leaves.

Amma says I m agreeing because of motherly love, where did this go when they broke my Ishita’s engagement, I won’t let Ishita become a part of this lie, never. Mrs. Bhalla tells Simmi not to worry, as everything is fine. Simmi thanks the Lord. Mrs. Bhalla goes to the storeroom and leaves from the compound. Appa and Mr. Bhalla are happy seeing Ishita and Raman together with Ruhi. Appa smiles seeing them. Mihika meets Rumi and he greets her Happy Lohri. She gives him sweets and wishes him happy Lohri. He takes her to dance. She dances with Rumi and Mihir watches her and is upset.

The Tandons are having a laugh. Shweta says you both are a perfect couple. Raman asks Mihir to find out about their flight. Mihir says there is much traffic. Rajeev says then we should leave now. Raman is happy. Rajeev says we have to go to out hotel and pack, so we will leave. Mrs. Bhalla is in the storeroom finding out flowers. Amma locks the door from outside. Mihir sees Amma outside the storeroom and wonders what she is doing here. Amma says now stop me, I will go and play their band. Mrs. Bhalla knocks the door and asks anyone to open it.

Mihir also leaves as he has to see off Tandons. Amma comes in the compound. Vandu says talk to Ishita once, don’t do anything. Amma says Ishita is innocent. Amma goes after Ishita and Raman. No one hears Mrs. Bhalla’s voice. She bangs the door. Bala tells everything to Appa and he is worried. Mrs. Bhalla feels unwell. The Tandons leave. Appa stops Amma and Bala says Amma please enough. Raman and Ishita see off Tandons. Mrs. Bhalla faints.

Raman thanks Ishita for helping him. Ishita says I did this for Ruhi, not for you, but you made me do this drama, I m taking Ruhi and leaving now. Amma comes there shouting on Raman. Vandu tries to stop Amma. Amma says how dare you Raman, involve my daughter in your lie, I will show your real face to everyone, he did this whole drama only for a contract, he used me daughter. Ishita says listen to me, what are you doing. Amma says Raman Kumar, you think you have bought us, they have sent us to jail, took advantage of Ishita’s innocence, charged Ishita of Ruhi’s kidnapping, broke her marriage, and now using her for your client, making her your wife.

Simmi says Amma has went mad, its good Tandons left. Raman says enough, you told a lot, I did not force her, ask your daughter, I requested her and she agreed. Amma says thats her problem, she is very nice who takes care of everyone. Raman says see…… Ishita says everyone are seeing, it does not look good. Appa says come home. People gossip about this. Appa apologizes to everyone for ruining the festival. He takes Amma with him. Vandu says what Amma, look at you, Ishita is not a kid, she did this after thinking, we will talk to you.

Appa sas don’t you trust your daughter, do you thin Ishita can take a wrong decision. Ruhi talks to Ishita and asks why were everyone fighting. Ishita pacifies her. Mr. Bhalla sees them and meets Ruhi. Ishita apologizes on Amma’s behalf. Mr. Bhalla thanks her for bringing Ruhi. Ishita says shall I drop her home. Mr. Bhalla hugs Ruhi and she cries. He says you have always taken care of Ruhi, I m sorry.

Ishita says I don’t feel bad for myself, I feel bad for her, she is seeing this at this age, she always be scared, they are thinking to send her to hostel. Mr. Bhalla is shocked. Mr. Bhalla says you always wanted good for Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla missed her a lot, if you wait, she will also meet her. Ishita says fine, go and bring her. Mr. Bhalla goes to find his wife.

He calls Simmi and Rinki and asks them to send Mrs. Bhalla down. Simmi tries to look out for Mrs. Bhalla. Everyone search Mrs. Bhalla. Mr. Bhalla is puzzled knowing Mrs. Bhalla is misisng. Ruhi asks where is Dadi. Simmi tells Raman that mum is missing she went to store room to bring flowers then she disappeared. Everyone looks on and says store room. The guards open the store room and find Mrs. Bhalla. They call Bhalla family. Amma and Iyers are looking out hearing the sound.

Ishita and Ruhi also see Mrs. Bhalla. Ruhi asks what happened to Dadi. The Bhalla are shocked. Ishita cares for Mrs. Bhalla and says her BP is very low. The guard says she was in store room and it was locked from outside. Simmi asks how did she get lock inside. Raman is shocked.

Mihir tells Raman that he saw Amma locking the door. Raman scolds Amma and says she would have died. Amma is ashamed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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