Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Neeti calls Arijit her dad

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thia saying those people would be good, so Neeti is recovering soon. Arijit scolds her. He says I can’t tell them my relation with Neeti, just get lost. Aaliya says Arijit has my phone, if he knows Ruhi didn’t send the messages, it will be a big problem. Karan says let me check. Arijit comes and says my friend called me to wish for Diwali. Ishita asks about the place. Arijit says this place is not in London, but countryside, I don’t know much about it, sorry, my friends live there, they maybe knowing this, if you forward me these pics, I can ask them. Aaliya says sure. Arijit asks can I use the washroom. Yug takes him. Neeti feels the food spicy. Mihika says have sweets, I will get water.

Yug says let me know if you want anything. He goes. Arijit looks outside. Ishita asks what is Neeti doing, mihika says don’t worry, I have locked the room, I came to take water. Yug says Arijit is inside, he said he will come. Ishita says don’t leave him alone. Yug goes back. Arijit looks for Neeti. Yug says washroom is that way. Arijit says sorry, I was confused. Yug asks him to come. Neeti knocks the door. She shouts. Arijit says some sound. Yug says nothing, just come. Mihika says she is shouting, right. They all rush. Yug says I will check, you sit. Arijit says my child….

Mihika opens the door. Mihika asks what happened, are you fine. Everyone comes. Raman says no one will meet her, she is scared. Mihika says we all are here. Neeti sees Arijit and says Papa…. They all look at Arijit. Raman asks are you Neeti’s dad. Arijit asks won’t I identify her, come on. Neeti faints down. They worry.

Mihika asks them to go out. Arijit says strange, who is that girl, is she your relative, I haven’t seen her before, it means she has mental trauma. Raman says she isn’t our relative, her name is Neeti Guha, we got her in hospital and then someone disappeared her, we got her in market and got her home. Ishita says Neeti called you dad, don’t you know her. Arijit says I don’t know her, trust me. Yug and Karan ask how much will you lie, Neeti called you his dad. Arijit asks if she calls you dad, will you accept it. Karan says we can’t trust him. Arijit says I have no respect.

Ishita stops Karan. She apologizes to Arijit. She says I m curious to know, why did she call you dad. Arijit says trust me, I don’t know her, you all doubt me, let me think, maybe she has seen me somewhere, or her dad’s face resembles me, from where is she, what’s her full name, I can help. Ishita says she is Neeti Guha, she stays in London, she has made that sketch. Arijit says okay, she is from London, I will see her sketches again.

He says how is this possible, how did I miss this. Ishita asks what. Arijit says I know these sketches and also the initial, how is this possible, no…. He sits crying. Raman asks what’s the matter. Arijit says I know its very awkward, its too personal, I shouldn’t tell this, but situation is such, these sketches are made by Namita, we had an affair 18 years ago, we loved each other a lot, but we had a big fight some day, Namita left me, I tried to convince her, I learnt that she came to India, her room mate told me that she is pregnant, it means she was pregnant, she didn’t tell me and came here, I came to India and searched for her, I didn’t get her, it means she was in London all these years, Neeti is my daughter, she is Namita and my daughter, Namita showed my pics to Neeti, she would have made us meet.

He thinks I hope they believe my fake story, then I can take my daughter with me. Sanjay comes to Bhuvan. He laughs and says you get scared a lot. Bhuvan says we are in enemy’s area. Sanjay says Arijit is smart, nothing will happen to him. Appa comes with flowers and gifts. He asks Sanjay to help him. Sanjay picks the gifts. Ishita asks are you sure, Neeti is your daughter. Arijit says this proves it, why would she call me dad. Raman says Namita didn’t call you. Arijit says yes, I regret it, if she told this to our common friend, I guess she got married, so she wants to hide Neeti from me, Neeti is back, like she called me Papa, she is my daughter, let me take her with me, give me my daughter please. Mihika says no way, Neeti won’t go anywhere. Arijit says she is my daughter, why are you stopping her. Mihika says she isn’t in such mental condition, she is comfortable here, what’s the guarantee, you will keep her fine. Arijit says I have right on my daughter. Karan asks can you tell me where is Namita. Arijit cries.

Arijit says I have tried a lot, I didn’t know about him, did you learn anything. He meets Raman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. God when will this serial get off air.the actress has become fatter than a hippo n the characters are all way beyond theraphy

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