Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone worrying for Pooja. Ishita cares for her. Pammi panics. Amma says don’t worry, my daughter is doctor. Bala’s mum says she is dentist. Ishita says I think she is ready, call her doctor. Ishita talks to her doctor and says she is Pooja’s friend, and Pooja is having labor pain, we can’t come out, what to do now. The doctor guides her and asks her to bring Pooja soon. Ishita says I will take her to city hospital. Romi calls Raman and tells him that Pooja is pregnant and having labor pains, what to do now. Romi says doctor is asking us to bring city hospital. Raman says I will go to city hospital and send the ambulance, ask Ishita not to do any smartness. Ishita says I will take her, we can’t wait. Romi says Raman said he will bring ambulance.

Simmi says we all will go. Ishita takes Pooja to the hospital.

They make Pooja sit in the car. Romi and Parmeet also go with them. Romi says we will follow you. Ishita leaves. Mrs. Bhalla prays. Mihir comes to take Mihika and asks her to hurry up. She says I will manage. He says about the curfew, don’t bring ego hassles, don’t waste time. Mihika sits in the car and asks about Trisha. They leave for home. Ishita is stopped by the police. Ishita tells them that she is taking a pregnant woman and she is a doctor herself. They allow her to go. They ask her to be careful. Raman is also on the way and his mobile’s battery is low. He can’t call Ishita.

Ishita calls Raman and says his phone is off, his charger is with me. Romi’s bike breaks down. Romi tries and starts. They lose Ishita’s car. Ishita calls the doctor and says we are reaching now, tell my husband that we are reaching there and we are fine. Romi says where did they go. They see some goons coming and get worried. Parmeet says take u turn and leave. They leave from there. The goons stops Ishita’s car and stop seeing women. They tell her about curfew. Pammi says what will happen now. Raman comes to the city hospital and ask for an ambulance. He says a woman is in labour pain. They ask him to wait for 10 mins. Raman charges his phone there at the hospital. The doctor tells him that Ishita called and she is bringing Pooja in car. Raman says she is mad and calls Mr. Bhalla.

He says what was the need for Ishita to bring Pooja. Mr. Bhalla says they will understand. Raman gets angry. Mr. Bhalla says it was emergency, Romi and Parmeet are with him. He says call them and ask where are they, inform me also. Mr. Bhalla tells everyone that Raman is worried about goons on the roads. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma pray. Romi and Parmeet think where did Ishita go. Police comes there and Romi says we were going hospital. They tell that people have broken cars ahead, don’t go. They ask Romi to go back. Romi requests them but they ask him to go home. Romi and Parmeet leave.

Raman is worried at the hospital. Romi calls Raman and tells him that they lost Ishita’s car and some goons are on the way where she went. Raman says you go home, I will see her. Raman is stopped by the police. Raman asks about the red car. They ask him not to go ahead as the goons ate attacking. Raman asks the inspector about his wife. He gets into an argument with them. Raman comes to know some goons have lit a red car and is shocked.

The inspector asks is that red car your wife’s. They stop Raman from going ahead. Raman gets a call from Romi saying Ishita is safe, she called, they are coming home. Raman is relieved. The inspector says why did madam come out in curfew at night. Pooja is worried about her baby. Ishita says how they were saved from the goons. She tells them about pregnant lady and scolded them. She requested them to let them go. They asked her to go back. Ishita left from there. Raman calls Ishita and scolds her. He says what if anything happened to you, what about Ruhi, family and me. She ends the call. He says fool.

Ashok comes to know about curfew and the servant tells him that Shagun is out and she called someone to pick her. Ashok scolds the servant. Ishita brings Pooja back home. Amma says she can’t climb stairs, take her to society hall. Ruhi waits for Ishita. Romi comes to Mrs. Bhalla and says Ishita is doing Pooja’s delivery, as the way to hospital is closed.

Raman sees Shagun on the road. The inspector asks him to drop Shagun home. Shagun is surprised to see him. (Really small world!!)

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. The epic was really nice…..mostly at the time when Raman was worried for Ishita….:)

  4. Yup…raman luvz ishithaaa….

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