Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita attending Pooja. She talks to Pooja’s doctor and follows the steps. Pammi panics and asks Ishita to do something. Ishita says we came back home, can you come here. She says how will I reach, if you could not come. She says you have to deliver the baby. Ishita asks how. She says you are doctor, you have medical knowledge, you have to do this. Ishita says I don’t have practical knowledge, I m dentist. Everyone ask Ishita to do anything. Ishita gets worried and says fine, I will do. The doctor says you can do this. Ishita asks the doctor to guide her. Ishita asks Romi to bring hot water and Parmeet to bring first aid. She asks the women to bring cotton bedsheets.

Romi tells Mrs. Bhalla that Ishita will be doing Pooja’s delivery. Mrs. Bhalla prays for the baby and Ishita should not do any mistake. Ishita and all the women try to do the delivery. All the men stand outside waiting. Ram chandra……………plays……………… Ishita talks to the doctor. Pooja delivers the baby. Ishita holds the baby. Romi hears it and is very happy. All the men are happy. Romi says Ishita did great thing. Ishita smiles and shows the baby to Pooja. She says its a daughter. Everyone smile. Raman is still on the road. He says I have to take doctor as a lady is pregnant in my apartment. He argues with the inspector.

Raman scolds the inspector. Raman gets a call from Romi. Romi says Pooja got a baby girl, Ishita did the delivery. Raman can’t believe this. Romi says come soon. Raman smiles and says Ishita did the delivery, great. He says is she a dentist, or a magician, maybe she knows black magic. He starts leaving and sees Shagun with the police. He asks Shagun what is he doing here. The inspector asks Raman to drop Shagun home. Raman says come. Raman and Shagun are on the way. Shagun says thanks, Ashok would have picked me, maybe he is stuck somewhere, he will be in tension worried about me.

Ashok calls Shagun. She says I m on my way, someone is dropping me, don’t worry I m coming. Raman says I don’t need explanations. Shagun says I want to say others care about me. Raman says I don’t care, I m helping you for the sake of humanity.

Pooja is happy seeing her daughter. Everyone claps for Ishita. Pammi thanks Ishita and says you are a Devi for us. She says my blessings are with you. Simmi says Ishita is our hero. Amma says you did a great work today. Pooja thanks Ishita. Ishita says I will bring honey. Bala’s mum is angry hearing praises. Shagun comes home with Raman. The servant says I told Ashok to look for you, but he said she will come herself, he is drinking. Raman smiles and says see how much Ashok worries about you. Shagun is angry. Raman says go to your boyfriend, as I have to go home where my wife and daughter are genuinely waiting for me. He leaves.

Ishita comes home and asks for honey. Appa and Mr. Bhalla praise Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says she is my bahu and hugs her. Ishita says I did not do anything, it was a miracle. Ruhi comes and says I want to see the small baby. Ishita says you can see him later. Mrs. Bhalla asks the baby is fine, right. Ishita says yes, perfect. Ruhi says I want to see please, I will not touch her. Ishita agrees and takes her.

Pammi tells Amma that Ishita did a great thing. They say we have seen the importance of educated girls. Amma says I m proud of her. Pammi says her values are so nice, I will ask her to make the baby taste honey. She asks Ishita to do it. Ishita says how can I. Amma smiles. Ishita is happy and takes the honey on her finger. Bala’s mum says 1 min. Ishita stops. Bala’s mum says I don’t stay here, but I have to say one thing, its a good day today and Ishita did great work but its very auspicious and big ritual to make the baby taste honey, but actually Ishita is Baanch (barren woman). Ishita and Amma are shocked.

Bala’s mum says will you make her do this ritual. Amma asks her what is she saying. Bala’s mum sorry, there should be no bad luck. She asks Pammi to decide. Ishita cries. She says Ishita has saved a girl but what if she brings bad luck in her life, you will blame Ishita later. Pammi says its fine Ishita, I will make the baby taste honey, as I m baby’s Nani. Ishita is hurt. Bala’s mum smiles. Amma supports Ishita. Ruhi runs and comes home.

She asks Mrs. Bhalla what is Baanch. Mrs. Bhalla asks who told you. Mrs. Bhalla says the woman who can’t give a child is called such. Ruhi says I will come. Mr. Bhalla says lets go and see, looks like something is wrong. Ruhi stops Ishita and answers everyone. She tells Bala’s mum what do you think of yourself, how dare you tell my Ishi Maa that, can’t you see she is my mum, I m her daughter. Ishita cries. Ruhi says my grandma says its a bad word, how can you tell that. She says she is my mum. Teri bechaini ka teri tanhai ka…………….. plays…………… Ruhi hugs Ishita. Amma smiles. Mr. Bhalla and Appa come there and see everything. Raman also comes and is happy seeing this.

Raman scolds Bala’s mum and taunts her. He calls her mind a dirty one and she is after Ishita always.

Update Credit to: Amena

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