Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying she is tolerating a lot, Raman knows this, his love secures me, he does not say he loves me, but see our relation, we don’t need to say anything to each other, its so strong. She says my strength is your and Appa’s love. She says I have seen you both, you have been my inspiration, you don’t fight but shower love and win, you can’t blame me, my upbringing is such, my parents are so good. Amma cries. Ishita says you asked me to find my strength, my silence and patience, I know till I m patient, many people are happy, nobody can ever take me for granted. She says Shagun should behave well and follow the house rules, its good for her, else if I start seeing her, I will shut her mouth, she has seen my silent idol, she won’t be spare if my Kalimaa wakes up inside me. Amma says I m proud of you and hugs her.

She says she is scared of Shagun and Adi, its delicate thread, its risky what you are doing, this can turn around anytime, you need to be careful. She says Raman loved Shagun, he loves his son now, its not easy to solve this problem. Ishita says I will be careful and hugs her. They cry. Raman talks to Romi bringing him to office in morning. They come to know Mihir has come early. The peon says no, he was here all night, worked and had lots of coffee. Mihir is sleeping. Raman and Romi talk about him. Raman says he is working to forget himself. Let him sleep, and not disturb, come. Raman says about Mihir’s pain and heart break sound, its very painful. Romi says you are giving him promotion, he will work even more.

Raman defends hhis decision and says it will act as a light, his mind will divert and his life will come on track, he will smile again, he is hurt now, but he will overcome, see me, when I lost everything, wife and kids, and slowly everything came back. Romi says don’t make me cry now. They smile and leave. Ruhi gets ready for school. Adi says Shagun is coming back. Ruhi says so what, she is your mum. Adi says she is our mum. Ruhi says my mum is Ishi Maa. Adi asks her to come airport, they will pick her up. Ruhi refuses. Adi insists.

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He asks her to notice in storybook about stepmum. Ruhi says its just stories, Ishi Maa made everyone happy, Raman used to be sad, you don’t know anything, no one loves me more than her, you can’t make me against her. Adi says Ishita made Ruhi on her side, I have to convince her. Rinki talks to Mihir. She says she is going to gift her friends, she would have cancelled this if she knew he was coming. Mihir says I will keep coming, I m part of this house. They laugh. Rinki leaves. Ishita serves food to Mihir, and scolds him. He says thanks for making this for me, south Indian food is my fav, and talks about Mihika’s handmade food.

He asks her to sit, and says I want to talk to you. He says I can’t take it anymore, I see Mihika everywhere, I m unable to forget her, I miss her. He says I want to go away to Singapore, as Raman was going there before, I see Ashok daily and get reminded that I lost Mihika to him, I can’t take this. Ishita says life is weird and make us ready for everything, except heart break, everyone’s heart break once, and even Raman and mine. I understand you want to go Singapore, its good, maybe you will forget your pain there, you can start a new life and can come back to us, maybe wounds will heal there.

He asks does she think wounds can heal. She says life just moves on. He says Raman won’t let me go. She says I will explain him that its imp for you. He says please talk to Raman, I have to get over this. She says I know you are not leaving us. He thanks her. She says its my double duty, as your sister and Bhabhi. Raman brings Adi to pick up Shagun at the airport. Shagun comes. Adi hugs her. Raman looks on. Shagun and Adi have a talk. She says she got a gift for him. He gives her flowers and she hugs him, seeing Raman and smiling. Adi likes the gift. Shagun says she made Adi sit back as its safe. Raman says safe is not kids driving and Adi did it too. She thanks him for picking her. He asks her about her mum. She says she is better and stress free, as she knows you are taking care of me and Adi, she is worried for Mihir.

Raman says he is fine, he is getting promotion. She says he is lucky that you are in his life. He says its not about luck, he is hardworking guy and deserves this. She says I wish he forgets Mihika. Vandu meets Mihika and they talk about Ashok. Vandu says he won’t leave you if he knows this. Mihika says I m fearless, I won’t do anything if he takes my sign, help me. Vandu says Ashok and Suraj will defame you. Mihika says yes, they always insult women, but my respect is related to them. Vandu says I m glad that you are still fighting. Mihika says I m enough for Ashok but as you are helping me, Ashok has no chance.

Shagun comes home and meets Ishita, saying mum’s surgery went well. Mrs. Bhalla says we will meet Amma and come, and leaves with Simmi. Raman says I have to talk about Mihir. Ishita says me too. Shagun hears them. Ishita says its imp to get his mind diverted. He asks is she wife of google, she knows everything. He jokes on her and they smile. Ishita says she has to get potatoes to make pau bhaaji. He says he will come. She asks will CEO Raman Bhalla come. He says we will go to supermarket. He says I will go and change. She says me first. They argue. Shagun is tired seeing their love, and says she will end their love.

Raman argues with Ishita and asks why is she arguing in Adi’s presence and gets angry on her. He says its my problem whom to send Singapore. She says Adi is not at home.

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