Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Aaliya-Rohan’s Roka ceremony

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mani asking Mihika to keep the gifts inside. Everyone hugs and smiles. Mani thanks Mrs. Bhalla for wonderful decorations. He says I m happy and nervous. Raman says I should be nervous for my daughter’s marriage. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, she is daughter of both of you. They laugh. Mr. Bhalla says no mobile pics today, I have called a photographer for pics. Shagun goes to get Aaliya. Raman knocks and comes. He says its a big day for you, this is happening by your wish. Aaliya says Rohan loves me a lot, this is happening so soon. He says I will talk to you like your dad, you are like Ruhi for me, your fear is justified, life doesn’t give second chance to everyone, Rohan is a nice guy and loves you. She says but can I love him. He says who said every relation starts by

love, respect and trust are the foundation, Ishita and I couldn’t stand each other, now we can’t think of living without each other, love happens on own if relation has respect and trust, you also respect him like he respects you.

Shagun says yes, he is right, you should marry the one who loves you, look at me, Mani loves me so much, I never thought I will love him so much, we get attracted to a good person, Rohan is nice, you will fall in love with him, don’t think much. Raman jokes. He says he is a good guy, he loves you. They hug. Ruhi comes and hugs them. She asks Aaliya to come. Raman hugs Rohan. Mr. Bhalla introduces Mani and Shagun to Kaushalya. Kaushalya says I m better now. Karan says mom got excited for Rohan’s marriage. Raman and Ishita apologize. Kaushalya says it wasn’t your mistake, don’t be sorry, where is my bahu. Mihika gets Aaliya. Mrs. Bhalla and others do the Roka rituals. Everyone smiles. Karan asks Rohan and Aaliya to say something for each other in poetic way. He says I will say one for Ruhi. He does shayari and jokes on her. Ruhi also does shayari to joke on Karan. Rohan and Aaliya also does nice shayari.

Mani gives them gifts. Mrs. Bhalla does the aarti and tika to Aaliya and Rohan. Raman asks Rohan to come for a talk. Raman gets a box and sees Adi’s pic. He says I wanted to give this to Adi, but he… I m giving this to you now. Rohan says thanks for this watch and trusting me, I m glad that you regard me your son. Raman says no, you aren’t my son, don’t become like him, Adi has given many sorrows to Aaliya, I hope you keep her happy. He warns Rohan. Rohan says I promise I will keep Aaliya happy. Raman says I m not so rude, I m just worried for Aaliya. Ishita says Raman planned surprise, Roka and navratri can’t be complete without Garba. Everyone plays garba. Chogada….plays…. The photographer develops the pics.

Its morning, Ishita says physiotherapist is happy with Raman’s fast recovery. Raman says yes, don’t get after me. Amma says Raman can do all the work now. Ishita says don’t miss the physio sessions. Raman says fine, don’t take stress. Mihika asks Romi to have breakfast. She says Romi was working late night. Romi says I have to go and check files, you attend investors. Ishita asks him to have breakfast. Ruhi shows lahenga for Aaliya. Everyone likes it. Ruhi says its designer lahenga, its for 25 lakhs. Romi asks what, who wears such costly lahenga. Raman says we will manage, its Aaliya’s remarriage. Mrs. Bhalla says we will take it. Romi goes. Ishita thinks Romi is worried. A man comes to studio and asks him to shoot the event. The photographer says I have shot a roka ceremony yesterday. He shows the pics to the man. The man sees Ishita’s pic and thinks this woman is hiding here, I have to show this to Sir.

The man clicks Ishita’s pics and hides. Ishita leaves in her car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think such a set him up to do that

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