Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mihika looking out for Rumi. Rumi comes to her and greets her. She gives him the pongal prasad. He thanks her and says you reminded me of my friend. He eats it and is hurt as its very hot. She says I told you its hot. Mihir sees Mihika blowing Rumi. Rumi sees Mihir and invites Mihika in Lohri. Mihika leaves. Mrs. Bhalla is happy that because of the clients, Raman will be at home and celebrating Lohri. She says we will show them what Lohri is really. She is excited and tells everyone to do the decorations. Mihir is upset. Mr. Bhalla is happy seeing Mrs. Bhalla happy. She says Raman is coming home, we will make this Lohri special.

Amma talks to Vandu and says Bhallas have started again. She says Mrs. Bhalla is bribing everyone so that her husband

wins the elections. Vandu smiles. Appa comes and says let them do what they want, its their festival. Amma says its ours too, we will also show them. She sends Appa and Bala to the market. Mihika is happy that Appa can win the elections. Shagun talks to Ashok and asks him about his London visit. He says calm down. She says i m coming with you as I always do.

Ashok says what about Ruhi. Shagun says I will send her to Ishita. Ashok says are you crazy. Shagun says we will come back before the court hearing, I m coming with you, thats final. He says are you afraid, I will leave you as you left Raman. He says you can’t come with me. She says I brought Ruhi here because you said, I m coming with you at any cost.

Ishita and Ruhi are drawing and waiting for Shagun. Ruhi says take me to your home. Ishita says the idea is good and thinks of asking Shagun. She says Shagun is not taking my call. Shagun argues with Ashok. Ashok says listen to me, I don’t want to lose this case, your childish behavior can make me lose. Ishita smiles and says Ruhi’s family might be missing Ruhi, I will take her home. Ishita says we will go and meet your Dada and Dadi, then I will drop you home. Ruhi is very happy.

Everyone are celebrating Lohri. Simmi greets everyone. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman’s VIP guests are coming from London. Rumi asks the dhol people to play good dhol. Raman comes there and asks Mihir to look everything. Mihir says what about Ruhi and Ishita. Raman says we have to make an excuse, but keep looking after them. Raman says Tandons are very important, find Ishita if possible. Rumi is waiting for Mihika laughing with his friends.

Mrs. Bhalla ask Mr. Bhalla to light the Lohri and start the puja. Everyone gather for the puja. Everyone dance. Amma asks everyone to hurry up. Appa says we have to go down, Mr. Bhalla has invited us. Mihika says even I have to go. She leaves. Everyone dance around the fire. Tandons arrive and Mihir receives them. Raman hugs Rajeev and introduces his family. Shweta says happy Lohri. Shweta says the kids will enjoy a lot today. Mihir thinks I hope they don’t ask about Ishita and Ruhi.

Mrs. Bhalla is missing Ruhi. She says I m fine, atleast Raman is here with us. Ishita comes with Ruhi. Ruhi is happy seeing the Lohri. Ishita says lets go. Raman asks Mihir to take the Tandons with him. Mrs. Bhalla is happy with Raman. Mrs. Bhalla sees Ruhi and is amazed. She says my daughter Ruhi and runs to hug her. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………… plays…………………… Ishita is shocked to see Shweta and Rajeev. Shweta says lets go to Raman. Ishita says I have to do the drama again.

Raman sees Ishita and is relieved. Appa and Mihika come in the Lohri. Appa sees Raman and Ishita together. Rumi shows Mihika to his friends. Rumi sees Mihika with Mihir and stops. Mihika is annoyed with Mihir. Mihika sees Shweta and says what is she doing here, it means Ishita has to act again, this is rubbish. Mihir says don’t do anything, it will be a problem. Mihika says I don’t care. Mihir says we are not forcing Ishita, she is a sensible girl. Raman says sorry to Ishita and thanks her for coming. Ishita says I won’t act again.

Raman says this project is important to me. Ishita says this is not a small thing, I can’t lie. Raman says its just a formality. Ishita says I brought Ruhi to make her meet with Mrs. Bhalla. Ruhi asks Ishita and Raman to come with her and celebrate Lohri.

The dhol plays. Mr. Singh sings the Lohri song and everyone sings along with him and dance. The Tandons enjoy. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi see Ishita and Raman with Ruhi and are puzzled. Mr. Bhalla and Appa also see them together and looks on. Saari fizaoon me hai…………………. plays…………….. Simmi says Ishita is oversmart, we stopped her from meeting Ruhi, see how she is dealing with Raman’s clients as if she is his wife. Mihir says please stop, we need her today.

Amma brings the laddus for everyone as she wants Appa to win the elections. She asks everyone to vote for Appa. Vandu says whats Amma doing, its so embarrassing. Shravan says I want to see bonfire. Vandu takes him there and sees Ishita with Raman. Shweta says Ishita and Raman look so good together. Rajeev says their daughter is so cute. Vandu tells this to Amma and Amma is angry. Amma says this is a new game of the Bhallas. Simmi hears this and thinks of ending this act.

Amma insults Raman and says you used my daughter for a contract.

Update Credit to: Amena

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