Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Parmeet reaches Pihu to kidnap her

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman saying Parmeet has done all this and made Simmi do wrong things, its not her fault. Inspector says its good she realized her mistakes, we have to arrest her as he was the partner in crime. Ishita says we should support her, she is giving statement to get Parmeet caught. Inspector says I understand, but magistrate will decide this, we have to arrest her, sorry. Simmi says fine, I m ready for bearing punishment, this is my repentance. Raman asks Simmi how did she think he will let her get arrested. He says I have already applied for anticipatory bail for Simmi. Inspector says fine, we will wait. Raman says you realized your mistake, that’s fine. He asks inspector to arrest Parmeet, he is dangerous for everyone, he can do anything. Inspector says don’t worry. Pihu talks to Riya. Riya says come with me in bus. Pihu says no, Ruhi is coming to pick me, she said she will get me an icecream. Parmeet comes there. Ruhi says maybe its going to rain heavily today. Pihu thinks there is somewhere and goes to see.

Riya calls her. Raman, Ishita and Simmi are on the way. Ishita signs Raman and talks about baby. She says he likes to talk in babies’ language. Simmi asks Raman to stop the car. She gets down the car and goes away. Simmi recalls Parmeet and cries. Ishita says she is crying. They go to Simmi. Simmi says stay back, beat me, forgive me for everything. Raman hugs her and consoles. She says Im really bad. He says you aren’t bad, you were frustrated after losing Ananya, stop apologizing now. Simmi asks Ishita to forgive her. Ishita says come home with us, we have forgotten it, you also forget it. Ruhi attends call and says so Pihu will come with you, great. Raman and Ishita come home with Simmi. Raman says Simmi got the bail, how could we leave her. Mrs. Bhalla asks are you fine. Simmi says I want to stay alone. Mrs. Bhalla hugs her. They cry.

Mihika asks Simmi to ward off bad sight from Adi. Simmi takes baby in arms and smiles. Ruhi says Miss Saniyal called and said Pihu will come with all kids. Ishita goes to cook. She says Ruhi, we have to not talk to Simmi about Parmeet, we have to bring her back to normal. They all ask Simmi to cook something. Simmi says I won’t be able to make it. Raman says fine, I thought of having butter chicken prepared by you, its okay, please make it. Simmi says I will make tasty butter chicken that all our grudges end. He jokes. He asks Mrs. Bhalla not to worry, family’s support is biggest strength. Simmi serves the curry to everyone. Ishita says Pihu got late, what did Saniyal say. Ruhi says she didn’t say any time. Ishita says call her and ask. Ruhi says her phone is switched off. Ishita calls out Raman and says Pihu didn’t come home, Saniyal’s phone is off. He says wait, don’t worry, I have other number. Pihu says why didn’t you send me with friends, I want to go home. Saniyal says your family member called that they will come and pick you, wait for some time, they will be here soon. Pihu says I want to play with Adi.

Saniyal says I have no network in phone because of rains. They hear landline ringing. Saniyal asks which phone is ringing. They see the landline. Saniyal answers Raman’s call and says its good you called, you didn’t come to pick Pihu, she is getting bored. He says we got a call that you will drop her. She says we didn’t call you. He says Oh God, i will come and pick it. Parmeet removes the wire. Saniyal says phone got disconnected, Raman said he is coming, he will take some time. Raman says they said they didn’t call us. Ruhi says I spoke to them. She shows the number. Ishita says its unknown number. Raman says someone gave us wrong info, this call was disconnected. Simmi worries. Parmeet gets a clown costume and says this time we will play a game, we will talk to Simmi directly. Raman says we will have to go there. Simmi says I will also come, Parmeet is doing this to take revenge from me. They leave.

Shagun sees some pics and smiles. She says amazing presentation, its a charity event, the funds raised will go to my NGO, I have to make sure that all the tickets get sold. Mani says yes, show will be houseful, this cheque is a small contribution from my side. The man says our group will perform on Jai ho song, we have organized some games as well. Some men come. The man says many kids will be there, so we have arranged magician and joker. Mani says yes, kids will be entertained. Shagun says clown will be entertaining. Another man comes and says sorry, I got late, my costume is missing, I was performing in kids’ birthday party, a man came there to hire me, I took him to green room, I went to attend a call, that man and my costume were missing. Shagun says its okay, there is no need to worry, you can see some party pics and like any clown costume, we will rent it out. The man checks pics and shows Parmeet in the pic. He says he is the same man who has stolen my costume. Shagun asks are you sure. The man says yes, it was him. Parmeet gets dressed as the clown.

Pihu gets shocked seeing the clown. Raman, Ishita and Simmi look for Pihu. Pihu hides.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I hope Simmi is not pretending,and what in god’s name is Parmeet up to? He never gives up he and his nasty self they should come together and beat the living day light outta him.

  2. Hi all … Please pray for Kerala ….for the states speedy recovery . Thank you .

  3. Hey VP, what is going on in Kerala, my mutassi Subhalaxmi lives in Cochi and I haven’t heard what is up but I will be praying and I will call grams, I haven’t talked 2 her in 3 months. I hope everything goes well in Kerala. ✌

    1. kerala is almost destroyed by the rain and flood.35 out of its 39 dams were opened ,flooding almost 10 major districts.till date an approximate of 200 people have died.the idduki and mullaperiyar dam which was not opened in last 50 yrs ,was opened this yr bcuz the situation became so totally flooded idduki,Ernakulam,nd thrissur. the train and bus services to the state was blocked. the state is facing a vast destruction closing to 20 crore. I’m sure it was on all major news channels.

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