Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Raman traps Sahil

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Mihika and Ruhi getting Aaliya. Yug and everyone smile. Raman says until we get the puja items, we can make groom and bride dance. Yug gets on knees and asks for Aaliya’s hand. Bulaave aaj….plays… They dance. Raman says I got the items list, I will just come. Mani, Bala, Karan and Rohan take the bags. Rohan says maybe I have pain in my shoulder. Raman says take care, listen, everyone go to different directions, bag is imp. Munna records the pics and sends to Sahil. Sahil says one of the bag has proof against me. He checks Raman’s pic and says Raman is acting smart with me, Raman likes to play games. He asks Munna is he alone there. He asks Shamshad to find out, why didn’t his men leave. He asks Munna to follow Rohan and get all details. He scolds Shamshad. He

says Raman and Ishita, it won’t be good to get enmity with me, I m Sahil Shah.

Raman comes home and lies to Raman about the items. Mr. Bhalla says call Bala, Mani and Rohan, they went to get items. Raman says Rohan went to his office, Bala and Mani will come soon. Mihika calls Raman and shows the garland. She says look at this, its not auspicious now. FB shows Raman apologizing and tearing the garlands. Raman goes to Vishal and says give me your bike keys, I have to get garlands. Vishal says I will get it. Raman says you be here, I will just come. Raman signs Ishita and goes. Sahil sees the video footage and says Raman is going out. Ishita prays that Raman takes evidence to police. Raman calls guard. Guard gets the bag to him. Raman takes the bag and leaves on the bike.

Sahil’s men come there. Sahil calls them and asks did you reach. The man says Raman isn’t here, our bike broke down and we got late. Sahil says don’t waste time, go to Bhalla house, keep a watch on Ishita. He threatens the man. The man asks how will we do upstairs. He sees some waiters going. Munna follows Rohan and tells Sahil that Rohan is in a cab, he is roaming around. Sahil says follow him. He calls Shamshad and says I have sent you Rohan’s location, just do what I said, I want to see who wins in this game now. He gets Manish’s call. Manish tells about Mani. Sahil says fine, Shamshad will tell you what to do. Sahil’s men come in with the food. Shagun asks them to serve the guests. Yug and Aaliya smile. Pandit says my assistant didn’t come, can those men help me. The man says I don’t know all this. Pandit says just do as I say. Yug sits for Varpuja. Aaliya goes with Shagun. She says last time, Yug and my marriage didn’t happen, we were close to lose lives, what if anything wrong happens. Shagun says no negative thoughts, we want you and Yug to stay happy. Ruhi comes and says I have stolen Yug’s shoes, I m from Aaliya’s side now.

They laugh. Shagun asks Aaliya to stay happy. Pandit asks Raman and Ishita to come. Ishita says I will call Raman. Amma says we will do the rituals. Everyone smiles. The man calls Sahil and says everything is fine. Mr. Bhalla calls Raman. Ishita asks are you calling Raman, his phone is left at home. Mr. Bhalla asks where did they disappear. She says everyone is working for marriage, go and sit, don’t worry. He says don’t know where is everyone. Sahil says Ishita thinks she is oversmart, stay alert. The man says fine, we will be careful. Sahil calls Ishita and says meet me right away, else the result will not be good.

Sahil says don’t check the bag, don’t remove it, that bag is a bomb. Rohan and Ishita get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Why dont Aliya and yug die n tat blast. Bechara rohan. How could they support aaliya ang yug only bcz he s an imposter of Adi. Adi also a cheatr. Selfish bakwash blo*dy bhallas. Agar shaina shahil such me ho.. ishu margai to raman ne shains ko apni wife soch kar shadi karogi kya… I cant tolerate aliya ka cheat for rohan

  3. I think they Rohan or his brother will die

  4. I feel sad for Rohan because I personally liked his character when he realised his mistakes and I would hate to watch him die in the blast

    1. But Raman has the real bag which has the proof.

  5. I think abieshik Malik will die in the blast but I personally think his character is good when he realised his mistakes it will be hard to watch him die tomorrow.

  6. Rohan wants to act other serial, death is not the solution. Only Yug & Alia has to die. He is a imposter and Alia worst character.

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