Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla seeing a punjabi girl for Raman. The girl asks Mrs. Bhalla to eat light food. Mrs. Bhalla likes her a lot. Mr. Bhalla also have a laugh. The girl’s mum asks why did Raman’s furst marriage break. Mrs. Bhalla says his wife was shameless. Ruhi hears this and comes to ask Ishita whats shameless, my Dadi told me that my mum shameless, why did my mum left me, was she bad. Ishita says mums are never bad, mum is a fairy, and your mum was also a fairy. Ishita thinks of talking to Raman about this matter but thinks how.

Mihir meets Mihika near the park. She scolds him for coming late. Mihir gets Raman’s call and says he will be coming soon. Mihika says sometimes I feel you should marry Raman. Mihir says he is more than a brother for

me. Mihika says if we three are in a boat and that boat is going to sink, whom would you save. Mihir says Raman, and then I would have jumped as I can’t live without you. Amma sees Mihika with Mihir. She says Soumya was right, that Mihika is having an affair. Mihika says Mihir is a punjabi girl. Amma scolds her and says I can’t break Soumya’s trust, go back to Chennai tomorrow.

Mihika packs her bag and says I won’t marry anyone else. Ishita pacifies Mihika and says its very touch to get true love. She says if this love is true, it will find its way, thats the power of love. She says my and Subbu’s love was not true, but it did not reach the destination. Mihika says you will also get true love, and I love you, trust me. She hugs Ishita and says you are right, I won’t go now. Mihika talks to Amma and says I have decided I won’t go from Delhi till I get my love. She says I won’t meet Mihir till Amma permits me.

Amma is still annoyed. Rama comes to a corporate party. A guy is shown coming in. He comes to Raman and greets him. He is Raman’s rival Mr. Ashok Khanna. He says Raman started his career under me, my training, and his hardwork and he is successful. Raman says yes, I have learnt a lot from you. Ashok says so you are standing against me in my next project, it will be fun. He says you are going good and came to my level. Raman says pity on you, I don’t have to do anything to come to your level. Ashok says you really changed, from your Champu hair and bad spects. Raman says I have changed and the bad things have gone.

Raman thinks about Shagun. Even she is in the party. She hugs Ashok and is shocked to see Raman. Ashok says we are late jaan, lets go. Shagun goes with him. Raman gets angry seeing her. Ashok tells Shagun are you embarrassed seeing your ex husband. He was saying that all the bad things have gone from his life. Shagun says shall we leave now. Raman thinks of her and Shagun. He drinks a lot and thinks about her.

Raman is coming home thinking about her and Shagun’s love moments. He gets angry. He reaches home and is unable to walk properly. He is not in his senses and comes home drunk. The girl meets him and he asks who are you. She says i m your future. Mrs. Bhalla says she in Vinni and I chose her for you, talk to her. She says Vinni made the food. Raman says I don’t want to get married and asks the guests to leave after having food and not talk about marriage. Vinni’s mum asks Mrs. Bhalla wahts happening. Mrs. Bhalla goes to talk to Raman and asks why is he rejecting her selection.

He says I did not select anyone. Mrs. Bhalla says I know everything and ask him to have dinner and meet the girl. Raman comes to them and says if you don’t go, I will go. He says till they are here, I won’t have dinner.

Raman comes downstairs. He calls Ashok and Shagun takes the call He says can I talk to Ashok. She asks who is speaking. He says Raman. He says till I give divorce to you, you both can’t marry, so if you don’t mind can I talk to your friend Ashok. Ashok takes the phone and talks to him. Raman says I called you to tell you that I will ruin you, our fight has started now. I will ruin you so that she leaves you too. He says you were more successful than me so she left me, but when you get ruined, she will leave you and go to someone else. He says the time will change soon. He says I m showing you your future, start counting your days. Shagun asks what happened. Ashok says he was warning me. She asks about what. He says forget it.

Ishita sees Raman and does not know he is angry. She comes to him and says i wnat to talk about Ruhi. He says I told you that you don’t need to talk about Ruhi. Ishita says I feel very strongly for Ruhi. He says I know why you care about her. She says anyways, I need to talk about your wife. She says I m sure your wife might be very nice, but why did your mum call her shameless, I don’t know what happened between you and your wife. But you won’t let Ruhi call her that, right. Vinni says Mrs. Bhalla that your son is so rude, lets go mum. They leave.

Mrs. Bhalla says we need to talk to Raman. Mr, Bhalla says you go and talk to him, I won’t. Mrs. Bhalla sees Raman and Ishita and thinks about Raman talking well about Ishita and Amma’s words. Mrs. Bhalla stops Ishita and asks her to be away from Raman. She says don’t try to trap my son. Amma comes there and is happy to see Ishita with Raman. She greets Raman and asks him to come inside. Mrs. Bhalla taunts her. Amma says is this the one whose photo is on your computer.

Raman calls Ishita and Amma gold diggers. Ishita scolds him. Raman says your Amma came to my office to check my pay slip. Ishita is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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