Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok making fun of Shagun’s stupidity. He says she did so much to get kids’ passports and did not check her own passport. She gets angry and argues. He asks what will she do, as teacher told Ishita that trip is in 2-3 days. She says what will we say. He says we will make teacher call Ishita and say trip is little bit postponed.

Subbu and Simmi come for a date and they have a talk. She says just a min, its time for Ananya’s medicine, I will call Ishita. She calls Mrs. Bhalla and asks her to tell Ishita to give medicine to Ananya. He wants to know about her and she calls Neelu for Ananya again. Subbu calls Ishita and asks will she manage. She says yes, its ready to use. Simmi says I m sorry, I did not leave Ananya alone till now. He asks her to give her phone. Simmi says food came, we will eat and go home soon. He says he will download an app and shows live video of Mrs. Bhalla, Ishita and Ananya. He says he gave camera to Ishita to install, whenever you go out, Ananya will be with you, you can use technology and see her. She says yes, and tells about herself.

Parmeet is also in the same café keeping an eye on them. Sujata calls Ishita and asks did she send Subbu and Simmi on date. Ishita says yes, its good. Sujata says no, Simmi and Parmeet are not yet divorced, he follows Simmi, he called me and told many things, I think he is going to create an issue, I m worried. Ishita says let him do, who is he to stop Simmi, she has right to live her life.

Its morning, Amma talks to Appa that Ishita and Romi went to meet Parmeet. Mrs. Bhalla comes and asks Amma about Ishita. Amma lies and Mrs. Bhalla understands. Parmeet asks Ishita why did he come, she should have called him, he would have come. Romi and Ishita asks him to sign papers. Parmeet says you took away Shagun’s kids and now taking my daughter. He asks for 60 lakhs. She says 60 lakhs. He says arrange it and then he will sign. She tells Romi if they give money to Parmeet, he will demand more. Romi asks her to tell Raman.

She says I will go school to take kids. He says I will get them, you have to get plaster removed today. Mihika tries to take auto and some goons whistle seeing her. ACP looks on. Mihika thinks he has whistled and goes to scold him. He asks why will I tease girl. She asks why, are you not a man, did you fall from sky and scolds him. She holds his collar and says she is not from those girls who can bear all this bullshit, and knows to teach lesson. He says he is not a goon, she is mistaken, he is…. She says you are a good man, tell me. Romi comes and raises hand on him being angry.

ACP holds his hand and says lets go police station and fight. Romi smiles and takes him to police station. Romi and Mihika complain about eve teasing. Mihika says harassment case, he was whistling, arguing too. Sharma asks him to show his face. He salutes him saying Sir, I did mistake. They come to know he is ACP. ACP says yes, ACP Abhishek Singh, you should listen to others before complaining, and shows his ID card to prove he is not goon.

Romi says I told Mihika, she is my Bhabhi’s sister and have to listen. She scolds him and says I heard him whistling. Abhishek says that man left and you caught me. She says sorry. He says city needs bold girls like you, you should have caught the right man. She says sorry. He asks Romi to limit his overacting, and says Mihika’s scolding is good, if she becomes woman program head, they can get some help. She says I said I m sorry and takes Romi.

He stops her and gives his visiting card, and says you can call me if anyone teases you. Music plays………………. Mihika and Romi leave. Mihika beats Romi for trapping her. He says what would I say, lock me in jail. He says he has to go clinic. She says I will come along. He says come. She smiles and says if I tell Ishita what happened, she will laugh a lot.

The doctor removes the plaster and moves the foot. She says she has some pain. He asks her to use support and stand. He gets a call and says yes, I said I will give money in 2-3 days, I m not going anywhere. She asks what happened. He says he wanted money to open a new clinic, and he is trying to arrange money, ist tough for an honest man. She says you are so right, thanks for the big help. Romi and Mihika come.

Ishita says she got an idea, they will get rid of Parmeet. She calls Mihir and asks him to reach home, they are coming too.

Simmi comes home. Mrs. Bhalla asks is she happy and fine. She says everyone thinks Bhalla children could not have family, and have just child custody case and court trips, and could not manage marriage, but we are not afraid to accept our mistake. She cries. Simmi says you all did a lot for us, settled us and this is fate. Mrs. Bhalla says someone spoils it by mistake, this time you decide after thinking, test Subbu and know him well, if you don’t like him, then do what you feel like, just be happy. Simmi cries and hugs her.

Shagun talks on phone and says her passport will come in few days, and she will take kids to Australia soon. Ishita comes and says she came to meet Mihir. Mihir asks them to come. Shagun thinks her foot got well and she needs to hurry up now. She leaves. Ishita talks to them and asks for expert advice, Parmeet started transport business, how did he get capital. Romi says yes, right. Ishita says I mean did he take money from Ashok.

Mihika says Parmeet used to take Ashok’s sign and Ashok did not see any details. Mihir says he wil get records. Ishita says that’s great, we want this and thinks now she will show Parmeet how to get divorce for Simmi.

Raman sits in the car and sees his family and Ishita. He smiles seeing her on her feet and walking.

Update Credit to: Amena

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