Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil suspects Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman saying I have done all the arrangements, don’t worry, I know you aren’t getting sleep by tension, shall I sing lullaby. She says no, I will lose my sleep. He asks her to sleep, there is much work tomorrow. Its morning, Aaliya sees Yug’s name in her mehendi and smiles. Ruhi comes and teases her. Ishita and Shagun come. Ishita says I had a good sleep, Raman threatened to sing a lullaby, so I slept, by the way even Raman wasn’t getting sleep. She thinks to keep a smile so that none knows the storm going on in her heart.

Aaliya says bless me that Yug always loves me as Raman does. Ishita says I m sure that Yug will always love you. Simmi and Mihika come. Simmi says Yug will cry on his bidaai. They laugh. Amma says don’t say anything about my Yug, he has

no relative, we decided to become his relative and do his marriage rituals. Ishita thanks him. Aaliya says thanks. Amma says no need to thank, Yug loves you a lot. Shagun asks them to get ready. Bhallas welcome everyone. Mani says all the arrangements are done. Yug asks which sherwani shall I wear. Vishal and Ranbir come dancing and hug Yug. They laugh. Raman asks them to make Yug ready. Rohan and Raman come. Mr. Bhalla asks how did they come. Raman says I have called them, Rohan wants to be part of our happiness. Raman and Mani go. Bala goes to make Yug ready.

Rohan says I got some gifts for Yug and Aaliya. Raman says then get it. Rohan and Karan get the gift boxes. Bala and Appa help Yug and make him ready. Mrs. Bhalla says we will make Aaliya wear bangles. She does the rituals. Amma does aarti. Bala does the rasam. A man asks for gas cylinder from his house, else work will stop. Bala says fine, just return the cylinder. Rohan says all the bags are similar. Mani and Karan put newspapers inside the bag. The man says we are cooking food in compound. Bala thinks why did Raman go to storeroom. Raman says so we are all set, Sahil will be confused. Bala comes there and asks what’s happening. Raman says I will explain.

Sahil talks to Munna. Shamshad says I will go and see what’s happening. Sahil says no, they have evidence against me, don’t do anything. Pandit comes. Raman says we were waiting for you. Everyone goes in. Pandit slips and someone takes a packet from his bag. Shagun asks about the gifts. Bala takes the packet and asks Rohan to hide it with gifts. Bala gets dhol and asks everyone to come for baraat. Rohan and Karan hide the packet. Rohan says Karan, this is dangerous, go home and wait for me, Raman and I will manage it. Everyone dances in baraat. Pandit says some items are missing, I didn’t forget anything. Raman says it happens in haste, we will get the items, we will divide the work. He asks Karan and Rohan, Bala and Mani to get the things fast. They leave. Ishita hopes that their plan is successful.

Raman asks Rohan to take bags in different directions, so that Sahil’s man doesn’t know whom to follow. Munna says something is wrong. Sahil says one of the bags has evidence against me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bhallas r supporting alia to marry that yug. Y didnt they support adi to marry his roshni. He deserved a happy life. He had a r8 to correct his mistake of divorcing roshni.

  2. Alia is a fail. She was not a gud wife thats y adi jumped into roshni. Roshni is better than alia. both alia and ruhi r getting on my nerves. Ruhi is ok but aditi is over acting. Anita is a cutee … Shagun was disliked at start . But now i like her.

  3. What a characteless girl is this aliya….crap… many boys she need in her life……tomorrow her school lover will come then she leave this stupid yug and she getting marry that one etc…..her life is going on like that…..then selfish,crap,injustice ,stupid, etc bhalla family support this shameless matter….especially selfish raman and selfish ,crap,,etc ishtha… I hate whole story….plz stop this nonsense…. I can’t tolerate any more… I just want slap this show writer…. How could u think this way….bechar rohan….I like him …u deserve a good and beautiful girl better than crap aliya….why can’t u die in this show aliya…I think this is better than marry selkdiah yug….show fulll injustice….

  4. Desotera Naidoo

    this is just a sopie people why dont we start predicting whats going to happen will make it a bit interesting

  5. Shameless story writer/ Director to create such useless characters for Bhallas / Rohan and Alia, they (Bhallas) are cheated Rohan and still they are taking help from him.

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