Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Adi and Ruhi make a plan

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi looking for clues outside. Adi asks watchman if anyone came to ask about Ishita. Watchman says no, someone else was on duty yesterday. Mihika attends a junk call. Adi says none knows who left the bouquet. Raman worries. Ishita comes and says I m going clinic, its urgent. Raman says patient won’t die if you don’t go. She asks shall I don’t have normal life. Raman says I will inform police. Shagun says that’s good idea. Ishita says this time I m sure we will catch killer, he won’t come at the door himself. Someone knocks the door. Raman introduces the bodyguard Bhushan. Ishita says I don’t need bodyguard. Raman says I m coming along with you. They leave. Ruhi says we will start our plan.

Adi and Ruhi talk to flat owner. The man says I will give flat on rent, does your friend need it. Adi says no, we want details about the lady who came to see flat yesterday. Ruhi says she is our client, I did not have her contact details. Adi says her name is Kirti. The man says no, her name is Priya, I will give her number, call her and ask. Adi and Ruhi thank her. Ruhi tells Adi that she has seen two women, one who came here to see flat and other who was with Mani. He says we have to find her connection with Mani, Raman and Ishita should not know this.

Ishita says its so awkward, everyone is seeing. Raman says its not imp than your life. Ishita asks where is the kid. The lady says he is a man, he has much pain so I called you. Ishita asks bodyguard not to come inside her cabin. She goes and greets the man. He says I m Bhuvan Singh. Raman asks about Roshni. The lady says she will come soon.

Adi says maybe uncle gave wrong number. Ruhi says maybe that lady gave wrong number to secretary uncle. He calls Priya. He says I can’t say my name, I have some work. Priya agrees to meet him and says fine you give us work, you have to guarantee that you won’t misbehave with us, we will meet you in hotel. Adi agrees. Priya says we got a client today. Ruhi and Adi hope everything gets fine. Ishita checks Bhuvan. He gets a wire to attack on her. Ishita checks his xray. Raman comes. Bhuvan hides the wire. Raman says carry on, I will sit here, then we will leave.

Raman hears the sound and goes. Bhuvan thinks this is the chance to kill her. He asks can I wash my hands. Raman asks what happened. The lady says I came to meet Ishita, I have to tell her something urgent. Bhuvan goes towards Ishita. Raman calls her to come fast, someone came to meet her. Ishita goes and says I m Ishita Bhalla, tell me. The lady says I m Banwari’s wife, I don’t stay in Delhi, I got his letter, he has written if anything happens to him, I should meet you here, his courier will come, will you collect it tomorrow, but there is dahi handi utsav. Ishita says we will come, it can be big proof for us. Bhuvan calls someone and says I could not kill Ishita, Banwari’s wife is going to give proof to Ishita, then she will die.

Riya talks to Pihu and sends her dad’s pic. She clicks a pic from magazine. Pihu asks are you sure this is your dad. Riya says we have fun at home, he is my dad, he is so handsome. Pihu says he is a model right. Riya lies. Pihu says you did not say anything before. Riya says how mean, won’t I know my dad, I don’t want to talk to you.

Adi gets ready and asks do I look fine. Ruhi says yes, come. Raman and Ishita come. Adi says we are going to hotel. Ruhi says Adi’s friend has come, we were going to meet him. Raman says meet them later, come with me, I need to talk. He says Watchman’s wife told us about some proof, we have to go there and get evidence. Adi says it will be imp. Ishita says I wish we got proof before, we could not saved that watchman. Raman says we will not let his death go waste. Mihika says its Janmashtami tomorrow, everything will get fine. She gives prasad to everyone. Ishita goes. Raman says be free Adi tomorrow, I may need you. Adi says fine. He talks to Ruhi and says I will message Priya to postpone meet.

Amma says I prayed for you, everything will be good. Ishita thanks her. Mr. Bhalla asks her to be careful, killer may attack on her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Pranav

    nice episode. and happy independence day sry i couldnt say yesterday. It could either be romi,nikhil or taneja

  2. I think mani’s killer is Taneja

  3. still waiting and still waiting hmm oh yes i am still waiting jeez who is the killer? any guesses?i am really getting frustrated now will they have us waiting till next month like they did with KKB we had to wait weeks and weeks turned into months for Abhi to get his memory back and when he did Pragya lost hers so funny na

  4. yes very funny bit i dont think Romi killed him and this Nikhil character is either the killer as he was in love with Aliya n mani stopped or he is a good guy a gives a really goood love story for him n Ruhi

  5. i jus think those can be potential story lines

  6. Why stupid ruhi and Adi did not tell about that women to Raman n ishita..apne aap hi yeh dono chaudhary kyn bane hain kyun baat chupa rahe hain.idiot

    1. Dia


  7. In the upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein a shocking truth will make the storyline intense interesting.

    As per the ongoing track Ishita promised Shagun that she will find Mani’s real murderer.

    Moreover Raman and Ishita asks Shagun to fake act before Ashok for be-fooling him that Shagun has not regain memory.

    Shagun does the same but beside this she is worried as if Mani’s affair could come out.

    Shagun’s master plan finding murderer

    So far we have seen that Shagun is the one who killed Mani first.

    Mani was molesting Ruhi but Shagun is unaware of fact that Mani had affair with a lady.

    It is expected that when Shagun will come to know about Mani’s affair truth, she will try to hide this fact from world.

    It is also expected that if Mani’s real murderer is Mani’s girlfriend or her husband then Shagun will try to save Mani’s murderer.

    Let’s see what interesting twist is all set to unfold in Mani’s murder mystery.

    Stay tuned for more updates

  8. welcome john and thank you for that information i hope the killer get caught soon but i think mani is alive

  9. Killer will be shogun…. Because this character is not needed in this serial further

  10. The killer is taneja,,I know that from instagram of zahida hasan ji,,she is the hair stylish of DT??

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